Marshall Hall (1790-1857)

Author: Diana E. Manuel

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004418466

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Marshall Hall was trained as a physician in the early nineteenth century, scientifically oriented, University of Edinburgh Medical School. The son of a Methodist cotton manufacturer and bleacher at Nottingham, Hall believed that in science lay the future for progress in medicine. Following early work on diagnosis, on women's disorders and on blood-letting, Hall came to specialise in the nervous system and in particular on the concept of reflex action.

Passions of a Mighty Heart: Selected Letters of G.W.L. Marshall-Hall

Author: Suzanne Robinson

Publisher: Lyrebird Press

ISBN: 0734037813

Category: History

Page: 240

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Spanning two decades of the cultural life of Melbourne, from 1891 until the start of World War I, this collection of the letters of the composer, conductor and critic G.W.L. Marshall-Hall samples the scandal, disappointments, achievements and camaraderie of those years. Sometimes caustic and often opinionated, the letters expose their author's infectious enthusaism for Art as well as his tendency to rile his enemies. Gathered here from public and private archives in Australia and Britain are 249 of the extant letters, each of which offers a vivid portrait of a man many described as a musical genius.

Memoirs of Marshall Hall ...

Author: Charlotte Hall

Publisher: London : R. Bentley



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The Life of Sir Edward Marshall Hall

Author: Edward Marjoribanks

Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing

ISBN: 1789126924

Category: Law

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Time and again the crowd roared its vehement applause when the magnificent figure of Edward Marshall Hall was seen leaving the Old Bailey after one of his great triumphs as “counsel for the defence.” This lawyer, who appeared in almost every famous murder trial in England during the last forty years, was the very man to catch the public eye. Six feet three inches in height, “the Apollo of the Bar,” passionately eloquent, alert and daring, he was one of the most dynamic and irresistible of advocates who ever pleaded before a jury. This “Memoir” is not only an unusually full picture of the life of a great lawyer; it is also a record of many famous criminal cases. Marshall Hall’s genius for cross examination, his quickness in seizing on a flaw in the prosecutor’s case, his histrionic power, his compassion, and the talent he had for suddenly producing, as if by a conjuror’s trick, a new bit of evidence for which his opponents were totally unprepared—all these qualities come out in clear relief in the sensational trial scenes reproduced here. There is a place for this book in law literature and as the biography of an intensely vivid personality. Moreover, it contains a collection of true stories of crime which would be difficult to match in fiction.

The Shop

Author: Richard Joseph Wheeler Selleck

Publisher: Melbourne Univ. Publishing

ISBN: 9780522850512

Category: Education

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"Telling as much a social, educational, and cultural story as institutional history, this detailed account chronicles the ideological patterns, internal and countrywide conflicts, and student experiences at the University of Melbourne from 1850 to 1939. The daily life of staff, professors, and students are recounted during times of turmoil and peace in Australia, including the depression of the 1890s and World War I. The account offers a window into the pedagogical conflicts and research achievements of one of Australia's oldest continuing educational institutions."

Famous Trials of Marshall Hall

Author: Edward Marjoribanks

Publisher: Penguin (Non-Classics)


Category: Law

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Traces the life and career of British barrister Sir Edward Marshall Hall and recounts many of his dramatic trials in the late nineteeth century and early twentieth century.

The Zoist

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