Michael Sele Lyrics 2007 - 2020

Author: Michael Sele

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3743120623

Category: Poetry

Page: 406

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Erstmals in Buchform die komplette Sammlung aller originalen Songtexte mit einfühlsamer deutscher Übersetzung von Sylvia Stürzer-Frick. Songs voller Lebensenergie und Intensität, mal kraftvoll, mal sphärisch, mal beinahe jungfräulich, aufs absolute Minimum reduziert, dabei aber immer druckvoll und immer von poetischer Tiefe.

Michael Jackson

Author: Adrian Grant

Publisher: Omnibus Press& Schirmer Trade Books


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 234

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Presents a record of the King of Pop's dance moves and music, including his albums, concerts, videos, awards, appearances, and memorabilia.


Author: Mark Bego

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Changing Michael

Author: Jeff Schilling

Publisher: Bancroft Press

ISBN: 1610881222

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 191

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Matthew knows how things work. He’s pretty much an expert. For example: friends. Friendship requires both give and take, and Matthew strongly prefers taking. The solution is close acquaintances—people who think you’re their friend because you nod and act interested about whatever the hell they’re talking about. School? Perfectly pleasant as long as you don’t pay attention. Mom? Award yourself a point for each hands on hips or young man. Wear her down until you can get what you want. The general rule: The less anyone knows about you, the better. But even someone as clever as Matthew needs practice. That’s where Michael comes in. See, Michael doesn’t get it. He’s the kind of kid who comes up with the answer before the teacher. He’s the kind of kid who asks questions. He’s the kind of kid who still has the ratty old backpack he should have thrown in someone’s dumpster years ago. Consequently, he’s the kind of kid who gets the crap beaten out of him on a regular basis. So one day, Matthew, seemingly out of the kindness of his heart, decides to help Michael out. Turn his life around. Teach him how to make his life as great as Matthew’s. Before long, Matthew is helping Michael mess with his NASCAR-loving stepfather. He’s spreading rumors to convince the population of Alexander High School that Michael is a serious badass. He weaves his way into the lives of Michael’s estranged dad, and even Chrissy, the half-sister Michael never even knew he had. But what if Michael isn’t grateful for all of Matthew’s hard work? What if he actually likes who he is? Why the hell would he? And for that matter, why should Matthew even care? Changing Michael is an absorbing exploration into the head of one of the most fascinating high school characters since Holden Caulfield. A story of coolness, mischief, and the struggle for identity in an unpredictable world, Jeff Schilling’s remarkably insightful debut presents a story and a narrative voice readers will remember for a very long time to come.

Michael Speaks: The Legacy of Sarah Chambers (Volume 3)

Author: Center for Michael Teachings, Inc.

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1329165667

Category: Religion

Page: 132

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"We are here with you tonight." With those few words in August 1973, Sarah Chambers, her husband Richard, and their good friends Alice and Dick started a journey that would take them far beyond anything they could possibly imagine. They would explore the unseen realm of the spiritual world with their teacher "Michael." Along with good friend Eugene Trout, they would become the creators of a new spiritual teaching - based in love - that is used to help people become more of who they really are. The group kept transcripts of their meetings and those transcripts were quietly copied and passed around to their friends, then copied and passed on to their friends. Volume 1 contains the transcripts themselves. Volume 2 contains the Charts, Cartoons, Drawings and Compilations by various members of the group, as well as background on the members of the group. Volume 3 contains additional transcripts from 1978-1985, and updates to Volume 1.

Total Control: The Monkees Michael Nesmith Story

Author: Randi L. Massingill

Publisher: FLEXquarters.com Limited

ISBN: 0965821846

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 300

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Hey! Hey! Its the untold story of The Monkees "Wool-hat" Michael Nesmith with the behind the scenes scoop about touring with Jimi Hendrix, filmmaking with Jack Nicholson and so much more. Also detailed is his invention of MTV and his mother Bette who invented Liquid Paper. This 2005 Revised edition features two updated chapters and additional photos (176 total photos). 300 pages.

Confidential Files of Michael Jackson

Author: Damian Iwueke

Publisher: New Generation Publishing

ISBN: 178719177X


Page: 146

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EXPLOSIVE AND INCISIVE. The book they would not want you to read. Exclusive revelations and true life story of the King of Pop-best-all-time seller - Janice Warford, Pan Atlantic Chronicle. Different from many other books that have been published about Michael Jackson - Donna McCartney-Empress Books, Virginia, USA

Michael Reisch

Author: Michael Reisch,Ulrich Pohlmann

Publisher: Hatje Cantz Pub


Category: Photography

Page: 132

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This is the first book to offer a concentrated look at the work of the Düsseldorf photographer. His photographs develop into a conglomerate of self-organising biological material and a topography constructed out of itself.