Londongrad: From Russia with Cash; The Inside Story of the Oligarchs

Author: Mark Hollingsworth,Stewart Lansley

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 0007287143

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 416

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The amazing true story of how London became home to the Russian super-rich – told for the first time ever. A dazzling tale of incredible wealth, ferocious disputes, beautiful women, private jets, mega-yachts, the world’s best footballers – and chauffeur-driven Range Rovers with tinted windows.

Global Russian Cultures

Author: Kevin M. F. Platt

Publisher: University of Wisconsin Press

ISBN: 0299319709

Category: History

Page: 401

View: 9302

Is there an essential Russian identity? What happens when "Russian" literature is written in English, by such authors as Gary Shteyngart or Lara Vapnyar? What is the geographic "home" of Russian culture created and shared via the internet? Global Russian Cultures innovatively considers these and many related questions about the literary and cultural life of Russians who in successive waves of migration have dispersed to the United States, Europe, and Israel, or who remained after the collapse of the USSR in Ukraine, the Baltic states, and the Central Asian states. The volume's internationally renowned contributors treat the many different global Russian cultures not as "displaced" elements of Russian cultural life but rather as independent entities in their own right. They describe diverse forms of literature, music, film, and everyday life that transcend and defy political, geographic, and even linguistic borders. Arguing that Russian cultures today are many, this volume contends that no state or society can lay claim to be the single or authentic representative of Russianness. In so doing, it contests the conceptions of culture and identity at the root of nation-building projects in and around Russia.

Projecting Russia in a Mediatized World

Author: Stephen Hutchings

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1000538214

Category: Social Science

Page: 240

View: 3163

This book presents a new perspective on how Russia projects itself to the world. Distancing itself from familiar, agency-driven International Relations accounts that focus on what ‘the Kremlin’ is up to and why, it argues for the need to pay attention to deeper, trans-state processes over which the Kremlin exerts much less control. Especially important in this context is mediatization, defined as the process by which contemporary social and political practices adopt a media form and follow media-driven logics. In particular, the book emphasizes the logic of the feedback loop or ‘recursion’, showing how it drives multiple Russian performances of national belonging and nation projection in the digital era. It applies this theory to recent issues, events and scandals that have played out in international arenas ranging from television, through theatre, film, and performance art, to warfare.

Dressed Up for a Riot

Author: Michael Idov

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 0374715920

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

View: 3297

A memoir of revolution, reaction, and Russian men’s fashion In this crackling memoir, the journalist and novelist Michael Idov recounts the tempestuous years he spent living alongside—and closely observing—the media and cultural elite of Putin’s Russia. After accepting a surprise offer to become the editor in chief of GQ Russia, Idov and his family arrive in a Moscow still seething from a dubious election and the mass anti-Putin rallies that erupted in response. Idov is fascinated by the political turmoil but nonetheless finds himself pulled in unlikely directions. He becomes a tabloid celebrity, acts in a Russian movie with Snoop Dogg, befriends the members of Pussy Riot, punches an anti-Semitic magazine editor on the steps of the Bolshoi Theatre, sells an autobiographical sitcom pilot that is later changed into an anti-American farce, and writes Russia’s top-grossing domestic movie of 2015. Meanwhile, he becomes disillusioned with the splintering opposition to Putin and is briefly attracted to a kind of jaded Putinism lite—until Russia’s invasion of Ukraine thoroughly changes his mind. In Dressed Up for a Riot, Idov writes openly, sensitively, and stingingly about life in Moscow and his place in a media apparatus that sometimes undermined but more often bolstered a state system defined by cynicism, corruption, and the fanning of fake news. With humor and intelligence, he offers a close-up glimpse of what a declining world power can become.


Author: Institution of Civil Engineers (Great Britain)

Publisher: N.A


Category: Civil engineering

Page: N.A

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The Post-Soviet Politics of Utopia

Author: Mikhail Suslov,Per-Arne Bodin

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1788317068

Category: Political Science

Page: 376

View: 9035

More than 700 'utopian' novels are published in Russia every year. These utopias – meaning here fantasy fiction, science fiction, space operas or alternative history – do not set out merely to titillate; instead they express very real Russian anxieties: be they territorial right-sizing, loss of imperial status or turning into a 'colony' of the West. Contributors to this innovative collection use these narratives to re-examine post-Soviet Russian political culture and identity. Interrogating the intersections of politics, ideologies and fantasies, chapters draw together the highbrow literary mainstream (authors such as Vladimir Sorokin), mass literature for entertainment and individuals who bridge the gap between fiction writers and intellectuals or ideologists (Aleksandr Prokhanov, for example, the editor-in-chief of Russia's far-right newspaper Zavtra). In the process The Post-Soviet Politics of Utopia sheds crucial light onto a variety of debates – including the rise of nationalism, right-wing populism, imperial revanchism, the complicated presence of religion in the public sphere, the function of language – and is important reading for anyone interested in the heightened importance of ideas, myths, alternative histories and conspiracy theories in Russia today.

Research Companion to Language and Country Branding

Author: Irene Theodoropoulou,Johanna Tovar

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1000214400

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 412

View: 8242

Research Companion to Language and Country Branding brings together entirely new interdisciplinary research conducted by scholars working on various sociolinguistic, semiotic, anthropological and discursive analytical aspects of country branding all over the world. Branding is a process of identity construction, whereby countries gain visibility and put themselves on the world map as distinctive entities by drawing on their history, culture, economy, society, geography, and their people. Through branding, countries aim not only at establishing their uniqueness but also, and perhaps most importantly, at attracting tourism, investments, high quality human capital, as well as at forging financial, military, political and social alliances. Against this backdrop, this volume explores how countries and regions imagine and portray others and themselves in terms of gender, ethnicity, and diversity today as well as the past. In this respect, the book examines how branding differs from other, related policies and practices, such as nation building, banal nationalism, and populism. This volume is an essential reference for students, researchers, and practitioners with an interest in country, nation, and place branding processes.

Uneasy Riding

Author: Richard Segal

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1496981340

Category: Fiction

Page: 168

View: 7736

On or about the 6th of April 2010, the Icelandic volcano known as Eyjafjallajökull began quietly churning and four days later, in an act of super-human magnanimity, Europe's governments opted en masse to close their air space indefinitely, marking the most-massive interruption to routine transportation in sixty five years and more poignantly, approximating the first time its many leaders had acted in unison against a common enemy, no less so quickly. Roughly 100,000 travelers were stranded, including you guessed it, us. Never has a plume of volcanic ash so punched above its weight, but when scientific expert after instant expert was paraded before TV 24 News, the universal response was "we just don't know." This is the story of near-freaking in the face of adversity and throwing caution to the wind, and getting back home by train, plane and virtually every other mode of transportation except pantomime circus elephant, while fighting against the Big Machine at every opportunity, mixed metaphors and all.