Prison Writing

Author: Julian Broadhead,Laura Kerr

Publisher: Waterside Press

ISBN: 1906534586

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 192

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Reviews of the previous edition: 'A remarkable anthology wich will interest everyone concerned with the fate of prisoners and anxious to see their conditions improved': Michael McMullan, Justice of the Peace. 'This fascinating and very readable collection of fact, fiction and verse is the fifteenth issue edited and produced by two probation officers from Sheffield. We are fortunate that they have found a new publisher in Waterside Press to continue giving prisoners (and others), an opportunity to do something wich all writers crave - find an audience to communicate their feelings and experiences... The contributors give deeply personal insights into the nature of their world and prove that imagination and talent are incapable of being destroyed if people are ready to develop them... This anthology deserves to be read... by everyone who is interested in new writers experimenting with the development of their talent. Each piece is different and compelling: David Underhill, The Magistrate. This 16th edition is an entirely new collection of writings by prisoners and other people connected with prisons, from the United Kingdom and beyond.

Tales from Gorky

Author: Maksim Gorky

Publisher: Prabhat Prakashan


Category: Fiction

Page: 234

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We should not give very much for the chances of a poor friendless lad of feeble constitution, vagrant disposition, and an overpowering taste for excitement, who should be turned adrift to shift for himself at an age when most young lads are still safe at school. The fortunes of such a one, if adequately recorded, might, and no doubt would, be infinitely more engrossing, if less edifying, than the humdrum chronicle of the steady clerk or patient mechanic; but a prison, or workhouse infirmary, might safely be predicted as the ultimate and inevitable receptacle of such a piece of human flotsam. But now let us suppose—a handy supposition, I admit—that our imaginary little nomad were endowed with that illuminating spark we call genius; let us suppose, too, that in late boyhood, or early manhood, he learnt to love letters, and deliberately set about describing his extraordinary experiences, as well as the strange bedfellows whom misery from time to time threw in his way—what piquant, what grotesque pen-and-ink sketches we might expect from such an inspired ragamuffin! It would be Oliver Twist or Humphrey Clinker telling his own tale without the softening intervention of Mr. Charles Dickens or Mr. Tobias Smollett.

The Teenie Weenies in the Wildwood

Author: William Donahey

Publisher: DigiCat


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 82

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This children's book talks about the adventures of some tiny people known as "Teenie Weenies." It describes the way these small beings relate to gigantic real-world figures and adapts with time. Filled with over thirty interesting stories, it is a delight for younger readers and those young at heart.