Michael Collins

Author: Anne Dolan,William Murphy

Publisher: Gill & Macmillan Ltd

ISBN: 178841053X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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‘It was the most providential escape yet. It will probably have the effect of making them think that I am even more mysterious than they believe me to be, and that is saying a good deal.’ Michael Collins knew the power of his persona, and capitalised on what people wanted to believe. The image we have of him comes filtered through a sensational lens, exaggerated out of all proportion. We see what we have come to expect: ‘the man who won the war’, the centre of a web of intelligence that ‘brought the British Empire to its knees’. He comes to us as a mixture of truth and lies, propaganda and misunderstanding. The willingness to see him as the sum of the Irish revolution, and in turn reduce him to a caricature of his many parts, clouds our view of both the man and the revolution. Drawing on archives in Ireland, Britain and the United States, the authors question our traditional assumptions about Collins. Was he the man of his age, or was he just luckier, more brazen, more written about and more photographed than the rest? Despite the pictures of him in uniform during the last weeks of his life, Collins saw very little of the actual fight. He was chiefly an organiser and a strategist. Should we remember him as a master of the mundane rather than the romantic figure of the blockbuster film? The eight thematic, highly illustrated chapters scrutinise different aspects of Collins’ life: origins, work, war, politics, celebrity, beliefs, death and afterlives. Approaching him through the eyes of contemporaries and historians, friends and enemies, this provocative book reveals new insights, challenging what we think we know about him and, in turn, what we think we know about the Irish revolution.

Michael Collins

Author: James Mackay

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1780575025

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

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The most charismatic figure to emerge during the struggles for the independence of Ireland was undoubtedly Michael Collins. This remarkable biography, which draws on much hitherto unpublished material, charts the dramatic rise of the country boy who became head of the Free State and the commander-in-chief of the army.

Michael Collins: The Man Who Made Ireland

Author: Tim Pat Coogan

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 9780312295110

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 542

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When the Irish nationalist Michael Collins signed the Anglo-Irish Treaty in December 1921, he observed to Lord Birkenhead that he may have signed his own death warrant. In August 1922 that prophecy came true when Collins was ambushed, shot and killed by a compatriot, but his vision and legacy lived on. Tim Pat Coogan's biography presents the life of a man whose idealistic vigor and determination were matched by his political realism and organizational abilities. This is the classic biography of the man who created modern Ireland.

Michael Collins's Intelligence War

Author: Michael T Foy

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 0752495909

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 360

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Michael Collins is often thought of as Ireland's lost leader: a man born into a revolutionary environment who became a skilled statesman and military leader. This book looks in at Collins' key role in the Anglo Irish War using primary sources which have not previously been available.

Michael Collins and the Financing of Violent Political Struggle

Author: Nicholas Ridley

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1315444909

Category: History

Page: 222

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Michael Collins was a pivotal figure in the Irish struggle for independence and his legacy has resonated ever since. Whilst Collins’ role as a guerrilla leader and intelligence operative is well documented, his actions as the clandestine Irish government Minister of Finance have been less studied. The book analyses how funds were raised and transferred in order that the IRA could initiate and sustain the military struggle, and lay the financial foundations of an Irish state. Nicholas Ridley examines the legacy of these actions by comparing Collins’ modus operandi for raising and transferring clandestine funds to those of more modern groups engaged in political violence, as well as the laying of foundations for Irish financial and fiscal regulation.

Field Day Review

Author: Seamus Deane,Breandán Mac Suibhne

Publisher: Field Day Publications

ISBN: 0946755272

Category: Arts

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Talking about contemporary Ireland, this work also looks at literary criticism, fiction, history, politics, and art."

The Last Supper on the Moon

Author: Levi Lusko

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 0785252878

Category: Religion

Page: 480

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If there are places in your heart and corners of your mind that feel just as deep and dark and inaccessible as outer space, this book is for you. Fight as you may, unearthing the happiness and fulfillment you long for can feel nearly impossible. In Psalm 8 David urges us to consider the heavens, to look up at the night sky. Doing so will help you discover fundamental truths about God. Namely, that—even though his love for you is as beyond comprehension as the farthest corners of the universe—through his Son, you can grab hold of it, and it has the power to transform your inner space. Bestselling author Levi Lusko shares how you can: learn that life is not about “finding yourself” but discovering who Jesus is believe that God’s love and forgiveness is grander than even your greatest failure buck the mundane of everyday life and start dreaming again Embark on an adventure tracing the words and wonders of Jesus on his trek to the cross. Let The Last Supper on the Moon compel you to live with a more profound sense of purpose and a grander view of Jesus, and set you on a trajectory to life, and life more abundantly.

The Hales Brothers and the Irish Revolution

Author: Liz Gillis

Publisher: Mercier Press Ltd

ISBN: 1781173761

Category: History

Page: 256

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The story of the Hales family from Bandon epitomises the whole revolutionary period in Ireland. They were involved from the establishment of the Irish Volunteers in West Cork and were closely associated with well-known revolutionary figures, including Michael Collins, Tom Barry and Liam Deasy. Both Seán and Tom were company commanders in the IRA in the area. The signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty in December 1921 split the family and led to the two brothers taking opposing sides in the Civil War that would follow. Tom Hales was the most senior Republican officer on the scene of the chaotic ambush at Béal na mBláth that led to the shooting of Michael Collins. Seán Hales was himself assassinated in Dublin by Republicans, following a vote in Dáil Éireann to allow the Provisional Government to increase its powers to penalise Republican prisoners.The story of these brothers and the rest of the family gives a unique insight into life in Ireland in this tumultuous period.