Minding Mum – It’s Time to Take Care of You

Author: Alison Canavan

Publisher: Gill & Macmillan Ltd

ISBN: 0717170225

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 320

View: 3644

Mums are well prepared for pregnancy and birth but when baby arrives, nearly all tend to neglect themselves to focus on their precious new bundle. Minding Mum is a simple yet revolutionary concept – mums need to focus on themselves as well as their children. Wellness expert Alison Canavan shares the tips and tricks she’s picked up on her journey through new motherhood and post-natal depression. She looks at the reality of a post-birth body and how it affects our own body image, as well as the importance of good food, exercise and making time for yourself and your own dreams, big or small. You’ll learn how to enjoy your children more, worry less and build your confidence as a new mum, so you can create a happy, balanced life for you and your family. Minding Mum is a thoughtful and valuable book for mums to treasure. ‘If you’re not taking care of yourself you’re not going to be much use to your child. It’s about time a book like this came along.’ Kate Thornton

Hugs From My Heart

Author: T.S. Kuginskie

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1496902483

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 152

View: 900

"Hugs From The Heart" began as autobiographical bedtime story 'memories' meant to lighten the moods of dear friends, many of whom spend their lives providing care and support for others. A collection of memories from my past, observations from my own perspective, and encouragement for those darker moments everyone has every now and then, I've been told I 'write the way I talk', which I take as a compliment. This is my way of saying, "I love you. You're special. You deserve to be cared for. You are MINE and I'm here for you."

32C That's Me

Author: Chris Higgins

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1844569853

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 192

View: 8198

Jess seems to have it all. She has a gorgeous boyfriend, Muggs, landed the lead in the school play and her best friend Ali will always stick by her. She even gets on well with her older sister! Then her mum is diagnosed with breast cancer and Jess's world is turned upside down. No one seems to understand what she's going through. Muggs is too busy with the play, her dad is never around to talk to and all of a sudden Ali is avoiding her. Jess soon starts to realise that maybe having it all isn't what really matters and maybe the people you thought you could depend on aren't the ones to trust.

Murder at a Scottish Wedding

Author: Traci Hall

Publisher: Kensington Books

ISBN: 1496739256

Category: Fiction

Page: 325

View: 7526

USA Today bestselling author Traci Hall returns with the latest novel in a new cozy mystery series set in a charming seaside town in Scotland and featuring busy single mom Paislee Shaw, owner of a specialty sweater shop, knitting enthusiast, and reluctant sleuth who must untangle another murderous yarn! As her friend’s matron of honor, Paislee Shaw vows to solve the mystery of a missing brooch and a dying wedding guest . . . Paislee’s specialty sweater shop and yarn business Cashmere Crush, in the charming Scottish village of Nairn, is closed today for a special occasion. Her bonnie bestie Lydia is moments away from walking down the aisle of the church at Old Nairn Kirk to wed Corbin Smythe. Gramps and Paislee’s eleven-year-old son Brody are seated in the pews with the other guests—the only family not in attendance is their black Scottish terrier Wallace. As matron of honor, Paislee is at her friend’s side when Lydia lets out a frantic cry. The Luckenbooth brooch her betrothed gave her is missing. A traditional Scottish love token, the gold heirloom has been in his family for generations and not wearing it could bring bad luck—according to the superstitious Smythes. But the real misfortune falls on a distraught cousin who suddenly disrupts the ceremony and dies with the brooch in her hand. The Smythes insist it’s the curse. But Paislee must broach the subject of…murder. And was the intended victim the guest—or the bride? Only Paislee can determine who to pin the murder on . . . Praise for Murder at a Scottish Social “Our heroine solves her mysteries with aplomb against a delightful Scottish background replete with good friends and a loyal dog.” —Kirkus Reviews

We All Have Our Skeletons

Author: Robert A. Gray

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1848764502

Category: Actresses

Page: 189

View: 7787

Palma, Majorca. Hugo is playing minder to his slightly daffy old mother. His elder sister should have joined them, but reneged. She resents him ever since, as a boy of 6, he had a brief career in films. It should have been her.One morning Mum is ‘caught short’, and in the village where they stop, a local Englishwoman interprets for them. No sooner has she gone than Hugo discovers she is housekeeper to the star of his first movie, Marina Mackay. He dashes after her and identifies himself. The alarmed woman and her husband/chauffeur tell him that Miss Mackay never receives visitors, and drive off. Leaving Hugo to ponder. Suppose Marina is their prisoner? Who will be any the wiser? He resolves to discover the truth.

