My House in Damascus

Author: Diana Darke

Publisher: Haus Publishing

ISBN: 1908323655

Category: History

Page: 260

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The ongoing conflict in Syria has made clear just how limited the general knowledge of Syrian society and history is in the West. For those watching the headlines and wondering what led the nation to this point, and what might come next, this book is a perfect place to start developing a deeper understanding. Based on decades of living and working in Syria, My House in Damascus offers an inside view of Syria’s cultural and complex religious and ethnic communities. Diana Darke, a fluent Arabic speaker who moved to Damascus in 2004 after decades of regular visits, details the ways that the Assad regime, and its relationship to the people, differs from the regimes in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya—and why it was thus always less likely to collapse quickly, even in the face of widespread unrest and violence. Through the author’s firsthand experiences of buying and restoring a house in the old city of Damascus, which she later offered as a sanctuary to friends, Darke presents a clear picture of the realities of life on the ground and what hope there is for Syria’s future.

A House In Damascus - Before The Fall

Author: Brian Stoddart

Publisher: ePublishing Works!

ISBN: 1614173567

Category: Fiction

Page: 300

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As Syria confronts an uncertain future, A House in Damascus seeks to balance the Western view with the lives and views of the everyday people living in the world’s oldest continuing capital city Drawn from the author's experiences occurring immediately before the 2011-2012 social and political upheaval, each story traces the Old City of Damascus and its people's present through the past, capturing the universal human element often missing from the strategic and political accounts. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Brian Stoddart is an Emeritus Professor of La Trobe University in Melbourne. Trained as a social historian, he now works as an international higher education reform consultant in countries such as Lao PDR, Cambodia, Jordan and Syria.

In the Lion's Den

Author: Andrew Tabler

Publisher: Chicago Review Press

ISBN: 1569769362

Category: History

Page: 260

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Provides a rare glimpse into the machinations of one of the world's most baffling political systems, examining what has gone wrong and how Washington should deal with this volatile Middle Eastern nation -- Publisher.

The Merchant of Syria

Author: Diana Darke

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0190874856

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 224

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The Merchant of Syria tells the life of Abu Chaker, a cloth merchant from Homs who lived from 1921 to 2013. Barely literate, he nevertheless built up a commercial empire based on trust, then lost everything twice through political instability and war, before coming to northern England as aneconomic migrant. The climax of this devout Sunni Muslim's tumultuous life was to buy and save a Yorkshire wool mill, which still serves as the headquarters of the textile manufacturing company he turned into a global brand. Standing on Little Horton Lane in Bradford, Briggella Mill continues tomanufacture the finest quality English cloth. Its looms clatter on.Drawing on interviews conducted in Syria, Lebanon and Britain, Abu Chaker's story exemplifies many of today's pressing global issues - poverty, Islamic values (he gave away a great deal to charity, albeit discreetly), religious co-existence, refugees, displacement, multiculturalism, political unrestand terrorism. One strand of the book offers the reader the vital backdrop against which his life was lived, while the other focusses on Abu Chaker himself. Diana Darke's final chapter weaves these strands together, seeking answers to a vital question: how, after seven years of war, in which half of its populationhas been displaced and the currency lost ninety per cent of its value, can Syria survive?

The Book of the Thousand and One Nights

Author: J.C Madrus,E.P Mathers

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134948751

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 656

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First Published in 1986. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Long Tale of Tears and Smiles

Author: Rana Bitar M.D.

Publisher: Global Collective Publishers

ISBN: 1734401974

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

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The Long Tale Of Tears And Smiles explores an immigrant oncologist’s journey of triumphs and struggles, from growing up in Syria, to the tragic death of her brother, to her experiences as a young immigrant medical student and trainee in the USA. Walk through her anguish witnessing the civil war in Syria and its devastation; see her become a practitioner, watching the field of oncology evolves throughout the years. This narrative-driven case study interweaves the stories of the patients Bitar has cared for with her own life stories; it reflects on how her patients’ lives and the stories of their survival or death inspired and changed her life starting and raising a family. Each patient’s approach to illness and end-of-life is as unique as they are, and each person’s journey contains unexpected lessons. In the space between life and death, Bitar’s profession thrives; and in that space, she can search for the meaning of her existence.