Love, Nina

Author: Nina Stibbe

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 024196508X

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 352

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* * * WINNER OF THE 2014 NATIONAL BOOK AWARDS POPULAR NON-FICTION BOOK OF THE YEAR * * * 'I adored this book, and I could quote from it forever. It's real, odd, life-affirming, sharp, loving, and contains more than one reference to Arsenal FC' Nick Hornby,The Believer 'Adrian Mole meets Mary Poppins mashed up in literary north London . . . Enormous fun' Bookseller 'What a beady eye she has for domestic life, and how deliciously fresh and funny she is' Deborah Moggach, author of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Nina Stibbe's Love, Nina: Despatches from Family Life is the laugh-out-loud story of the trials and tribulations of a very particular family. In the 1980s Nina Stibbe wrote letters home to her sister in Leicester describing her trials and triumphs as a nanny to a London family. There's a cat nobody likes, a visiting dog called Ted Hughes (Ted for short) and suppertime visits from a local playwright. Not to mention the two boys, their favourite football teams, and rude words, a very broad-minded mother and assorted nice chairs. From the mystery of the unpaid milk bill and the avoidance of nuclear war to mealtime discussions on pie filler, the greats of English literature, swearing in German and sexually transmitted diseases, Love, Nina is a wonderful celebration of bad food, good company and the relative merits of Thomas Hardy and Enid Blyton. 'Breezy, sophisticated, hilarious, rude and aching with sweetness: Love, Nina might be the most charming book I've ever read' Maria Semple, author of 'Where'd You Go, Bernadette' 'Nina Stibbe is the funniest new writer to arrive in years. Love, Nina is her first book - a memoir so warm, so witty and so wise, it's like finding the friend you always deserved' Andrew O'Hagan

Love and Murder on Rocky Neck

Author: Maria Grace Furtado

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781450255042

Category: Fiction

Page: 292

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Nora Mason, a love-thirsty thirty-two year old, is as insecure as she is attractive. Below her poised surface lies a loner who escapes her hometown secrets and lands on the shores of the rugged New England Artists’ Colony of Rocky Neck. Nora is determined to get what she’s never had--a perfect beach cottage, a perfect husband, and a perfect life. But while setting her plan into motion, a dangerous encounter threatens her course. As the summer season kicks off, Nora is entangled in a shocking murder investigation as she struggles to determine who wants to love her...and who wants to eliminate her. Christian is a gorgeous and privileged bad boy to whom Nora is instinctively drawn. Evan, a practical, hard-working restaurant owner, exhibits the goodness she wants but seems to lack. While Remy, a sharp-witted and cocktail-adoring import from San Francisco, shakes Nora’s belief that no woman can be trusted. Since the age of sixteen, Nora has survived on her own. But will she survive her new life? In this suspenseful and passion-filled tale, will Nora’s search finally lead to her dreams...or to her nightmares? Sun, sin, romance and murder . . . one summer on Rocky Neck. -- Author's Website:

Love Equals Power

Author: Eileen McBride

Publisher: Brolga Publishing

ISBN: 1922036390

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 200

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Love is to the spiritual Universe as gravity is to the physical world. An understanding of love as the only true power, the fundamental and basic structure of all life and being, leads to a new view of life and truth that leads to wholeness, happiness and healing. Love Equals Power provides an entertaining and compelling discussion of the big questions of life, offering answers that are both radical and inspiring. Drawing on her own lifelong experience with spiritual healing as well as her wide-ranging research of different spiritual practices and theories, Eileen McBride argues that all true knowledge lies within us and is accessed through love. Love Equals Power provides not only the ideas but also the practical strategies to harness all the power needed to find spiritual solutions to human problems, to heal our bodies and lives, and to create the life we truly desire.

Mi Esposa

Author: Jessie Juan Glenn

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1493167936

Category: Fiction

Page: 168

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Mi Esposa will take you on a heart-pounding journey through the life of Jamie Rico Emerson, while taking you on an emotional tour of love in its truest and rawest form. You will see how true love can't be stopped or limited by any boundary no matter what the price that one may have to pay to protect a loved one while displaying the deepest depths of betrayal and deception by the one you least expect. Jamie, a young American child who had never identified with his family, was stripped of a childhood by America's drug epidemic, leaving him angry and driven to prove himself. Jamie saw firsthand what people were capable of. After being compelled to become someone he wasn't, he learned who he was and lived the life he wanted. Jamie ran from what he became but was forced to return to the person he thought no longer existed to protect the wife who meant everything to him. However, Jamie didn't know if his wife truly needed him or was part of the deception that turned him back into the person he thought no longer existed. Jamie's lesson in life was he had to learn that, no matter how hard he tried to protect his loved ones, the decisions he made to protect them are what pushed them away and forced him to make the ultimate decision: to follow the Word of God or to follow his heart and protect those whom he loved the most?

