Mr. China

Author: Tim Clissold

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1849011931

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 336

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The incredible story of a Wall Street banker who went to China with $400,000,000 and learned the hard way how (not) to do business there . . . In the early nineties, China finally opened for business and Wall Street wanted in on the act. When the investment bankers arrived from New York with their Harvard MBAs, pinstripes and tasselled loafers, ready to negotiate with the Old Cadres, the stage was set for collision. This is the true story of a tough Wall Street banker who came to China looking for glory. He teamed up with an ex-Red Guard and a Mandarin-speaking Englishman. Together, they raised over $400,000,000 and bought up factories all over China. Only as they watched those millions slide towards the abyss did they start to understand that China really doesn't play by anyone else's rules. Tim Clissold was there at the beginning of China's transformation and he's still there, doing business. In this new edition of his hugely successful book he describes just how much - and how little - has changed in China since his story began.

Mr. China's Son

Author: Liyi He

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0429974582

Category: Political Science

Page: 336

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He Liyi belongs to one of China's minorities, the Bai, and he lives in a remote area of northwestern Yunnan Province. In 1979 his wife sold her fattest pig to buy him a shortwave radio. He spent every spare moment listening to the BBC and VOA in order to improve the English he had learned at college between 1950 and 1953. For "further practice," he decided to write down his life story in English. Humorous and unfiltered by translation, his autobiography is direct and personal, full of richly descriptive images and phrases from his native Bai language. At the time of He Liyi's graduation, English was being vilified as the language of the imperialists, so the job he was assigned had nothing to do with his education. In 1958 he was labeled a rightist and sent to a "reeducation-through-labor farm." Spirited away by truck on the eve of his marriage, Mr. He spent years in the labor camp, where he schemed to garner favor from the authorities, who nevertheless shamed him publicly and told him that all his problems "belong to contradictions between the people and the enemy." After his release in 1962, the talented Mr. He had no choice but to return to his native village as a peasant. His stratagems for survival, which included stealing "nightsoil" from public toilets and extracting peach-pit oil from thousands of peaches, personify the peasant's universal struggle to endure during those difficult years. He Liyi's autobiography recounts nearly all the major events of China's recent history, including the Japanese occupation, the Communist victory over the Nationalists in 1949, Mao's disastrous Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution, the experience of the labor camps, and changes brought about by China's dramatic re-opening to the world since Deng Xiaoping came to power in 1978, No other book so poignantly reveals the travails of the common person and village life under China's tempestuous Communist government, which He Liyi ironically refers to as "Mr. China." Yet he describes his saga of poverty and hardship with humor and a surprising lack of bitterness. And rarely has there been such an intimate, frank view of how a Chinese man thinks and feels about personal relationships, revealed in dialogue and letters to his two wives. He Liyi's autobiography stands as perhaps the most readable and authentic account available in English of life in rural China. He Liyi's previous book is The Spring of Butterflies (London and New York, 1985), a translation of Chinese folk tales.

Warrior Lover Father Mercury (Silence is the Silent Killer)

Author: Alexandra Isobel

Publisher: Alexandra ISOBEL


Category: Fiction

Page: 65000

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Stories of shame can die if told to the right person in a safe place. MERCURY CARDINAL, born into violence on a native reservation then raised in the streets, has learned to control his anger issues as the captain of a special operations team within Canada's elite JTF2 unit. DARIA HILL is the cool headed daughter of a Canadian black father and widowed Korean business woman. Once, in charge of Daria's security, Mercury has learned to never let her out of his site. A relationship between them was forbidden which makes their daughter a well-guarded secret. When Daria finds out her mother bought her daughter's kidney on the black market, it unravels a mess of lies that leaves everyone reeling. Mercury is powerless when Daria relapses from the trauma of her long ago kidnapping, and Daria cannot manage Mercury's rage when his own family history painfully resurfaces. With so many scars torn open to bleed, it seems impossible for the two of them to keep going together. When things that are dead do not stay dead, and the past deeds of parents rise up to choke their children, the secret stories of shame can crush even the strongest of hearts.

Crop Breeding and Biotechnology

Author: Chander Parkash Malik,Chitra Wadhwani,Bhavneet Kaur

Publisher: Pointer Publishers

ISBN: 9788171325900

Category: Plant biotechnology

Page: 300

View: 4903

Biotechnology has revolutionized the concepts in agriculture, food, industrial feed stocks and health care in the past three decades. It has furnished techniques to enhance agricultural productivity, raise value added products and health care systems and has ensured better environments. Rapid advances in diverse areas of biotechnology have ushered tremendous new tools to affect change in agriculture, medicine and cell biology. The present volume entitled Crop Breeding and Biotechnology furnishes information on recent advances in Biotechnology. Written by leading experts it offers the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on selected topics, most sought after by researchers and students at the graduate and postgraduate level. Each chapter discusses the current status. The strength of this volume is lavishly used images, and extensive literature citation in each chapter. Certain to become the standard reference for biotechnologists, molecular biologists, breeders, applied biologists, a must for teachers and students engaged in teaching and research in plant physiology, plant breeding, crop improvement and other aspects of plant sciences, the book is the definitive source for those who are keen to remain updated with the recent advances in biotechnology pertinent to crop breeding.

Enduring Change

Author: Ju Li

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 3110630524

Category: History

Page: 203

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In Enduring Change, Ju Li explores the concrete labor and social history of one particular Third-Front industrial complex in China from the 1960s to the globalized present. By connecting the micro-historical-ethnographic research with larger structural dynamics, Li provides a vivid, in-depth, and multi-layered account of how the transformative history of the past half-century has manifested itself in this small industrial site and how several generations of workers there have lived through these turbulences.


Author: Thomas Keneally

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1444775626

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

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As the Civil War tears America apart, General Stonewall Jackson leads a troop of confederate soldiers towards the battle they believe will be a conclusive victory. Through their hopes, fears and losses, Keneally searingly conveys both the drama and mundane hardship of war, and brings to life one of the most emotive episodes in American history.