Burning the Midnight Oil

Author: Phil Cousineau

Publisher: Cleis Press

ISBN: 1936740737

Category: Poetry

Page: 342

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In Burning the Midnight Oil, word-wrangler extraordinaire Phil Cousineau has gathered an eclectic and electric collection of soulful poems and prose from great thinkers throughout the ages. Whether beguiling readers with glorious poetry or consoling them with prayers from fellow restless souls, Cousineau can relieve any insomniac's unease. From St. John of the Cross to Annie Dillard, Beethoven to The Song of Songs, this refreshingly insightful anthology soothes and inspires all who struggle through the dark of the night. These "night thoughts" vividly illustrate Alfred North Whitehead's liberating description of "what we do without solitude" and also evoke Henry David Thoreau's reverie, "Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake." The night writers in Cousineau's vesperal collection range from saints, poets, and shamans to astronomers and naturalists, and tells of ancient tales and shining passages from the most brilliant (albeit insomniac) writers of today. These poetic ponderances sing of the falling darkness, revel in dream-time, convey the ache of melancholy, conspire against sleeplessness, vanquish loneliness, contemplate the night sky, rhapsodize on love, and languorously greet the first rays of dawn. Notable night owls include Rabandranath Tagore, Mary Oliver, Manley Hopkins, Jorge Borges and William Blake.

Burning the Midnight Oil

Author: Andon Manaj

Publisher: Andon Manaj



Page: 118

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As a young writer, Mr. Manaj took up to filling several journals during his childhood. Unfortunately, all of them demised on a fiery death. Just like every writer in their begining days, the author could not deem any of his works as something that was good enough for publication. But then, 2017 came around and the author salvaged only one of his works. What was resting in his nightstand drawer with the stupendous title of SSDD (titled as a clear tribute to one of the greatest horror genre authors of this day), became Burning the Midnight Oil. Thought to be only a test publication for the author so he could test the waters of the self-publishing world, it was the key that set the wheels in motion for the author to write the upcoming sci-fi novel The Beast Within. Filled up with memories from his childhood, the author provides us with a clear picture of him being brought up in Albania. Hs adventures, whether they were joyful or painful. Within the book you will also find a deep contrast of the Albanian ways, totally different than the portraying of the albanians (as gangsters and mafiosos that kill and destroy other mafia empires) by Hollywood.

Burning the Midnight Oil Revisited

Author: Dawn Colclasure

Publisher: Gypsy Shadow Publishing

ISBN: 1619502615

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 204

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Writing from home can be a challenge when you’ve got one or more kids tugging at your sleeve for attention. There are days it seems like you can’t get ANY writing done, and looming deadlines mean sleepless nights and frazzled nerves. Take heart: Writing parents who have figured out this writing parent thing share their stories and the lessons they’ve learned in trying to find balance between writing and parenting. If you’re a freelance writer, commercial writer, author or journalist trying to figure out how to keep your writing career going strong and be a capable parent at the same time, check out Burning the Midnight Oil Revisited to get some tips and techniques on how to make it happen for you!

Clips and Quips for Midnight Oil Sermons and Last Minute Sunday School Lessons

Author: Douglas B. Bailey

Publisher: CSS Publishing

ISBN: 0788017977

Category: Religion

Page: 127

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Writing sermons and preparing Sunday school lessons can be a very frustrating experience when you just can't seem to find the appropriate words, images, and expressions to add zest to an otherwise humdrum presentation. Douglas Bailey's collection of "verbal clip art" -- metaphors, figures of speech, visual images, and other word gimmicks -- is sure to liven up any discussion. Organized in an outline format (making it easy to locate material suited for various topics and themes), "Clips And Quips "is a veritable "toolchest" of items guaranteed to jumpstart the imagination and stimulate creative writing. "This is a helpful resource to enable people who seek to communicate the Christian gospel to do so with freshness and vitality. Bailey uses specific images and metaphors -- from plainclothes people to runaway trucks to bucket brigades -- to make vivid the nature and power of God in ordinary human experience." Harry B. Adams Professor of Pastoral Theology Yale Divinity School "Clips And Quips For Midnight Oil Sermons And Last-Minute Sunday School Lessons challenges preachers and teachers to reach for faith language that is grounded in the timeless message of God's love but is as timely as Monday morning's newspaper. This resource is a catalyst, not a crutch. It evokes word power by showing how biblical metaphor leaps from narrative history to our biography and alerts us to scripture's connection with our lives today. Doug Bailey offers us a simple entrance to a grand theater of wordcraft that demonstrates how God's truth can set us free." Thomas E. Dipko Executive Vice President United Church Board for Homeland Ministries "If you thrill to the turn of a well-crafted phrase, become excited over the use of fresh metaphors, and are engaged by open, imaginative use of language in exploration of the mystery of God, you will want to read Clips And Quips For Midnight Oil Sermons And Last-Minute Sunday School Lessons. Dr. Bailey offers the spiritual community a unique language resource that may be utilized not only in the development and writing of sermons, but also in a variety of ways to create education and communication materials. As "clip art for the soul," the word pictures in this book spark the reader's imagination far beyond the written page." Sandra Goode Bricker Executive Director and Campus Minister, United Christian Center Ohio State University An ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, Douglas B. Bailey is a graduate of the University of Michigan (B.A.), Yale Divinity School (B.D., S.T.M.), and the University of Wisconsin (Ph.D.). In addition to serving pastorates in Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin, Bailey spent over 20 years in administration for Franklin County Children's Services in Columbus, Ohio. Bailey contributed to the 1998 "Daily Book of Prayer" published by United Church Press, and continues to serve as a supply pastor for vacationing clergy.


