The Mind-Game Film

Author: Thomas Elsaesser

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135884048

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 322

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This book represents the culmination of Thomas Elsaesser’s intense and passionate thinking about the Hollywood mind-game film from the previous two decades. In order to answer what the mind-game film is, why they exist, and how they function, Elsaesser maps the industrial-institutional challenges and constraints facing Hollywood, and the broader philosophic horizon within which American cinema thrives today. He demonstrates how the ‘Persistence of Hollywood’ continues as it has adapted to include new twists and turns, as well as revisions of past concerns, as film moves through the 21st century. Through examples such as Minority Report, Mulholland Drive, Source Code, and Back to the Future, Elsaesser explores how mind-game films challenge us and play games with our perception of reality, creating skepticism and (self-) doubt. He also highlights the mind-game film's tendency to intervene in a complex fashion in the political moment by questioning the dominant power’s intent to program both body and mind alike. Prescient and compelling, The Mind-Game Film will appeal to students, scholars, and enthusiasts of media studies, film studies, philosophy, and politics.

Making Sense of Mind-Game Films

Author: Simin Nina Littschwager

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 1501337068

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 256

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Mind-game films and other complex narratives have been a prominent phenomenon of the cinematic landscape during the period 1990-2010, when films like The Sixth Sense, Memento, Fight Club and Source Code became critical and commercial successes, often acquiring a cult status with audiences. With their multiple story lines, unreliable narrators, ambiguous twist endings, and paradoxical worlds, these films challenge traditional ways of narrative comprehension and in many cases require and reward multiple viewings. But how can me make sense of films that don't always make sense the way we are used to? While most scholarship has treated these complex films as narrative puzzles that audiences solve with their cognitive skills, Making Sense of Mind-Game Films offers a fresh perspective by suggesting that they appeal to the body and the senses in equal measures. Mind-game films tell stories about crises between body, mind and world, and about embodied forms of knowing and subjective ways of being-in-the-world. Through compelling in-depth case studies of popular mind-game films, the book explores how these complex narratives take their (embodied) spectators with them into such crises. The puzzling effect generated by these films stems from a conflict between what we think and what we experience, between what we know and what we feel to be true, and between what we see and what we sense.

The Mind Game

Author: N.A

Publisher: Norman Spinrad



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The Mind Game

Author: Devika Das

Publisher: BlueRose Publishers


Category: Self-Help

Page: 214

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Happiness, stress, ecstasy or depression, it’s all a mind game. As long as our mind is under our control, everything else is. That’s what The Mind Game is all about. It is not an average self-help book that preaches life-enhancing methodologies based on complex science or long philosophical verses. The book’s genius lies in its simplicity. It offers quick, actionable and instantly applicable tips that will help readers lead better lives - instantly. The book begins with five ultra-practical steps that will help readers master their emotions. Emotions are strange. They make us human. They make our lives real. They make us different from robots. Yet, many disasters in our lives result from uncontrolled emotions or because of emotional wounds from painful experiences. By helping readers master their emotions, this book aims at making them strong, enabling them to make rational decisions. Readers will be trained on how to feel, face, control and protect their emotions. They will also be enlightened on the importance of EQ and how they can upgrade it. The book then acquaints readers with techniques of analyzing people through effective questioning in routine conversations and understanding personality traits. By applying these methods, readers can develop fruitful relationships at work and home. The third section of the book deals with living better lives with lesser resources. Using famous examples of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, readers are made to understand the value of simple living and high thinking. It will also help readers make the best first impressions and use non-verbal communication to their benefit. Next, readers are led into understanding the secret of happiness. It first explains how readers can attain divine happiness, how to tackle stress and depression and how to become happy in a jiffy. The book devotes an entire section to anger. To know more grab your copy today!

The Waves of Life & Our Mind Game

Author: Say Thu Varadewa

Publisher: Partridge Publishing Singapore

ISBN: 1543757278

Category: Self-Help

Page: 176

View: 4957

Life itself is very simple; we make life complicated as we going through the phases of life. But we have to constantly remind ourselves that every beginning is the hardest. And we cannot control anything whatever happens in our life. But we can train ourselves to be used to the waves of life as it moves up and down just to keep flowing. And we have to realize that nothing is in control, everything happens for a reason. Being contented in life looks impossible, but, we can train our mind to be grateful for what we have. Staying strong and positive is the key to face rough rides of life because we are unaware what might come next in life. I aimed to help people like me who are looking for who they are as a person. It is simple and yet difficult to figure out if there is no proper way to discover one self. Sometimes, you may have everything in life but you are still feeling that something is missing within you. Well, that is exactly the point in life when we need to find our life purpose through self-discovery process. Life is like a big ocean and the ups and downs moments in life are like the waves in the ocean. If there is no up and down moments in life, we will never know who we are, how strong we are and how capable we are. These life waves help us to discover who we are as a person. Keep your journey unique and worthy because it has its own limit. Before the life limit expires, be who you want to be and do what you want to do in life. Inspire people around you to be better version of themselves and encourage people to be kind towards each other to create a beautiful world for everyone to live in.

