My Own Story

Author: Franklin Roosevelt

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351503952

Category: History

Page: 461

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This volume is in many ways Roosevelt's political autobiography. It permits Roosevelt, in his own words, to tell what he intended to do and what he tried to do as a political leader. It differs sharply from a memoir in that it explains why Roosevelt acted without offering justification or explanation. Donald Day chooses passages that reveal all Roosevelt's dimensions - his humor, personal magnetism, and his insights into the outlook of the American people.Each document reveals a stage in Roosevelt's thinking and at the same time provides the flavor of his personality. The chapters trace his development as a social and political thinker, and also as a unique personality. This unique autobiography begins on ""a very hot Saturday morning in 1910 at the policeman's picnic in Fairview when ‘I started to make the acquaintance of that part of Dutchess County that lays outside of the town of Hyde Park. …On that joyous occasion of clams and sauerkraut and real beer I made my first speech, and I have been apologizing for it ever since.""The book carries the reader through the highlights of Roosevelt's American domestic policies, foreign dangers, and his personal reflections on the best course of action in each moment of his presidency. The book ends with the last words Roosevelt ever wrote, when he was working on an address to have been delivered on Jefferson Day: ""The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today. Let us move forward with strong and active faith."" The day was April 12, 1945, the day of his death. The book remains timely and moving.

My Own Story

Author: Emmeline Pankhurst

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1504063783

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 172

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The British suffragette who led the movement to victory tells her story of tireless activism in this political memoir. One of the most influential leaders of the women’s suffrage movement, Emmeline Pankhurst developed a confrontational style of protest that would get her and her followers arrested many times before ultimately winning all women over the age of twenty-one the right to vote. Born in Manchester in 1858, Pankhurst became a dedicated suffragette at the age of fourteen. By 1927, she would run for parliament. Told in her own words, this is Pankhurst’s story of organization and outrage, hardship and hunger strikes, and her dogged determination to dismantle the many roadblocks designed to stop her and all women from claiming their freedom. This fascinating memoir is the basis for the award-winning film Suffragette, starring Meryl Streep as Emmeline Pankhurst.

Hidden in His Own Story

Author: Andrew Walton

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1532607598

Category: Religion

Page: 94

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Hidden in His Own Story is an invitation to reconsider and re-imagine both the humanity and divinity of Jesus. It is an invitation to people who are not familiar with the Bible stories and have only heard them through other sources, also to many who have rejected traditional interpretations of the stories as religious dogma, and to many people who are so steeped in the stories that they have become cliche. Even the most clever storyteller or writer of fiction can never totally disguise or deny their personal influence on the story. And most of us have had the experience of someone beginning a story with, "I know a person who . . . " when in fact that "person" is the one telling the story. Why not imagine the same when Jesus says, "Once there was a man . . . ?"

Bird Woman (Sacajawea) the Guide of Lewis and Clark: Her Own Story Now First Given to the World

Author: James Willard Schultz


ISBN: 1387013750

Category: History

Page: 107

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Bird Woman is historian James Schultz's biography of Sacajawea culled from the first-hand accounts of various elderly Native Americans who personally knew her. Schultz weaves together the key events in Sacajawea's story, from her traumatic childhood and adolescence, being captured and taken away from her home by a raiding party of Minnetaree, to her unhappy marriage to the interpreter Toussaint Charbonneau, through to her life assisting in Lewis and Clark's exploration of the Pacific Northwest.

Patricia St. John Tells Her Own Story

Author: Patricia St. John

Publisher: Kingsley Press

ISBN: 0971998337

Category: Missionaries

Page: 274

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Anyone who has read Patricia St. John's books already knows how her stories come alive, and this account of her own life is no exception. Her powers of description make the story leap from the page and the reader is transported to far off places and times; and the people and the things she describes can almost be touched, smelled and seen.Patricia was not just a gifted story-teller, though; she was also a deeply committed follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, whose spiritual journey began when she was only six years old. 'My name is Patricia, ' she prayed, 'and if You are really calling me I want to come and be Yours. ' Out of that small beginning there issued a river of life and light and blessing that went on increasing right up to the end of her life. Although she always thought of herself as 'an ordinary sort of girl' , her life was extraordinary because of her supreme love for Jesus Christ.The life portrayed here is not that of the self-conscious saint, concerned only with her own saintliness. On the contrary these pages offer us an inside view of someone utterly human, prone to mistakes and failures like the rest of us, yet suffused with the love of God and a contagious joy and peace that was like the bubbling up of a perpetual fountain.

Write Your Own Story

Author: Patti Ann Browne

Publisher: Post Hill Press

ISBN: 1637582072

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 479

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This upbeat memoir is full of the edgy humor Patti Ann Browne’s fans love. She takes an honest look at the highs and lows of her life, both on and off the air. She provides insights into the turbulent world of television news and weaves in advice for aspiring journalists, parents of preemies, working moms, and anyone trying to stay grounded in a world that increasingly values superficiality. In this entertaining and intimate memoir, the woman known by fans as “The Notorious P.A.B.” reveals why she walked away from her TV news career after three decades. Patti Ann Browne also shares funny and poignant stories of her life off camera—from how she met her husband four years after turning down a blind date with him, to her son’s near death shortly after his premature birth and how it changed her perspective on life. She chronicles life as an “Irish triplet,” and tells the dramatic story of her twin sister secretly placing a baby for adoption and being reunited with him decades later. While many books declare that you can “have it all,” Patti Ann dares to say no one can…but with flexibility and gratitude, you can come close. From local cable to MSNBC and then Fox, the #1 cable news network in America, Patti Ann describes her determination to write her own story. She resists the pressures of climbing to the top and the sacrifices that entails, ultimately choosing faith and family. From her humble upbringing in Queens to rubbing elbows daily with the world’s movers and shakers in Manhattan, Patti Ann explains how she found a way to enjoy the perks of the glamorous life of an anchor while (mostly) avoiding the pitfalls. Fiercely protective of her middle-class lifestyle, Patti Ann believes simple pleasures are life’s greatest joys. Her uplifting story is one of following your heart, owning your mistakes, living with integrity, and leaving the rest to God. Rooted in faith and optimism, it’s a redemptive tale of humility and serendipity. Patti Ann demonstrates that with hard work and a willingness to change course, we can all write a life story with a happy ending.

Holmes' Own Story

Author: JD Crighton,Herman Webster Mudgett, M.D.

Publisher: Aerobear Classics

ISBN: 1946100005

Category: History

Page: 330

View: 9956

Eighty-seven (87) restored and sourced, rare historical illustrations and photographs. A fascinating look into the mind of one of America's first serial killers. Born as Herman Webster Mudgett, H. H. Holmes was a horrific killer featured in Erik Larson's popular book, The Devil in the White City. Holmes built a three story 'Murder Castle' in Chicago in the late 1800s with death on his mind. A doctor by trade, Holmes lured unsuspecting victims into secret rooms, vaults and gas chambers and made use of a dissection table in his basement. He preyed on travelers that came to Chicago for the World Columbian Exposition in 1893 by advertising rooms for rent and offering employment opportunities. No doubt about it, Holmes earned despicable nicknames such as Arch Fiend, Butcher, Modern Bluebeard, Swindler, and Moral Degenerate. Holmes was a monster in disguise as a doctor, a perfect ruse to lure his victims. After all, who would not trust a doctor? Learn what Holmes personality and thought process was like, straight from the mind of a killer. This three-part book includes Holmes' memoir and his confession of twenty-seven murders. It also has details about his death, unusual burial, and an odd story Holmes told about his reincarnation. Notes, illustration credits, and bibliography are included.