Love Has a Face

Author: Michele Perry

Publisher: Chosen Books

ISBN: 0800794788

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 224

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A young missionary working with Sudanese children sees transformation one child at a time, changed form the inside by Jesus' heart of love and power.

Love Has a Name

Author: S. Ann Cole

Publisher: S. Ann Cole


Category: Fiction

Page: 430

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Headstrong, dominant, and stubborn as hell, Axia Blacksille is the queen of her own universe. She calls the shots, sets the rules, then breaks them if she feels like it. There’s nothing she wants that she can’t have. Nothing she craves that she won’t get a taste of. And she neither wants nor craves tech billionaire Lovello Nelson. Because if there’s one thing she hates, it’s pretty boys. But the cocky, illegally-handsome womanizer who has “Love” as a name, is determined to get the saucy, stubborn, dark-haired femme fatale beneath him and under control. And he won’t stop until she’s his – mind, body, and soul. In a fierce war of hearts, someone has to give in. Submit. This is bound to end in disaster. A beautiful disaster.

English Couplets

Author: M.R. Shetty

Publisher: Pentagon Press

ISBN: 9788182743144


Page: 628

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LORD, You Are My...Prayers from a Captive

Author: Richard Brown

Publisher: Covenant Books, Inc.

ISBN: 164559260X

Category: Fiction

Page: 502

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Lord, You Are My...Prayers from a Captive is a devotional journal designed to help you pursue the one goal you set for yourself when you started your Christian journey. The one goal that will require all your passion, strength, and compliance. For it is only through the discipline of prayer, obedience, and sacrifice that you will be able to reach the heart of God.

She's Gone

Author: Kwame Dawes

Publisher: Akashic Books

ISBN: 1617750719

Category: Fiction

Page: 220

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“[A] diaspora of black culture and strong emotions, bordering the fine line between love and madness between two troubled people.” —Booklist A prominent Jamaican reggae singer falls in love with an African-American woman while on tour in South Carolina. The two struggle to forge a relationship across a cultural and psychological divide in a story that spans from Jamaica to South Carolina to New York City. “This striking debut novel is from the heart about the heart. The characters are true, the landscapes exquisite, and the relationships dynamic, insightful, and complex. Read it and be transported.” —Bernardine Evaristo, author of Mr. Loverman “She’s Gone offers intriguing geographic descriptions of South Carolina and Jamaica and interesting moments when Dawes allows Jamaicans their say about Americans.” —PopMatters “She’s Gone delves into the psychology of desire and need as it contends with issues of culture and class. If it is a love story, it is one marked by the harsh realities of human existence that we see in the most revealing of Bob Marley’s love songs, or the cool sensual intelligence of the best of Milan Kundera. Dawes is a poet but he never let’s his poetry detract from the sheer pleasure of storytelling.” —

The Joy of Discipleship

Author: Pope Francis

Publisher: Loyola Press

ISBN: 0829443886

Category: Religion

Page: 154

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“Dear friends, be glad! Do not be afraid of being joyful!” —Pope Francis, from The Joy of Discipleship Near the end of Luke’s Gospel, two disciples slowly make their way home from Jerusalem to the village of Emmaus. At the outset, they are deeply saddened by Jesus’ tragic death. By that evening, however, they have made a 180-degree turn: from dejected disciples to followers filled with joy—a joy they simply must share with others as fast as they can. What accounts for this change? They have encountered the risen Christ! In The Joy of Discipleship, Pope Francis reminds us that joy should be one of the defining characteristics of any person who has truly encountered Jesus. This skillfully curated collection of homilies, speeches, and other documents from Pope Francis, compiled and edited by James P. Campbell, offers a fresh perspective on why Christian disciples should be so joyful in the first place and how that joy might manifest itself in our individual daily lives. Covering a broad range of themes—Christ’s Resurrection, mercy, wealth and poverty, the Christian family, and more—The Joy of Discipleship moves us to meditate on Christ and then inspires us to move out from our own four walls, jubilantly proclaiming God’s transforming love in word and deed. For anyone who wants what Pope Francis has—an active, abiding, authentic love for Jesus Christ, for the Church, and for the people of this world—The Joy of Discipleship will point the way. “This volume gives us a portrait of the Pope and what amazing joy fills his life, his mind, his teaching . . . his discipleship!” —From the foreword by Daniel Cardinal DiNardo

The Spirit of St Francis

Author: Pope Francis

Publisher: SPCK

ISBN: 0281074321

Category: Religion

Page: 189

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A unique, inspiring and beautifully crafted sequence of meditations, drawn from the Pope's speeches and tweets since becoming pontiff in 2013. Reveals the genius of a global leader whose message transcends religious boundaries. Produced in cooperation with the Vatican. 'Some people want to know why I wished to be called Francis. For me, Francis of Assisi is the man of poverty, the man of peace, the man who loves and protects creation.' Pope Francis, March 16, 2013. By taking the name of one of the most widely respected figures in history, Pope Francis set a high bar for his papacy. The legacy of St Francis is epic: a breath-taking testament to divine love and the human capacity for compassion and joy. Since his election in March 2013, the pope's Franciscan 'accent' has become increasingly evident. His optimism, creativity, courage, and playful sense of humour are reminiscent of the beloved saint.


Author: Donald Wallenfang,Megan Wallenfang

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1666700053

Category: Religion

Page: 138

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What does Carmelite spirituality have to teach us about living at peace in the frenetic world of ours today? Everything. Guiding the reader through a mystical maze of themes, Shoeless: Carmelite Spirituality in a Disquieted World displays the heart of the Carmelite charism and apostolate as set forth by the religious reform of Saint Teresa of Avila in the latter half of the sixteenth century. The reader will be introduced to the history of the Carmelite Order and its unique features, including its eremitic and monastic roots, attentiveness to the human soul, the virtue of humility, the spousal meaning of the body, the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the art of silent contemplative prayer. In addition, Shoeless features the testimonies of its authors and their mutual vocation to the sacrament of marriage and the Carmelite way of life. Readers will become acquainted intimately with the meaning of Mount Carmel and the peculiarity of its zealous form of missionary contemplation. A preview is given of the spiritual itinerary toward the summit of this secret height that includes reference to the interior castle and the dark night of the soul.