Author: David Nichols

Publisher: Verse Chorus Press

ISBN: 1891241613

Category: Music

Page: 608

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David Nichols tells the story of Australian rock and pop music from 1960 to 1985 – formative years in which the nation cast off its colonial cultural shackles and took on the world. Generously illustrated and scrupulously researched, Dig combines scholarly accuracy with populist flair. Nichols is an unfailingly witty and engaging guide, surveying the fertile and varied landscape of Australian popular music in seven broad historical chapters, interspersed with shorter chapters on some of the more significant figures of each period. The result is a compelling portrait of a music scene that evolves in dynamic interaction with those in the United States and the UK, yet has always retained a strong sense of its own identity and continues to deliver new stars – and cult heroes – to a worldwide audience. Dig is a unique achievement. The few general histories to date have been highlight reels, heavy on illustration and short on detail. And while there have been many excellent books on individual artists, scenes and periods, and a couple of first-rate encylopedias, there’s never been a book that told the whole story of the irresistible growth and sweep of a national music culture. Until now . . .

The 'Imagined Sound' of Australian Literature and Music

Author: Joseph Cummins

Publisher: Anthem Press

ISBN: 1785270923

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 202

View: 2429

‘Imagined Sound’ is a unique cartography of the artistic, historical and political forces that have informed the post-World War II representation of Australian landscapes. It is the first book to formulate the unique methodology of ‘imagined sound’, a new way to read and listen to literature and music that moves beyond the dominance of the visual, the colonial mode of knowing, controlling and imagining Australian space. Emphasising sound and listening, this approach draws out and re-examines the key narratives that shape and are shaped by Australian landscapes and histories, stories of first contact, frontier violence, the explorer journey, the convict experience, non-Indigenous belonging, Pacific identity and contemporary Indigenous Dreaming. ‘Imagined Sound’ offers a compelling analysis of how these narratives are reharmonised in key works of literature and music.

Investment Treaty Arbitration

Author: Kaj Hobér,Joel Dahlquist Cullborg

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 1786433621

Category: Law

Page: 800

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Investment Treaty Arbitration is an excellent teaching tool for lecturers and readers of international investment arbitration. This casebook includes over 40 exercises based on real-life disputes, helping readers evaluate and analyse all aspects of the topic.

Rock Dogs

Author: Marcus Breen

Publisher: University Press of America

ISBN: 9780761834694

Category: Art

Page: 288

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Can rock n' roll and politics mix? Rock Dogs looks at the impact of government music policies on the Australian music scene, youth culture, and national identity. In the 1980s to early 1990s, rock music in Australia became one of the unlikely targets of the Australian Labor Party's (ALP) cultural policies. Younger ALP politicians and activists were galvanized to create a series of unique initiatives, such as Ausmusic and the Victorian Rock Foundation, which targeted Australian youth through the music industry. The policies, which used techniques adapted from other cultural industries like television and film, were diverse and innovative, but unproven in the music industry. Despite the optimism fueling these cultural policies, various governmental inquiries, increased resistance from major studios, and a growing divide between the needs of the people and the music industry eventually dampened them. Rock Dogs is a candid, observant study of the legacy of these cultural policies and the larger debate over the creation and preservation of a national culture.

No Excuses

Author: Abigail Thernstrom,Stephan Thernstrom

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780743265225

Category: Education

Page: 356

View: 2561

A concerned appraisal of the racial gap in education today cites educational inequalities as a central civil rights issue, highlighting inner-city schools that demonstrate models of educational excellence while suggesting ways that educational problems can be overcome. Reprint. 35,000 first printing.