Love, Ellen

Author: Betty DeGeneres

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0062276107

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 400

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"Mom, I'm gay." With three little words, gay children can change their parents' lives forever. Yet at the same times it's a chance for those parents to realize nothing, really, has changed at all; same kid, same life, same bond of enduring love. Twenty years ago, during a walk on a Mississippi beach, Ellen DeGeneres spoke those simple, powerful words to her mother. That emotional moment eventually brought mother and daughter closer than ever, but not without a struggle. Coming from a republican family with conservative values, Betty needed time and education to understand her daughter's homosexuality -- but her ultimate acceptance would set the stage for a far more public coming out, one that would change history. In Love, Ellen, Betty DeGeneres tells her story; the complicated path to acceptance and the deepening of her friendship with her daughter; the media's scrutiny of their family life; the painful and often inspiring stories she's heard on the road as the first non-gay spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaigns National Coming Out Project. With a mother's love, clear minded common sense, and hard won wisdom, Betty DeGeneres offers up her own very personal memoir to help parents understand their gay children, and to help sons and daughters who have been rejected by their families feel less alone.

Ellen DeGeneres

Author: Sophie Washburne

Publisher: Greenhaven Publishing LLC

ISBN: 1534563326

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 104

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Beloved comedian and daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has received much recognition for her work, including numerous Emmy and People's Choice awards. Her groundbreaking choice to be open about her sexuality at a time when being gay was widely condemned and her LGBT+ advocacy work since then also earned her the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2016. Through detailed main text enhanced by engaging sidebars, full-color photographs, and a thorough timeline, readers will be inspired by Ellen's impact, both on Hollywood and society as a whole.

Ellen DeGeneres: A Biography

Author: Lisa Iannucci

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 0313353719

Category: Social Science

Page: 128

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In 1997 Ellen DeGeneres made television history when she came out to the American public on her nationally syndicated sitcom. In spite of the controversy stirred by this personal revelation, Ellen DeGeneres has gone on to become on one the most popular personalities in Hollywood. With her own highly rated daily talk show, a lucrative ad campaign with American Express, and a successful turn as Oscar host to her credit, she has become one of America's leading female comedians and won her has place a household name. High profile romances with actresses Anne Heche and fiance Portia de Rossi, have also made a her an unassuming champion for gay and lesbian rights. Ellen Degeneres' monumental success, however, belies a painful childhood and uncertain career beginnings. This comprehensive and intriguing biography explores the life events that shaped the hilarious public figure we know today. Complete with a chronology of significant events, illustrations, and a bibliography of print and electronic resources, this detailed biography is ideal for general readers looking to learn more about their favorite star or for those seeking information on groundbreaking members of the gay and lesbian community.

Love's Tender Warriors

Author: Radclyffe

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books Inc

ISBN: 1602822859

Category: Fiction

Page: 208

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Drew Clark, ex-Marine and martial arts master, is the new instructor at the Golden Tiger dojang. Intense and aloof, she hides dark secrets and unhealed wounds beneath her warrior's exterior. Sean Gray is the young psychologist and senior student who threatens to bring down the barriers Drew has erected around her heart. Battle hardened and world weary, Drew discovers that Sean wields a weapon she has no defense against--tenderness. Together, two women who have accepted loneliness as a way of life learn that love is worth fighting for--and a battle that neither can afford to lose.

Love's Sacrifice

Author: Emil Toth


ISBN: 1312989734

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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Batu, the heroine, from the novel, Love's Transformation, is saved from banishment from her village by Taja, the Healer. Together they continue to anger the High Priest, Romir, and his apprentice, Kiirt, who are the treacherous antagonists. Batu maintains her quest to acquire justice and equality for the women in her village, and incites the wrath of the High Priest. Taja introduces Kaathi to Batu and states that she exceeds him in her loving nature. Taja foresees Kaathi uniting two neighboring villages and their own through her spiritual philosophy. Taja has a premonition of a catastrophic event at the hands of Romir and Kiirt. In a surprising turn of events, two people sacrifice their lives so Kaathi can fulfill her destiny. Romir is enraged by Batu, has a heart attack and faces his own mortality and makes Kiirt vow to kill Batu and Kaathi.


Author: Kevin Sludds

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 9783039114054

Category: Philosophy

Page: 217

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In this study of emotions and moods the author discusses both analytic and continental traditions of philosophy. He starts by examining critically the influential hybrid cognitive theory (in particular William Lyons's causal-evaluative theory), describing its merits but also elucidating a number of fundamental defects that exist in this account. He goes on to detail Martin Heidegger's description of mood in Being and Time as pre-cognitive and pre-moral, defending it from those who attempt to attribute a cognitive dimension to it. The book highlights the significance of connections or bonds in our affective lives, at the ontic as well as ontological levels, by examining three specific emotions; grief, guilt and objectless fear. One of the study's principal achievements is the demonstration that there is much to be gained from both the analytic and continental traditions of philosophy in furthering our understanding of emotion and mood analysis. In particular, it shows how our understanding of guilt and objectless fear can be deepened when assessed in Heideggerian terms.

Plays by Women in Ireland (1926-33): Feminist Theatres of Freedom and Resistance

Author: Margaret O’Leary,Mary Manning,Dorothy Macardle,Mary Devenport O’Neill,Kate O'Brien

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1350234664

Category: Drama

Page: 264

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This anthology provides access to neglected theatrical work and broadens our understanding of the history of Irish theatre as well as the vital role of women within it. The introduction places these plays in dialogue with one another as well as within the national context of the repealing of women's rights during the Irish Free State years. These are plays by authors including Mary Manning, Dorothy Macardle, Mary Devenport O'Neill, Kate O'Brien and Margaret O'Leary, which are difficult to access, but which are increasingly visible in Irish theatre scholarship. This unique collection places the playwrights in dialogue to form a tradition of women's theatrical work that challenges the male-dominated literary canon of Irish theatre, as well as enriching the body of women's theatrical work in the Anglophone world during the interwar years. Includes the plays: Kate O'Brien – Distinguished Villa (1926) Margaret O'Leary – The Woman (1929) Mary Manning – Youth's the Season (1931) Dorothy Macardle – Witch's Brew (1931) Mary Devenport O'Neill – Bluebeard (1933)

The Analyst

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Mirror Library

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