Mauve Desert

Author: Nicole Brossard

Publisher: Coach House Books

ISBN: 9781552451724

Category: Fiction

Page: 206

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Fifteen-year-old Mélanie drives across the Arizona desert in a white Meteor, chasing fear and desire and the mysterious Angela Parkins, and breaking free from her mother and her mother's lover in their roadside Mauve Motel. And then we are with Maude Laures as she reads Mauve Desert, this story of Melanie, and becomes obsessed with it. She embarks on an extraordinary quest for its mysterious author, characters and meaning, which leads us into the third part, Mauve, the Horizon, Laures's eventual translation of Mauve Desert.


Author: Simon Garfield

Publisher: Canongate Books

ISBN: 1786892790

Category: History

Page: 216

View: 1796

1856. Eighteen-year-old chemistry student William Perkin's experiment has gone horribly wrong. But the deep brown sludge his botched project has produced has an unexpected power: the power to dye everything it touches a brilliant purple. Perkin has discovered mauve, the world's first synthetic dye, bridging a gap between pure chemistry and industry which will change the world forever. From the fetching ribbons soon tying back the hair on every fashionable head in London, to the laboratories in which scientists first scrutinized the human chromosome under the microscope, leading all the way to the development of modern vaccines against cancer and malaria, Simon Garfield's landmark work swirls together science and social history to tell the story of how one colour became a sensation.


Author: 'Rock Rampant'


ISBN: 1291957278


Page: N.A

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Magic in Mauve

Author: Nonna Gerikh

Publisher: Covenant Books, Inc.

ISBN: 1643008676

Category: Fiction

Page: 154

View: 8192

Monique, an American fashion reporter; Princess Zorina ; and Alison, an Irish fashion designer, lead very different lives. Monique designs the perfect skirt for her wedding, Zorina's love is forbidden, and Alison's star rises in Paris. But when Monique donates her skirt to Goodwill, she sets it on a journey that will change all their lives forever. In her attempts to retrieve the skirt, she encounters other women who convince her the skirt has magical properties. But can the skirt bring Tahir and Zorina together? Can Alison salvage her relationship and her career? Will getting the skirt back bring Monique the luck she craves? Or does Magic in Mauve have something else in store for them? *** Magic in Mauve combines the innocent charm of an old-fashioned clean romance with a modern outlook toward cultural differences, sexuality, and feminine empowerment. *** For the fans of interwoven stories spanning distance and time, such as Love Actually by Richard Curtis and The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan.

Nabokov's Favorite Word Is Mauve

Author: Ben Blatt

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1501105388

Category: Humor

Page: 288

View: 1796

What are our favorite authors’ favorite words? Which bestselling writer uses the most clichés? How can we judge a book by its cover? Data meets literature in this playful and informative look at our favorite authors and their masterpieces. “A literary detective story: fast-paced, thought-provoking, and intriguing.” —Brian Christian, coauthor of Algorithms to Live By There’s a famous piece of writing advice—offered by Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King, and myriad writers in between—not to use -ly adverbs like “quickly” or “fitfully.” It sounds like solid advice, but can we actually test it? If we were to count all the -ly adverbs these authors used in their careers, do they follow their own advice compared to other celebrated authors? What’s more, do great books in general—the classics and the bestsellers—share this trait? In Nabokov’s Favorite Word Is Mauve, statistician and journalist Ben Blatt brings big data to the literary canon, exploring the wealth of fun findings that remain hidden in the works of the world’s greatest writers. He assembles a database of thousands of books and hundreds of millions of words, and starts asking the questions that have intrigued curious word nerds and book lovers for generations: What are our favorite authors’ favorite words? Do men and women write differently? Are bestsellers getting dumber over time? Which bestselling writer uses the most clichés? What makes a great opening sentence? How can we judge a book by its cover? And which writerly advice is worth following or ignoring? Blatt draws upon existing analysis techniques and invents some of his own. All of his investigations and experiments are original, conducted himself, and no math knowledge is needed to understand the results. Blatt breaks his findings down into lucid, humorous language and clear and compelling visuals. This eye-opening book will provide you with a new appreciation for your favorite authors and a fresh perspective on your own writing, illuminating both the patterns that hold great prose together and the brilliant flourishes that make it unforgettable.