Understanding Children's Development

Author: Anne B. Smith,Keith Ballard

Publisher: Bridget Williams Books

ISBN: 090891296X

Category: Psychology

Page: 369

View: 4236

This fully revised and updated edition of a fundamental New Zealand psychology text examines how and why children develop and how they are influenced by the people and events in their lives. Discussed are theories of development and learning, the importance of early experience, intelligence and assessment, and the family. The development of social behavior, gender roles, language, and thinking are also covered. The question of mainstreaming--the integration of children with special educational needs into regular preschools and classrooms--is also debated. There is a strong emphasis on local conditions and the New Zealand historical and social context. This new edition addresses the important issue of giving children themselves a voice, in order to better understand their development and to involve them in decisions about their lives.

Collected Stories

Author: Frank O'Connor

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 149765503X

Category: Fiction

Page: 703

View: 8283

The definitive collection from an Irish literary icon, “one of the masters of the short story” (Newsweek). In the words of W. B. Yeats, Frank O’Connor “did for Ireland what Chekhov did for Russia.” Anne Tyler, writing in the Chicago Sun-Times, described his tales as “encapsulated universes.” This indispensable volume contains the best of his short fiction, from “Guests of the Nation” (adapted into an Obie Award–winning play) to “The Mad Lomasneys” to “First Confession” to “My Oedipus Complex.” Dublin schoolteacher Ned Keating waves good-bye to a charming girl and to any thoughts of returning to his village home in the lyrical and melancholy “Uprooted.” A boy on an important mission is waylaid by a green-eyed temptress and seeks forgiveness in his mother’s loving arms in “The Man of the House,” a tale that draws on O’Connor’s own difficult childhood. A series of awkward encounters and humorous misunderstandings perfectly encapsulates the complicated legacy of Irish immigration in “Ghosts,” the bittersweet account of an American family’s pilgrimage to the land of their forefathers. In these and dozens of other stories, O’Connor accomplishes the miraculous, laying bare entire lives and histories in the space of a few pages. As a writer, critic, and teacher, O’Connor elevated the short story to astonishing new heights. This career-spanning anthology, epic in scope yet brimming with small moments and intimate details, is a true pleasure to read from first page to last.

Mother Love

Author: Susan Colleen Browne

Publisher: Whitethorn Press

ISBN: 0981607748

Category: Fiction

Page: 340

View: 4572

For her thirtieth birthday, Grainne wants three things: her mother's love, a baby, and her old flame Rafe Byrne—not necessarily in that order. On Rafe’s wedding day—of course he’s marrying a gorgeous, wealthy American blonde—Grainne is keen for a fresh start. Why not settle for the nice guy in the wings who’s successful, and mad about her too? Too bad the Larkin family has different plans for her: Grainne's oldest sister pressures her to leave Dublin for the quaint little village of Ballydara, to help their mother launch a B&B. Given her turbulent relationship with her mam, the last thing Grainne wants to do is live with her. But when Rafe turns up in Ballydara a free man, Grainne takes a page from her favorite fictional heroine Scarlett O’Hara and plunges into a no-holds-barred pursuit of her lifelong dream. But Grainne soon discovers that opening her heart—to Rafe, to the prospect of motherhood, and to her mother—is the biggest risk of all… Susan Colleen Browne's Village of Ballydara series includes more heartfelt Irish novels of love, friendship and family!

Fiction Writer's Workshop

Author: Josip Novakovich

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1599637227

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 368

View: 7654

Master the Elements of the Writing Workshop The great paradox of the writing life is that to be a good writer, you must be both interested in the world around you and comfortable working in solitude for hours on end. Fiction Writer's Workshop is designed to help you foster a strong sense of independence–of being and thinking on your own, of becoming self-evaluative without being self-critical–in order to accomplish what others seek in classroom groups. In this comprehensive guide, award-winning writer and teacher Josip Novakovich explores every aspect of the art of fiction and provides all the tools and techniques you'll need to develop day-to-day discipline as well as a personal writing style, such as: • More than 100 writing exercises, including dozens that are new to this edition, that challenge you to experiment with diverse writing styles • Specific statements of purpose for each exercise, to help guide you and instruct you at every step of the creative process • Self-critique questions to help you assess your work and identify strengths and weaknesses before moving on to the next lesson • The full text of eight acclaimed short stories, with analysis and exercises, to provide models for your own writing and help reinforce the lessons you've learned The practical, insightful methods offered in this workshop will clarify your voice, broaden your perspective, and strengthen your fiction."