A Can of Madness

Author: Jason Pegler

Publisher: Chipmunkapublishing ltd

ISBN: 1904697534


Page: 304

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This is one of the most honest autobiography's ever written on manic depression takes you as close to the manic mind as you can possibly get.Jason Pegler is a writer, public speaker and consultant on mental health. He works with the media, the government and mental health organisations to empower survivors and reduce stigma and discrimination. He plans to take his mental health story to Hollywood and break down the mental health taboo once and for all.

Madness Made Me

Author: Mary O'Hagan

Publisher: Openbox

ISBN: 9780473279806

Category: Mentally ill

Page: 262

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After her journey through madness Mary O'Hagan realised the mental health system and society did more harm than good. 'Madness Made Me' is a myth-busting account of madness and our customary responses to it through the lens of lived experience. O'Hagan's journey took her from the psychiatric hospital to the United Nations and many places in between as a leader in the international mad movement. Her fundamental message is that madness is profoundly disruptive but full human experience. The trouble is most people don't see it that way, from the experts who make up clever theories about brain disease to the people down the road who have irrational fears about mad axe-murderers. 'Madness Made Me' is a compelling and beautifully written book that uncovers widespread injustice. It ends with vision for a world that holds hope for people with mental distress and treats them with respect and humanity.


Author: N.A

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 0691187258

Category: History

Page: 393

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"I'll search you out, put my lips to your tender ear, and tell you. . . . I'll tell you the real story--I swear I will."--from Little One by Toge Sankichi Three Japanese authors of note--Hara Tamiki, Ota Yoko, and Toge Sankichi--survived the atomic bombing of Hiroshima only to shoulder an appalling burden: bearing witness to ultimate horror. Between 1945 and 1952, in prose and in poetry, they published the premier first-person accounts of the atomic holocaust. Forty-five years have passed since August 6, 1945, yet this volume contains the first complete English translation of Hara's Summer Flowers, the first English translation of Ota's City of Corpses, and a new translation of Toge's Poems of the Atomic Bomb. No reader will emerge unchanged from reading these works. Different from each other in their politics, their writing, and their styles of life and death, Hara, Ota, and Toge were alike in feeling compelled to set down in writing what they experienced. Within forty-eight hours of August 6, before fleeing the city for shelter in the hills west of Hiroshima, Hara jotted down this note: "Miraculously unhurt; must be Heaven's will that I survive and report what happened." Ota recorded her own remarks to her half-sister as they walked down a street littered with corpses: "I'm looking with two sets of eyesthe eyes of a human being and the eyes of a writer." And the memorable words of Toge quoted above come from a poem addressed to a child whose father was killed in the South Pacific and whose mother died on August 6th--who would tell of that day? The works of these three authors convey as much of the "real story" as can be put into words.

Blood Sport

Author: Robert F. Jones

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 162873440X

Category: Fiction

Page: 258

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Welcome to the wilderness of masculinity, where anything goes—where women throw themselves unreservedly at men and games are played to the death. This is the outdoor paradise of the Hassayampa, a legendary river whose bank is overrun with prehistoric and mystical creatures prime for hunting and whose water is said to turn honest men into liars. Here a father takes his prepubescent son on an unforgettable adventure, a rite-of-passage quest that starts as an innocent fishing trip and soon turns into a bizarre Homeric journey.In turn comic and brutal, Blood Sport is more than just the ultimate cult outdoor novel: it’s a profound reflection on violence, civilization, and what it means to be a man. Juxtaposing gunfights with philosophy, sensitivity with the surreal, Jones has created a truly unique masterpiece whose poignant metaphors, visionary prose, and imaginative story have placed him in the company of such masters as Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and Carlos Castaneda. Blood Sport’s magic has continued to captivate audiences since its original publication in 1974, and it promises to remain a classic in adventure literature for years to come.

The GlossaL Experience

Author: Liam Lakewood

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 1468941275

Category: Poetry

Page: N.A

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This book is a collection of 34 introspective and most personal poems from the author. It reveals real life experiences of both the author and other people in relationships. If you have ever been in a relationship and got hurt, then this book is for you. Reading these relationship based poems will help you identify with what you are going through and have been through in your relationship and this is book is a perfect gift for your lover.

