Life After Death

Author: Kimberly Benton

Publisher: Greenhaven Press, Incorporated

ISBN: 9780737717358

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 200

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Presents a collection of essays that offer varying viewpoints on the subject of life after death.

Life After Death

Author: Deepak Chopra

Publisher: Harmony


Category: Philosophy

Page: 312

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The best-selling author of The Book of Secrets explores the mysteries of life after death, interweaving scientific research and the wisdom of ancient Vedanta sages to describe what happens to us when we die and to build a case for an afterlife. 200,000 first printing.

Is There Life After Death?

Author: David Lester

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786421169

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 257

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People have believed in the existence of life after death throughout human history and in all regions of the world. Mere belief, however, does not make it true. What is the empirical evidence for life after death? Has any significant research been conducted, and if so, what conclusions does it suggest? In fact there exists a large body of research on topics relevant to the question of life after death. This book objectively examines that research, drawing together the observations of social science regarding such phenomena as reincarnation, near-death experiences, deathbed visions, cases of possession by dead spirits, and apparitions of the deceased. It considers possibilities including survival of consciousness and survival of personality, and reflects on the logical problems inherent in any model of postmortem survival. An extensive bibliography lists hundreds of studies of life-after-death phenomena.

Life After Death

Author: Robert Davis

Publisher: Red Feather

ISBN: 9780764354380

Category: Future life

Page: 208

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Join internationally recognized sensory neuroscientist Robert Davis as he examines the latest experimental evidence and theories of existence after "death." This treatment is comprehensive in scope and combines the most recent experimental and anecdotal evidence. Davis explores the potential for an afterlife through the analysis of case studies, interviews, and researched findings of near-death and out-of-body experiences, mediumship, apparitions, psychic explanations, and reincarnation. In addition, he examines evidence-based scientific theories that include the multiverse, biologic brain activity, consciousness-brain connection, and many others. Davis offers compelling data in an unbiased presentation to answer the age-old question: Is death really the end of life or is there life after death?

Life After Death

Author: Sally Morgan

Publisher: National Geographic Books

ISBN: 0241952824

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 0

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Discover heart-wrenching stories from the spirit world with Sally Morgan, renowned psychic and spiritual guide to Princess Diana How does it feel to speak to dead people? What happens when spirits need to contact us? Is there really life after death? ______ Sally Morgan is an ordinary woman with an extraordinary gift - she can communicate with the dead. As the UK's best-loved medium, she delivers messages from departed loved ones to thousands of bereaved people with her sell-out psychic roadshow. From child deaths to suicides, murders and fatal accidents, Sally offers words of hope and salvation for those caught in grief and anguish. In this revealing book, Sally takes us on a journey through her extraordinary experiences. She details the dramatic readings that have remained etched on her memory and gives us her unique insight into the biggest subject of them all - the afterlife. Uplifting and astounding, this book is full of out-of-this-world encounters and incredible stories. Often heart-wrenching and poignant, Sally Morgan asks some difficult questions, yet Life After Death always remains a story of hope.

There Is Life After Death

Author: Tom Harpur

Publisher: Thomas Allen Publishers

ISBN: 9780887627408

Category: Religion

Page: 336

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What happens when we die? Will we simply dissolve into nothingness, or will we survive death in some other form? Issues of death and dying have consumed humanity from time immemorial. In our modern western culture, we have tended out of fear to deny and push death away. And yet, a healthy consideration of this issue can help us embrace and understand what happens to us when we die. There is Life After Death is Tom Harpur’s classic examination of death and dying. Now fully revised and updated, here is a new edition of a book that weighs the scientific, religious and anecdotal evidence of survival of death and what happens after we die. The likelihood of death being a portal to other forms of existence is argued persuasively. Tom Harpur looks at the witness of near-death experiences, and examines the idea of reincarnation, as well as the claims of channelers and spirit mediums. Most importantly, the author looks at how the great world religions from Christianity, Judaism and Islam to Hinduism, Buddhism and Native Spirituality among others, deal with life after death. This book is a powerful summary of what we know and believe about death. There is Life After Death is both illuminating and comforting in its message and conclusions — and goes a long way in putting to rest one of the last great taboos of our culture.

Life After Death in World Religions

Author: Paul F. Knitter,Harold G. Coward,Professor Harold Coward

Publisher: Faith Meets Faith


Category: Religion

Page: 131

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Experts from six traditions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Chinese religions discuss rituals, practices, and emotions as they relate to death and the hope of life that follows death.

Testimony of Light

Author: Helen Greaves

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781585427048

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 160

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An account based on the author's experiences of communicating with her deceased best friend describes how her friend began contacting her telepathically three weeks after passing away, in an account that offers insight into the peaceful and transitional nature of life after physical death. Original.