All That Noise

Author: Max Summers

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 1434930408

Category: Fiction

Page: 299

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To those very few people who know Paul Trenton, he is a nice, quiet, hardworking young artist who, despite his extreme shyness, seems well adjusted. For Paul, nothing could be farther from the truth. His inner reality is a violent storm of fear, anguish, and severe self-loathing. He is a man plagued by the noise of a past he cannot quiet and enslaved to the self-hating monster that seethes within, a monster spawned by the beast that calls itself his father and the ghost that calls itself his mother. When Paul loses his position as a graphic artist in a New York advertising agency, the one job he believed would help him climb from the morass of his mediocre life, the blow proves to be too much. Thrown into deep despair, he turns to the only companions he believes he has ever had―a tiny cigarette lighter and a straight razor. Fire and steel, for the monster covets pain above all things. The monster¿s ritual is interrupted by Paul¿s neighbor Eddie, an eighteen-year-old walking hormone, who invites Paul to a new nightclub in the city. He agrees to tag along because he knows that at the club, he can have another date with the only mistress he has ever known: alcohol. The nightclub will be the perfect place for him to drink himself into oblivion, and that is exactly what he plans to do. Until the girl with the sapphire eyes comes dancing into his life. Mesmerized by her incredible beauty, alluring grace, and their fateful stare, Paul abandons his suicidal intention but finds himself in mortal peril anyway. But he is recued! After his rescue, life for him becomes very surreal. He learns that this beautiful lady and her two male companions aren¿t from our neck of the woods. In fact, they aren¿t from our galaxy! Who are they? What do they want? Why are they here on Earth? He can hardly believe their outlandish plan and their intention for Paul to help. Yet the girl with the sapphire eyes wants to help Paul first. Thus begins Paul¿s quest to escape the conflicted monster he believes he has become, which takes him from a dark alleyway to the height of the fashion world, to a showdown with the beast that calls himself his father, and the ultimate, bloody confrontation with himself, then onto the most profound event in human history. All That Noise is a deeply introspective, emotionally-honest journey through one man¿s pain that is sometimes quirky but is a serious exploration into the tragic effects of child abuse on the human psyche. This story confronts the permanence of pain, mourns the loss of self, and poignantly reminds us of what could have been, yet ultimately reveals the responsibility of choice, the necessity of forgiveness, and the liberating power of love.

A Powerful Storm: Loving Brody

Author: LaShawn Vasser

Publisher: LV Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 260

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GINA LEE-XIOU IS BACK WITH A VENGEANCE IN THIS HEART-POUNDING CONCLUSION TO THE STORM SERIES Formally released as My Dangerous Reflection refreshed and re-imagined with new scenes. I touched bliss for a little more than twenty-four hours before the chaos of my life turned it all to hell. My head was spinning; to think I could have a future that included acceptance and love was ridiculous. Not when it was all-out war for control of my father's empire and what remained of my tarnished soul. A coldness swept through me as I made plans for the final showdown. I’m preparing to do whatever it takes to keep those around me safe including the unthinkable! I once told them it was my game, my rules. They obviously didn't believe me. I'll just have to show them. For mature audiences only. Follow the journey of Gina and Brody in The Storm Series: A Beautiful Storm: Loving Braylee – Book 1 A Perfect Storm: Loving Alexandro – Book 2 A Dangerous Storm: Loving Gina – Book 3 A Powerful Storm: Loving Brody – Book 4

Nina's Turn

Author: Patricia I. Catuto

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 1684092361

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 6026

Nina had the feeling that someone was following her ever since she and Gabriella had decided to open up their design business together. She couldn't understand why someone would want to follow her but she just knew someone was by the eerie feeling she had from time to time. She was out looking at properties for their business today while Gabriella and Niko were on their honeymoon. Nina's quest was to find the perfect property to show Gabriella when she got back. The property she was looking at she called the "House of Gables". It was so unique she wanted to get a better look at the grounds around back. While looking at the back property she heard the sound of tires crunching on leaves. Like someone had pulled into the driveway. She wanted to panic, but she knew that wouldn't help, she reached for her cell phone but she had left that and her purse in her vehicle. Damn now what could she do, her Dad was right she should not have come out here alone. Why was she so stubborn and never listened to anyone? She was trapped and no way to call for help. She wondered who this person was and why was he trying to scare her. Well try or not he had definitely succeeded in scaring her half to death. More importantly would she get to see her family again!!

Sunshine Above The Shillong Peak

Author: K.L.Khanna

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 9384049816

Category: Fiction

Page: 317

View: 2797

It is a tale in the song of an airman who leaves his camp and reaches the peak…. The Shillong Peak. Where Love feels him with a beloved footfall and touches the deep spaces of his soul. It is a book of cultures that grow in steps on the sylvan vistas of heavenly Shillong. It is love. Simple and drawn on the lingering frontiers of the beyond in the naïveté of the mid-70s. Nina...the most beautiful girl in the campus, and the topper…. And Rohan. He is an airman in the night, and a student by the day. They meet on the struggling ways of life. And walk together in a village church. Comes in Trisha, a goddess of charm, beauty and grace- -an angel but at the mercy of a forest of rogues. It is also the story of the Department of English nestled by the twigs and the tweets of the birds- real and sweet, in the lap of Shillong.

Dodin and the Maly Drama Theatre

Author: Maria Shevstova

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134313217

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 256

View: 5002

Including a foreword by Simon Callow, a dedicated admirer of the Maly, Dodin and the Maly Drama Theatre provides both a valuable methodological model for actor training and a unique insight into the journeys taken from studio to stage. This is the first ever full-length study of internationally-acclaimed theatre company, the Maly Drama Theatre of St. Petersburg, and its director, Lev Dodin.Maria Shevtsova provides an illuminating insight into Dodin's directorial processes and the company's actor 4raining, devising and rehearsal methods, which she interweaves with detailed analysis of the Maly's main productions. Dodin and the Maly Drama Theatre: Process to Performance demonstrates how the impact of Dodin's work extends far beyond that of his native Russia, and gives the reader unparalleled access to the company's practice.