Love Without Limits

Author: Nick Vujicic,Kanae Vujicic

Publisher: WaterBrook

ISBN: 1601426194

Category: Religion

Page: 256

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It Doesn’t Take a Perfect Person to Find a Perfect Love Even though he was born without arms or legs, Nick Vujicic created a “ridiculously good life.” But after dating disappointments and a failed relationship, he reached his mid-twenties worried that he would never find a woman to love him and share his life. Then Nick met Kanae and everything changed. But even with undeniable chemistry, they would have to navigate twists and turns worthy of a romantic comedy before becoming "one" in marriage. In Love Without Limits Nick and Kanae tell how they improbably found each other, fell in love, and then fought to overcome skepticism from others about their relationship. Filled with practical insights that will benefit any couple, this inspiring book describes a godly courtship and the early years of the Vujicics’ marriage and parenting journey. Above all, Love Without Limits is an inspiring reminder that when Christ is at the center of a relationship--even with serious challenges--true love will triumph. *** “Despite my optimism about other parts of life, I decided that love in this world had limits after all. I’d become convinced that no woman would want to marry such an obviously imperfect man as me….” As a boy growing up in Australia, Nick Vujicic could not understand why God had allowed him to be born without limbs and if He would ever bring a woman into Nick’s life. On the other side of the world, Kanae Miyahara—a girl growing up in Mexico--saw dysfunction sadly separate her family. She wondered if a loving, lasting marriage was even possible. Later, when Nick realized that God had a purpose for him, his life took on new meaning. But after a long-term relationship ended in heartache, would he ever find someone to marry? Kanae experienced relationships based on superficial attraction, but she longed to find a mate with strong character and faith—a man who would be a godly husband and father. When Nick and Kanae met in the most amazing way, they realized that God—the ultimate Matchmaker-- had used even their discouraging and painful experiences to prepare them for each other…for the love of their life.

Unconditional Love

Author: John Powell

Publisher: Thomas More Press

ISBN: 9780883473122

Category: Religion

Page: 124

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A personal inventory, you and I must open ourselves to the question: What is life for ? We should get right down into the fabric of our daily lives.

Love Without Limits

Author: Jacqueline A. Bussie

Publisher: Fortress Press

ISBN: 1506446892

Category: Religion

Page: 195

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The love of God crosses all boundaries. Every. Single. One. Every day, millions of people lament the loss of civility, respect, and hope, and they wonder if it's possible to cultivate a love big enough to overthrow hate and heal our hurts. With courage, authenticity, and relevance, Jacqueline A. Bussie proclaims, "Yes! It's possible!" and urges readers to widen love's wingspan and to love as God loves--without limits or exceptions. In Love Without Limits, Bussie imparts practical solutions for people of faith who yearn to love across division and difference in these troubled times. Through poignant personal memoir, engaging theological reflection, inspiring true stories of boundary-busting friendships, creative readings of scripture, and surprising shout-outs to some of love's unsung heroes, Bussie challenges readers to answer God's call to practice a love so deep, it subverts the social order; so radical, it scandalizes the powerful; so vast, it excludes no one. "A must-read for all Christians interested in inclusivity for their communities." --Publishers Weekly

A Love Without Limits

Author: Amy Brent

Publisher: N.A



Page: 174

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They were made for each other, until his real fiancée interfered.After being orphaned, Megan McLeold and her sister Elsie are left in the care of their Uncle Murgan, a despicable man who wishes to take over the lands by marrying Megan and forcing Elsie into a marriage with a dreadful man.With a rebellious and determined spirit, Megan does not intend to obey her uncle's orders and both flee to their only salvation: the lands of her fiancé, laird Sloan MacKinnon.Sloan couldn't believe this haughty, exciting and gorgeous woman was his previous fiancée. Although the most surprising thing is that she does not know that an agreement was never reached and they are not actually engaged. But how do you tell her when they have nowhere to go and her uncle claims her as his wife?Everything gets complicated when he decides to shut it up and an increasingly intense attraction arises between them. But her troubles have only just begun when the vengeful Lady Kaithria appears shortly after, his actual fiancée, who is accompanied by the harpy of her future mother-in-law.Chaos, passion, lies and a dirty plot will be the trigger for this story, where anything is possible.


Author: Deborah M. Anapol

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781880789087

Category: Group marriage

Page: 182

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Love Without Limits

Author: Harper Bliss

Publisher: Ladylit Publishing

ISBN: 9887801399

Category: Fiction

Page: 214

View: 3635

Changing the rules can open your mind. Caitlin James and Josephine Greenwood have been happily in love and committed to each other for over a year. Josephine has shed her insecurities and her musical star is on the rise, while Caitlin hosts her own television show under the supervision of a new intriguing boss. When Josephine starts the conversation about opening up their relationship, Caitlin is faced with a shift in the power balance between them. Together, they embark on a sometimes scary but always thrilling journey to discover who they truly are. Can Caitlin still practice what she has always preached? And will Jo be able to find her own way in their unconventional relationship? Find out in this genre-defying new instalment of best-selling lesbian romance author Harper Bliss' Pink Bean series. This book is the sequel to Everything Between Us (Pink Bean Series - Book 3). ★★★★★ "Best one yet!" THE PINK BEAN SERIES: 1. No Strings Attached 2. Beneath the Surface 3. Everything Between Us 4. This Foreign Affair 5. Water Under Bridges 6. No Other Love 7. Love Without Limits 8. Crazy For You 9. More Than Words

Love Without Limits

Author: Talia Jager

Publisher: Talia Jager

ISBN: 1944389059

Category: Fiction

Page: 340

View: 1939

Back on Valinor, faced with the news that Caspar has poisoned her planet, and everyone and everything will soon die, Akacia must keep it together for those who are left. Akacia and Everleigh are forced to deal with evil people, illness, and survival. When given the opportunity to find a cure for her planet, Akacia jumps at the chance to go with her lover, Everleigh, to a dangerous world in hopes to get the cure and return home. All does not go as planned. **This book is an LGBTQ sci-fi story with a female/female relationship.**

Love Without Limits

Author: Niobia Bryant

Publisher: Infinite Ink Presents...

ISBN: 1536567701

Category: Fiction

Page: 230

View: 768

LOVE UNLIMITED... They were from different worlds in the midst of a war that should have torn them apart. But after everything is over, can love conquer all? Aja and her people, the Empaths, have become casualties in an intergalactic war. When Aja is captured, she vows never to become a sex slave. But she must bide her time before she can escape her reluctant captor, no matter how sexually tempting he is. Anansi has been ‘gifted’ a beautiful gabra or sex slave, who he finds hard to resist. He keeps her captive to protect her from being enslaved by anyone else. But the longer his gabra, Aja, is with him, the harder it is for him to fulfill his destiny. Will he choose love or his legacy?