Meet Me in Milan

Author: Hedley Derenzie

Publisher: Xoum Publishing

ISBN: 9781925589825

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 316

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Four years after her disastrous quest for romance in Paris (the alleged 'city of love'), Hedley Derenzie is ready to break out of her comfort zone of singledom and give it another go. She decides to seek professional help - in the form of a psychologist - but after a few sessions on the couch, she has an epiphany - keep paying the psychologist good money ... or go to Italy! Sensibly, Hedley chooses the latter and, within minutes of landing in Milan, meets a man who captures her attention. Soon she's jetting around the country, dining at fabulous restaurants and living the life of Riley (that's if Riley were a woman in her late thirties looking for love). So what if this man is older (as in a lot older) and reminds her of her late father? Hedley can't help but wonder - could he be the one? Meet Me in Milan is a funny, honest and raw memoir about one woman's ongoing quest for love - this time in the land of la dolce vita.

R Is for Rebel

Author: Megan Mulry

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

ISBN: 1402270046

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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"A romantic, fantastic, enchanting treat."—Eloisa James, New York Times bestselling author of The Ugly Duchess for A Royal Pain Being royal isn't all it's cracked up to be... Abigail Heyworth, youngest daughter of the 18th Duke of Northrop, is not your typical British royal—she'll take a recycling drive over a charity ball any day. She can't stand hats and heels. Abby's not getting much sympathy, of course, because everyone thinks the life of royalty is so charmed. But to Abigail, keeping up appearances is unbearable, while running away doesn't seem to work either. Just when she feels like she's getting whiplash from swinging between flat-out rebellion to miserable capitulation, Abigail meets an all-American self-made millionaire who challenges her on every level. It may turn out that what Abigail is searching for kind of resembles the American Dream... Praise for USA Today bestseller A Royal Pain: "A delightful love story...worth reading again and again."—Publishers Weekly, Starred Review "Filled with clever characters, witty banter, and steamy sex, readers won't be able to put it down."—RT Book Reviews, 4 1⁄2 stars "Fresh, funny, and engaging."—Booklist

David Smith

Author: David Smith

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520291875

Category: Art

Page: 496

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"This comprehensive sourcebook is destined to become a lasting and definitive resource on the art and aesthetic philosophy of the American artist David Smith (1906-1965). A pioneer of twentieth-century modernism, Smith was renowned for the expansive formal and conceptual ambitions of his broadly diverse and inventive welded-steel abstractions. His groundbreaking achievements drew freely on cubism, surrealism, and constructivism, profoundly influencing later movements such as minimalism and environmental art. By radically challenging older conventions of monolithic figuration and refuting arbitrary distinctions between painters and sculptors, Smith asserted sculpture's equal role in advancing modern art. A compilation of Smith's poems, sketchbook notes, essays, lectures, letters to the editor, reviews, and interviews, these previously unpublished texts underscore the varied ways in which his writing functioned as a means to examine and articulate his private identity and to promote the social ideals that made him a key participant in contemporary discourses surrounding modernism, art and politics, and sculptural aesthetics. All the documents in David Smith: collected writings, lectures, and interviews have been newly corrected against the original manuscripts, typescripts, and audiotapes. Each text in this collection is annotated with historical and contextual information that reflects Smith's own process of continually reviewing and revising his writings in response to his evolving aspirations as a visual artist."--Provided by publisher.

Italy Intrigue Series Box Set

Author: Stacey Joy Netzel

Publisher: Stacey Joy Netzel

ISBN: 1939143667

Category: Fiction

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Box Set of books 1-3 of the Award-winning Italy Intrigue Series by NY Times bestselling author Stacey Joy Netzel.KIDNAPPED: Intrigue and danger abound in Lake Como with a compulsive planner and a sexy Hollywood actor. When hyper-organized Wisconsin TV producer Halli Sanders mapped out her Italian vacation, getting kidnapped by an impossibly gorgeous Hollywood movie star caught up in a murder scandal wasn't on the itinerary. Then again, neither was falling in love the sexiest man alive.BETRAYED: Don¿t miss this wild ride of adventure from the city of Milan, through the shrouded mountains of Garfagnana, all the way to the majesty of Rome.Undercover detective Ispettore Evalina Gallo never expected to see her savior-turned-one-night-stand again. When Ben Sanders returns to Italia¿a person of interest in an international investigation¿her personal connection to the rugged American gets her assigned to the case. Attraction burns hotter than molten lava, but amid secrets and half-truths and the search for an ancient bible, they must learn to trust each other to survive their future. CONNED: Join the sexy thrill of a life and death treasure hunt through the cobblestoned streets and murky canals of Venice.The cross is the key as rival families race to find the jeweled artifact first. But Nick Marshall and Rachel Sanders aren't the only ones vying to win the search. Ruthless players willing to do anything for the priceless treasure put their lives at risk and force them to work together. Despite all the secrets and lies, lines quickly blur between the con and the real deal. Can love survive a double-cross when the mystery is unlocked?


