Lust For Life

Author: Amy Scholder,Avital Ronell

Publisher: Verso Books

ISBN: 1789602254

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 187

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Kathy Acker was one of the most original, subversive and influential writers of the late 20th century. Known variously, and notoriously, as a consummate postmodernist, feminist, post-punk and plagiarist, her oeuvreover a dozen novels and novellashas inspired a generation of writers and artists. Lust for Life is the definitive collection of essays on Acker’s inimitable work, including Peter Wollen’s elegiac primer, widely considered the best introduction to Acker, and Avital Ronell’s erudite meditation on friendship and mourning. Together these essays by scholars and writers reveal Acker’s profound and innovative project, and the ways in which fiction can penetrate the heart of political and cultural life.

Lust for Life

Author: Adele Parks

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1416516247

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

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From the London Times bestselling author Adele Parks comes a novel about two sisters who discover that maybe there is no such thing as perfect love. If the shoe fits... Here's what the Evergreen sisters have in common: jealousy. Eliza longs for the stability of Martha's picture-perfect marriage; Martha craves the spontaneity of Eliza's life with her sexy musician boyfriend. Now one of the sisters has dumped her mate, and the other one just got dumped. Suddenly single-minded, they are about to get what they think they've always wanted—a chance to walk in the other woman's shoes. a pair in every color. Here's what the Evergreen sisters found out: trading placescan be a complicated affair. With new lovers in their lives, Eliza's partaking in sensible discourse at upscale dinner parties, while Martha's having great, no-strings-attached sex. But love is full of surprises...and dream lovers can be full of hot air. No longer green with envy, can the Evergreen sisters each find a perfectly imperfect man to make their lives—their real lives—truly satisfying?

Lust for Life

Author: Jeri Smith-Ready

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1439163502

Category: Fiction

Page: 340

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The manager of WVMP, the Lifeblood of Rock 'n' Roll, vampire Ciara, as she prepares to walk down the aisle with Shane, must deal with a psychotic DJ, a wanna-be necromancer, and a gang of vengeful hippies – all of whom want her to get her day in the sun. Original. 75,000 first printing.

Lust for Life!

Author: John Neil Munro

Publisher: Birlinn

ISBN: 085790664X

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 220

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In the mid-1980s Irvine Welsh's life was going nowhere fast. His teenage dreams of being a footballer or a rock star were over, and he was stuck in a series of white-collar jobs which he loathed. With the last throw of the dice, he started to write. In 1993 his debut novel - which centred on the desperate day-to-day struggles of a group of Edinburgh schemies and junkies - was published. Even Irvine's publisher, Secker & Warburg, didn't hold out much hope. Only 1,000 copies were printed and the word was that Irvine might become a cult author, a 'Scottish Bukowski'. But, as the rave reviews increased, the book - memorably described as 'the voice of punk, grown up, grown wiser and grown eloquent' - rapidly achieved global success. It was followed, in 1996, by Danny Boyle's raw, high-energy film, which received worldwide critical acclaim and launched the careers of several young Scots actors such as Ewan McGregor, Ewen Bremner and Kelly Macdonald. So, how did an unknown Edinburgh writer pen the most talked-about book of a generation? Read the inside story of the Trainspotting phenomenon.

Lust For Life

Author: Irving Stone

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1407097644

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 614

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Lust for Life is the classic fictional re-telling of the incredible life of Vincent Van Gogh. “Vincent is not dead. He will never die. His love, his genius, the great beauty he has created will go on forever, enriching the world... He was a colossus... a great painter... a great philosopher... a martyr to his love of art. “ Walking down the streets of Paris the young Vincent Van Gogh didn’t feel like he belonged. Battling poverty, repeated heartbreak and familial obligation, Van Gogh was a man plagued by his own creative urge but with no outlet to express it. Until the day he picked up a paintbrush. Written with raw insight and emotion, follow the artist through his tormented life, struggling against critical discouragement and mental turmoil and bare witness to his creative journey from a struggling artist to one of the world’s most celebrated artists.

Having a Lust for Life

Author: Charlotte Turnquist

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595131778

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 150

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Having a Lust for Life is a primer for individuals and couples who yearn for more variety in their expressions of love and romance than the same old tired movie and dinner date. Romance should not be limited to, or solely considered, a time spent seeking acceptance and love by the opposite sex. Author Charlotte Turnquist explores romance as an ephemeral attitude influencing every aspect of day-to-day life. Having a Lust for Life offers a broad range of activities aimed at enlivening and enriching the sentimental time spent alone or with loved ones. Everyone can benefit from living a fully romantic life. By recognizing and changing stagnant and unimaginative patterns of behavior, romance can be cultivated by taking the initiative and responsibility to enrich life with inventiveness, vision, creativity, and resourcefulness.