The Gospel of Leadership

Author: Ryan Krupa

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 1457565269

Category: Self-Help

Page: 464

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This book is an odyssey into the truth of leadership’s nature and essence. Written for aspiring leaders, teachers of leaders, and followers, the aim is to practice awakening a leader’s potential. The book mirrors and reflects the inner nature of the leadership journey. It is written in a contemplative style and uses dialogue to exercise a leader’s will, intelligence, and spirit. The techniques taught in these chapters are dialogue, meditation, and contemplation. The author seeks to teach leaders how to exercise the power of will and the power of intelligence to make the kinetic chain of knowing, willing, and acting morally and intellectually strong. Reading this book serves as a leadership development exercise. This book is a teaching tool designed to demystify what takes place in the interior nature of a leader. It examines a leader’s soul, as it is exercised and strengthened in preparation for the cardinal act of leading, and it analyzes the act of making practical judgments, an act that demands the cultivation of a discerning mind to see and know the truth to be acted upon. Based on a true story, these chapters are a reflection on the formation of a leader and a realization of twenty years of research. The author studies the question: What does it take to develop a leader? Deliberations on eight years of guiding leaders on moral and intellectual quests in search of true freedom are revealed.

When You're a Christian...The Whole World Is From Missouri - with Leaders Guide

Author: Rev. James W. Moore

Publisher: Abingdon Press

ISBN: 1426729146

Category: Religion

Page: 104

View: 1834

James W. Moore says that just as Missouri is the "Show Me" state, this is a "show me" world, where talking a good game is not enough. Essentially, the world says to us, "If you're a Christian, then show me!" Moore contends that we, as Christians, must show the world that our faith is not only a way of believing but also a way of behaving - that it is not just something we celebrate on Sunday, but something we live out in the world every day. In his warm, conversational style Moore explores characteristics that must be visible in our daily lives if we are to be effective witnesses in this "show me" world - forgiveness, dedication, gratitude, love, compassion, a spirit of service, perseverance, strength, faith and vision. Only when these are evident in our lives will the world know that we are Christians.

Penguin Modern Poets 1

Author: Emily Berry,Anne Carson,Sophie Collins

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141982705

Category: Poetry

Page: 112

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The Penguin Modern Poets are succinct guides to the richness and diversity of contemporary poetry. Every volume brings together representative selections from the work of three poets now writing, allowing the curious reader and the seasoned lover of poetry to encounter the most exciting voices of our moment. ". . . And I was grown up, with your face on, heating spice after spice to smoke out the smell of books, to burn the taste buds off this bitten tongue, avoid ever speaking of you." - Emily Berry, 'Her Inheritance' "If you are not the free person you want to be you must find a place to tell the truth about that. To tell how things go for you." - Anne Carson, 'Candor' "I had a moment there among the balustrades and once that moment had expired it graduated from a moment to a life" - Sophie Collins, 'Dear No. 24601'

Men In The Off Hours

Author: Anne Carson

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448113393

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 176

View: 5413

Following her widely acclaimed Autobiography of Red ('a spellbinding achievement' - Susan Sontag): a new collection of poetry and prose that displays Anne Carson's intoxicating mixture of opposites - the classic and the modern, cinema and print, narrative and verse. In Men in the Off Hours, Carson re-invents figures as diverse as Oedipus, Emily Dickinson and Audubon. She views the writings of Sappho, St Augustine and Catullus through a modern lens. She sets up startling juxtapositions (Lazarus among video paraphernalia; Virginia Woolf and Thucydides discussing war). And, in a final prose poem, she meditates on the recent death of her mother. With its quiet, acute spirituality, its fearless wit and sensuality, and its joyful understanding that 'the fact of the matter for humans is imperfection', Men in the Off Hours is profound, provocative and unforgettable.

When Divas Laugh

Author: Chezia Thompson Cager

Publisher: Black Classic Press

ISBN: 9781580730310

Category: Education

Page: 121

View: 7248

A wonderful collaboration, containing the poetry of Linda Joy Burke, Lenett Nefertiti Allen, Jaki-Terry, and Chezia Thompson-Cager. This mesmerizing collection of verse is as diverse and inspiring as the women who wrote these poems.