Music at Midnight

Author: Staci Layne Wilson

Publisher: Third Street Press

ISBN: 1948142686

Category: Fiction

Page: 240

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The endless lives of a Hollywood vampire couple, Ashara and Liam, are turned upside down when their daughter is kidnapped, and they are forced into a world of danger and deceit, where long-dormant family secrets begin to wake. Their search takes them from London to L.A. and Las Vegas, where they meet mysterious and strange supernatural creatures who may not be what they seem. Meanwhile, their daughter is having the time of her undead life as she falls to the allure of black magic, stardom, and evil seductions. Music at Midnight is a haunting and lyrical vampire romance, set in the music world, in the year 2000. The author, Staci Layne Wilson, is the daughter of a rock star and pin-up model. Her own travels and upbringing in the music world help weave a rich tapestry for this series.

Music at Midnight

Author: John Drury

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 014192988X

Category: Poetry

Page: 288

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George Herbert wrote, but never published, some of the very greatest English poetry, recording in an astonishing variety of forms his inner experiences of grief, recovery, hope, despair, anger, fulfilment and - above all else - love. He was born in 1593 and died at the age of 39 in 1633, before the clouds of civil war gathered, his family aristocratic and his upbringing privileged. He showed worldly ambition and seemed sure of high public office and a career at court, but then for a time 'lost himself in a humble way', devoting himself to the restoration of the church at Leighton Bromswold in Buckinghamshire and then to his parish of Bemerton, three miles from Salisbury, whose cathedral music he called 'my heaven on earth'. When in the year of his death his friend Nicholas Ferrar, leader of the quasi-monastic community at Little Gidding, published Herbert's poems under the title The Temple, his fame was quickly established. Because he published no English poems during his lifetime, and dating most of them exactly is impossible, writing Herbert's biography is an unusual challenge. In this book John Drury sets the poetry in the whole context of the poet's life and times, so that the reader can understand the frame of mind and kind of society which produced it, and depth can be added to the narrative of Herbert's life. (T.S. Eliot: 'What we can confidently believe is that every poem in the book [The Temple] is in tune to the poet's experience.') His Herbert is not the saintly figure who has come down to us from John Aubrey, but a man torn for much of his life between worldly ambition and the spiritual life shown to us so clearly through his writings. The result is the most satisfying biography of this exceptional English poet yet written.

Music at Midnight

Author: Muriel Draper

Publisher: N.A


Category: Leprosy

Page: 282

View: 1901

Scripture and the English Poetic Imagination

Author: David Lyle Jeffrey

Publisher: Baker Academic

ISBN: 1493416898

Category: Religion

Page: 240

View: 4703

The God of the Bible often speaks in poetry. Beginning with an illuminating exploration of eloquence in the divine voice, a highly acclaimed professor of literature opens up the treasury of biblical tradition among English poets both past and present, showing them to be well attuned not only to Scripture's meaning but also to its music. In exploring the work of various poets, David Lyle Jeffrey demonstrates how the poetry of the Bible affords a register of understanding in which the beauty of Holy Scripture deepens meditation on its truth and is indeed a vital part of that truth.

The Sun at Midnight: The Revealed Mysteries of the Ahlul Bayt Sufis

Author: Laurence Galian

Publisher: Kalki Mahavatar


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 800

View: 4176

This Book contains an extensive collection of Sufi wisdom gathered from the greatest Sufi masters. These Sufi masters are known as the "Awliya" [saints]. They serve Allâh and his creation while they are here on earth and from heaven. The author traveled around the globe for ten years gathering these teaching stories ["wisdom teachings"] from the Friends of Allâh who are known to the public and those who choose to remain hidden. The book also contains profound explorations and examples of the lives of the Ahlul Bayt (the five "Companions of the Mantle"): Muhammad Mustafa - The Seal of the Prophets (s.a.w.s.), Imam Ali Haydar ('Alahi Assalam), Lady Fatima tul Zehra ('Alaiha Assalam), Imam Hassan ('Alaihi Assalam), and Imam Hussain ('Alaihi Assalam), and the sixth. And finally, weaving through the book is a "book within a book" . . . a teaching tale about the "Hidden Prophet" Khezr (a.s.) who is known as the "Green Man of Sufism," a truly mysterious being who appears in the Holy Qur'an as well as numerous sacred tales passed down orally through the centuries, and told to the author personally, by some of the most renowned Sheikhs in the world. This masterwork contains 778 pages, more than 800 footnotes, plus bibliography, endnotes, and index.

Guilhermina Suggia: Cellist

Author: Anita Mercier

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351564765

Category: Music

Page: 186

View: 1909

Born in 1885 in Porto, Portugal, to a middle-class musical family, Guilhermina Suggia began playing cello at the age of five. A child prodigy, she was already a seasoned performer when she won a scholarship to study with Julius Klengel in Leipzig at the age of sixteen. Suggia lived in Paris with fellow cellist Pablo Casals for several years before World War I, in a professional and personal partnership that was as stormy as it was unconventional. When they separated Suggia moved to London, where she built a spectacularly successful solo career. Suggia's virtuosity and musicianship, along with the magnificent style and stage presence famously captured in Augustus John's portrait, made her one of the most sought-after concert artists of her day. In 1927 she married Dr Josasimiro Carteado Mena and settled down to a comfortable life divided between Portugal and England. Throughout the 1930s, Suggia remained one of the most respected musicians in Europe. She partnered on stage with many famous instrumentalists and conductors and completed numerous BBC broadcasts. The war years kept her at home in Portugal, where she focused on teaching, but she returned to England directly after the war and resumed performing. When Suggia died in 1950, her will provided for the establishment of several scholarship funds for young cellists, including England's prestigious Suggia Gift. Mercier's study of Suggia's letters and other writings reveal an intelligent, warm and generous character; an artist who was enormously dedicated, knowledgeable and self-disciplined. Suggia was one of the first women to make a career of playing the cello at a time when prejudice against women playing this traditionally 'masculine' instrument was still strong. A role model for many other musicians, she was herself a fearless pioneer.

Sunlight at Midnight, Darkness at Noon

Author: Christopher Cunningham,Hosho McCreesh

Publisher: Jason Behrends

ISBN: 0981748112


Page: 236

View: 1095

In 2002, our Nation was unsure of its future, panicked by its recent past, and struggling to come to terms with a mounting war and the ever-changing colors of terror. Through it all two poets in a newfound friendship felt it necessary to stop the chaos and share their thoughts, views, struggles, fears, frustrations, and daily triumphs with each other. Sometimes scathing and brash, sometimes vulnerable, sometimes self-assured, the conversational threads have been woven into a constant, furious tapestry covering the landscape of the American South, the desert Southwest and all the way to the cold mountains of Switzerland. These letters represent a refusal to submit and a wild shout to the heavens that art can still matter.

Language Links Pre-intermediate with Answers and Audio CD

Author: Adrian Doff,Christopher Jones

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521608695

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 276

View: 917

A unique approach combining grammar, vocabulary and phrases to give students the range of language they need to communicate effectively. To talk about money, for example, you not only need vocabulary (credit card, bill, receipt), but also verb forms (I paid, I bought, It cost) and phrases such as Can you lend me...? Can we have the bill? Special links between units direct you to related language areas. This means you can choose your own learning path through the book or you can work through the units systematically, helping you to progress at your own pace. This pre-intermediate book, with answers and audio CD, is ideal for self-study.