Author: Julia Haart

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1913068668

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 456

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**THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER** From the star of Netflix's My Unorthodox Life, a riveting, inspiring memoir. Julia Haart tells the story of her extraordinary journey, from leaving an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community to her rise from housewife to shoe designer, to CEO and co-owner of the modelling agency Elite World Group. 'I congratulate Haart on the show and book, both of which I enjoyed ... Haart is a hustler, a born entrepreneur, charismatic enough to attract investment like a pop ingenue attracts talent scouts, a "fighter" (her words) and a woman who loves and understands fashion.' POLLY VERNON, THE TIMES 'An irresistible read . . . Written with great intensity and rare candor, Brazen is a story of longing for more and manifesting that vision.' TOMMY HILFIGER 'An ode to believing in yourself, believing in your dreams, and it being never too late to transform your life. Brazen, with its soul-bearing, cathartic style is set to inspire.' LOVEREADING EXPERT REVIEW Ever since she was a child, every aspect of Julia Haart's life - what she wore, what she ate, what she thought - was controlled by the rules of ultra-Orthodox Judaism. At nineteen, after a lifetime spent caring for her seven younger siblings, she was married off to a man she barely knew. For the next twenty-three years, her marriage would rule her life. Eventually, when Haart's youngest daughter, Miriam, started to innocently question why she wasn't allowed to sing in public, run in shorts, or ride a bike without being covered from neck to knee, Haart reached a breaking point. She knew that if she didn't find a way to leave, her daughters would be forced into the same unending servitude. So Haart created a double life. In the ultra- Orthodox world, clothing has one purpose - to cover the body, head to toe - and giving any more thought than that to one's appearance is considered sinful, an affront to God. But when no one was looking, Haart would pour over fashion magazines and sketch designs for the clothes she dreamed about wearing in the world beyond her Orthodox suburb. She started preparing for her escape by educating herself and creating a 'freedom' fund. At the age of forty-two, she finally mustered the courage to flee. Within a week of her escape, Haart founded a shoe brand, and within nine months, she was at Paris Fashion Week. Just a few years later, she was named creative director of La Perla. Soon she would become co-owner and CEO of Elite World Group and one of the most powerful people in fashion. Along the way, her four children - Batsheva, Shlomo, Miriam and Aron - have not only accepted but embraced her transformation. Propulsive and unforgettable, Haart's story is the journey from a world of 'no' to a world of 'yes', and an inspiration for women everywhere to find their freedom, their purpose and their voice. 'Julia lives her life with an exhilarating fervour that's contagious to anyone lucky enough to be around her. Never willing to accept the status quo, time and again she has fought for her place in the world and demanded her seat at the table. I'm incredibly inspired by her stories, which are always told with honesty and heart. This book is a must read!' COCO ROCHA 'Julia Haart is a hustler. Her story is an inspiring, believe-in-your-dreams, never-give-up, anything-in-life-is-possible story of hope. Run, don't walk, to get this book!' LISA RINNA

Views from the Road I Traveled

Author: Henry M. Kissman

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781465319401

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 219

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In this autobiography, Henry Kissman describes his journey from a boyhood in prewar Austria to life in America, and how he survived the displacements and losses of wartime and built a life devoted to scientific inquiry and public service. As a prosperous Jewish family in the city of Graz, the Kissmans became Nazi targets immediately after the German takeover of Austria in 1938. Henrys parents were both jailed on trumped-up charges, and were stripped of everything they owned, including their successful lumber export business. Henry, age 15 at the time, was able to flee to England; his younger sister followed on a Kindertransport a few months later. After 9 months, his parents were expelled from Austria. Eventually, they also reached England, where they lived and worked throughout the war. In December 1939, Henry was able to emigrate to the U.S. After living with relatives in New York City for a time, he worked at various factory jobs in New Jersey and completed his high school education at night. Through a scholarship he was able to earn a degree at Sterling College in Kansas in 1944. He was then drafted into the Army, where he first served as a combat medic with the 10th Mountain Division in northern Italy, and later as a counter intelligence agent with the U.S. occupation forces in Germany. After discharge from the Army, Henry obtained advanced degrees in organic chemistry with the help of the GI Bill. Eventually, he joined a research group at a pharmaceutical company, where he worked on biologically active substances such as antibiotics and steroids. In 1955, he met Lee Cohn his wife-to-be. They married in January 1956. Beginning in the mid-sixties, Henrys interests changed from laboratory research to developing innovative ways of managing scientific information. He directed such information projects at the U.S. Food & Drug Administration and then at the National Library of Medicine until his retirement in 1992.

Champions of the Faith

Author: Gordon A. Beck

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1449780369

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 68

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Champions of the Faith presents three Advent worship services with homilies based on the life and teachings of Athanasius, Ambrose, and Augustine. Through these homilies, you will meet these three champions of faith as if they lived today.

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