Lilac and Mauve

Author: Nick Rolfe


ISBN: 1909320722

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 36

View: 5516

@page { margin: 2cm } p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } Lilac and Mauve can’t have babies of their own. So they decide to adopt two babies who don’t have a mummy or daddy. But when they go to get the new babies, they are not what they expect! @page { margin: 2cm } p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } The story is aimed at young children, using animals rather than humans, to share the idea that it doesn’t matter who the parents are in a family, or if their children are different to them, as it is love that bonds them together. The story can be used to gently open up a discussion about multicultural, foster and same-sex families. Part of the Rainbow Street Series promoting gender awareness, Lilac and Mauve is a story of two parts. Firstly, the story introduces same-sex parents, though this is never discussed explicitly, because the main story is really about whether parents have to be the same as their children. As such the story can be used to discuss both gender roles and multicultural families using the single idea that it is not differences within a family that are important, but the love that bonds them together. This also makes the book helpful for discussing the idea of foster care and foster families, because it isn’t only biological parents who can be a loving. The Rainbow Street books are all aimed at 4- to 6-year-old children, using colourful pictures of animals to tell stories of gender identity and family diversity. They all share the common theme of acceptance and could equally be used at home and in school to discuss all forms of difference and diversity. By sharing the Rainbow Street Series of books with young children, the aim is to make gender diversity no big deal and no different to accepting and respecting ethnic diversity, religious diversity and forms of neurodiversity. Stories in the series cover topics ranging from gender identity and adoption by same-sex parents, through to single fatherhood and it being ok to live alone in old age. @page { margin: 2cm } p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } As with all of its books, the publisher - Your Stories Matter – aims to help people know they are not alone with what makes them different. If a young person or adult can relate to a story, it gives them hope and encourages them to share their concerns. The publisher aims to provide free teaching resources for all of its books that can be used in schools, to help improve understanding and celebrate differences.

The Most Mauve There Is

Author: Nancy Springer

Publisher: Untreed Reads

ISBN: 161187565X

Category: Fiction

Page: 10

View: 3891

Middle-schooler Avery Holsopple is already struggling with the fact that he's the shortest guy in school. To make matters worse, his older sister Valerie has insisted on having a Victorian-style wedding, which means Avery is about to find himself dressed up in the worst color he can imagine for a boy: pink. Of course, Mom insists the color is mauve but Avery's eyes know the truth. Desperate to get out of his duties he hatches a plan with Mark, Valerie's fianc?, and ensures that this wedding is one that nobody is ever going to forget.

A Montage of a Mauve Reality

Author: Thomas James Taylor

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 198450214X

Category: Fiction

Page: 268

View: 2084

The Busker Just another wandering minstrel? Locomotive Breath Not only a great song by Jethro Tull but also a frantic day-in-the-life story when it all just seems to go wrong. Dark Gallery We all have regrets, don’t we? What happens to all those bad memories when we keep them suppressed? Seeds of Dissent The function of government is to facilitate the democratic view of what an ideal society ought to be, but how do our younger citizens feel about the decisions being made? After all, today’s decisions do become their inheritance. Bastards Honesty and integrity—still admirable traits in modern society, or has it become acceptable to trade them off in the pursuit of wealth, success, and self-gratification? The Gravity of Elm’s Situation For every life a separate reality. Nineteen thought-provoking stories on almost as many subjects!

Mauve Gloves and Madmen, Clutter and Vine

Author: Tom Wolfe

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 1429961228

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 243

View: 3839

"When are the 1970s going to begin?" ran the joke during the Presidential campaign of 1976. With his own patented combination of serious journalism and dazzling comedy, Tom Wolfe met the question head-on in these rollicking essays in Mauve Gloves and Madmen, Clutter and Vine -- and even provided the 1970s with its name: "The Me Decade."

The Mauve Decade

Author: Thomas Beer

Publisher: N.A


Category: American literature

Page: 268

View: 4567

Of the first edition ... one hundred and sixty five large paper copies have been printed as follows: fifteen on Borzoi rag paper signed by the author and numbered from A to O; one hundred and fifty copies on Borzoi rag paper signed by the author and numbered from 1 to 150 ...