Danny Boyle - Lust for Life

Author: Mark Browning

Publisher: Andrews UK Limited

ISBN: 0957112815

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 231

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Danny Boyle is one of contemporary filmmaking’s most exciting talents. Since the early 1990s he has steadily created a body of work that crosses genres and defies easy categorisation, from black humour (Shallow Grave), gritty realism (Trainspotting), screwball comedy (A Life Less Ordinary), cult adaptations (The Beach), and horror (28 Days Later), to science fiction (Sunshine), children’s drama (Millions), love stories (Slumdog Millionaire) and tales of personal redemption (127 Hours). Unlike many of his peers, Boyle seems most comfortable when working with modest budgets, relying on acting ability rather than special effects, and surrounding himself with a trusted team of writers, cinematographers and production designers. His restless energy, vitality and drive find their expression in the celebratory tone of his films – their lust for life. In this book, Mark Browning provides a rigorous but highly accessible analysis of Boyle’s work, discussing the processes by which he absorbs generic and literary influences, the way he gains powerful performances both from inexperienced casts and A-list stars, his portrayal of regional identity, his use of moral dilemmas as a narrative trigger, and the religious undercurrents that permeate his films.

Lust for Power

Author: Joseph Haroutunian

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1725226790

Category: Social Science

Page: 186

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This book is a study of the misuse of power, which has become the chief social problem of our time. The usual attitude towards will to power is that it is a source of evil and should be held in check as much as possible. There is also the contrary attitude that will to power is a natural impulse that is indispensable for a good life. Our judgment in this matter depends upon whether it is we who seek power, or someone else. There is a natural love of power for a good end. There is also an unnatural lust for power that makes the exercise of power an end in itself. This lust is the corruption of love by a radical distemper in the human soul. It cannot be explained in terms of the quest for security, freedom, prosperity, or any other rational good. It is not caused, either by biological traits or by any particular environment. It is generated by man's despair with his destiny, by the "power of death" and the anxious guilt that prevail in human existence. Lust for Power is primarily a description of the process by which love of power is changed into lust for power, with special emphasis on the new power available in our technological society and upon the despair evoked by "the modern world." In the last chapter, faith and culture are presented as the double antidote to lust and as the conditions of a life at once natural and good.

As Heard on TV: Popular Music in Advertising

Author: Bethany Klein

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317178181

Category: Music

Page: 178

View: 595

The use of popular music in advertising represents one of the most pervasive mergers of cultural and commercial objectives in the modern age. Steady public response to popular music in television commercials, ranging from the celebratory to the outraged, highlights both unresolved tensions around such partnerships and the need to unpack the complex issues behind everyday media practice. Through an analysis of press coverage and interviews with musicians, music supervisors, advertising creatives, and licensing managers, As Heard on TV considers the industrial changes that have provided a foundation for the increased use of popular music in advertising, and explores the critical issues and debates surrounding media alliances that blur cultural ambitions with commercial goals. The practice of licensing popular music for advertising revisits and continues a number of themes in cultural and media studies, among them the connection between authorship and ownership in popular music, the legitimization of advertising as art, industrial transformations in radio and music, the role of music in branding, and the restructuring of meaning that results from commercial exploitation of popular music. As Heard on TV addresses these topics by exploring cases involving artists from the Beatles to the Shins and various dominant corporations of the last half-century. As one example within a wider debate about the role of commerce in the production of culture, the use of popular music in advertising provides an entry point through which a range of practices can be understood and interrogated. This book attends to the relationship between popular culture and corporate power in its complicated variation: at times mutually beneficial and playfully suspicious of constructed boundaries, and at others conceived in strain and symbolic of the triumph of hypercommercialism.

Looking Back to the Future

Author: Griselda Pollock

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9789057011221

Category: Art

Page: 436

View: 4515

The legendary Greek figure Orpheus was said to have possessed magical powers capable of moving all living and inanimate things through the sound of his lyre and voice. Over time, the Orphic theme has come to indicate the power of music to unsettle, subvert, and ultimately bring down oppressive realities in order to liberate the soul and expand human life without limits. The liberating effect of music has been a particularly important theme in twentieth-century African American literature. The nine original essays in Black Orpheus examines the Orphic theme in the fiction of such African American writers as Jean Toomer, Langston Hughes, Claude McKay, James Baldwin, Nathaniel Mackey, Sherley Anne Williams, Ann Petry, Ntozake Shange, Alice Walker, Gayl Jones, and Toni Morrison. The authors discussed in this volume depict music as a mystical, shamanistic, and spiritual power that can miraculously transform the realities of the soul and of the world. Here, the musician uses his or her music as a weapon to shield and protect his or her spirituality. Written by scholars of English, music, women's studies, American studies, cultural theory, and black and Africana studies, the essays in this interdisciplinary collection ultimately explore the thematic, linguistic structural presence of music in twentieth-century African American fiction.