Puzzle Films

Author: Warren Buckland

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1405168617

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 256

View: 505

Drawing upon the expertise of film scholars from around the world, Puzzle Films investigates a number of films that sport complex storytelling--from Memento, Old Boy, and Run Lola Run, to the Infernal Affairs trilogy and In the Mood for Love. Unites American ‘independent’ cinema, the European and International Art film, and certain modes of avant-garde filmmaking on the basis of their shared storytelling complexity Draws upon the expertise of film scholars from North America, Britain, China, Poland, Holland, Italy, Greece, New Zealand, and Australia

Mind Games

Author: Sir Jeff Grout,Sir Sarah Perrin

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1907293507

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 304

View: 5814

What makes a winner - in business or in sport? Why do some people consistently break sales targets, cross the line first or hammer the ball in the net with pinpoint accuracy? Natural talent and disciplined training are vital. But with two equally matched professionals, something else makes the difference that provides that extra, champion factor: the mind. Mind Games looks into the mental processes of sporting stars, identifying the attitudes and approaches that enable them to achieve peak performance, every time, and applies them specifically to the world of business. What are the key mental characteristics that make some people come out on top? How do winners channel adrenalin into controlled power while losers choke? What do sportsmen and women mean when they talk about 'the inner game', being 'in the zone' or being 'in the now'? What is it that coaches do to realise the potential they see? What are the lessons that business winners need to learn from sport's superstars? Mind Games has the full involvement of over 30 sporting household names, including Sven-Goran Eriksson, Matthew Pinsent, Clive Woodward, Nick Faldo, Jonny Wilkinson. The authors draw on extensive first-hand experiences of acknowledged sporting champions across a range of sports, identifying personal techniques proven to have worked under the pressure of top-level competition. They also draw on the expertise of professional coaches and psychologists who have worked with sportsmen and women.

Mind Games

Author: IntroBooks

Publisher: IntroBooks


Category: Games & Activities

Page: 40

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There is numerous research showing the benefits of brain training on different aspects of our mental health. Usually, it involves puzzles, computer-based activities, books and others that will enhance mental activity. Different medical institutions have conducted studies on how to train the brain and improve memory power, verbal and non-verbal reasoning and improve focus and concentration. There is even an ongoing medical research on the determination of the benefits of training the brain to delay the effects of dementia and Alzheimer's. With this discovery: how to start training your mind? Contrary to what most of us think, training programs do not require reading boring. These are some of the games that can excite your brain.

Mind Games

Author: Nina Burgett

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 1098045076

Category: Religion

Page: 240

View: 2528

Honestly...does it really matter what goes on in your head? After all, no one knows your thoughts except you, right?But thoughts are powerful. Thoughts can change perceptions and perspectives. Thoughts can even change actions. Thoughts can make or break you, depending upon the power you give to them.In Mind Games, Nina Burgett lays the groundwork for an open and honest conversation about how our thought-lives make a direct impact on our everyday living: physically, emotionally, spiritually. Based on the truth and teachings of Scripture and packed with lessons learned from her own mistakes and heartaches, Nina invites us to understand the character of God our Creator in a life-changing way. Engaging and easy-to-read, Mind Games is full of tried and true wisdom that helps you develop sharp skills to recognize faulty thinking and build upon truth that will change your life from the inside out.

CCS Investigations : Book 5 : Mind Games

Author: Susan Elle

Publisher: Ursula Publishing UK


Category: Fiction

Page: 360

View: 400

Catherine has always known that she is different. At school her exceptional IQ earned her the nickname ‘freak’. But Catherine knows that it wasn't only her high IQ that had gained her that horrible nickname; she had known things, things she shouldn't have known. Now an intruder is playing with her brilliant mind, invading it at will and threatening to harm her family. That, Catherine will never allow!