I'm No Angel

Author: Ellen Tremper

Publisher: University of Virginia Press

ISBN: 9780813925219

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 308

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Have you ever wondered why there are so many "dumb blonde" jokes--always about women? Or how Ivanhoe's childhood love, the"flaxen Saxon" Rowena, morphed into Marilyn Monroe? Between that season in 1847 when readers encountered Becky Sharp playing the vengeful Clytemnestra--about to plunge a dagger into Agamemnon--and the sunny moment in 1932 when moviegoers watched Clark Gable plunge Jean Harlow's platinum-tressed head into a rain barrel, the playing field for women and men had leveled considerably. But how did the fairy-tale blonde, that placid, pliant girl, become the "tomato upstair," as Monroe styled herself in The Seven Year Itch? In I'm No Angel: The Blonde in Fiction and Film, Ellen Tremper shows how, at its roots, the image of the blonde was remodeled by women writers in the nineteenth century and actors in the twentieth to keep pace with the changes in real women's lives. As she demonstrates, through these novels and performances, fair hair and its traditional attributes--patience, pliancy, endurance, and innocence--suffered a deliberate alienation, which both reflected and enhanced women's personal and social freedoms essential to the evolution of modernity. From fiction to film, the active, desiring, and sometimes difficult women who disobeyed, manipulated, and thwarted their fellow characters mimicked and furthered women's growing power in the world. The author concludes with an overview of the various roles of the blonde in film from the 1960s to the present and speculates about the possible end of blond dominance. An engaging and lively read, I'm No Angel will appeal to a general audience interested in literary and cinematic representations of the blonde, as well as to scholars in Victorian, women's, and film studies.

I'm No Angel

Author: Nailah Robinson

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 1468938673

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

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Alicia really wants to do what's right, but she always seems to get it wrong. A bad girl is how she's been labeled, but that's not how she sees herself. Will she be able to get it together before it's too late?

No Angel in the Classroom

Author: Berenice Malka Fisher

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 1442211873

Category: Education

Page: 328

View: 532

Taking a fresh look at questions that have long troubled teachers committed to social change, No Angel in the Classroom provides a richly conceptualized and down-to-earth account of feminist teaching in higher education. Long-time feminist educator, Berenice Malka Fisher, gives a nuanced interpretation of second wave feminist consciousness-raising that bridges the gap between feminist activism and the academy. Candid classroom stories bring out the myths embedded in many activist ideals of the 1970s, while Fisher's informed analysis builds on these tensions, offering a complex amount of experience, emotion, thought, and action in feminist teaching.

Summary of Jay Dobyns & Nils Johnson-Shelton's No Angel

Author: Everest Media,

Publisher: Everest Media LLC

ISBN: 1669396762

Category: True Crime

Page: 56

View: 9070

Please note: This is a companion version & not the original book. Sample Book Insights: #1 I was with Timmy, and we were on our way back from killing a Mongol. We had to make sure that the victim didn’t look like he was coming back. #2 The next afternoon, Timmy, JJ, and I went to a Pizza Hut to get some food. We hadn’t seen Bobby or the other boys yet, so we wanted their tension to build. JJ’s fear was convincing and effective.

No Angel's Grace

Author: Linda Winstead

Publisher: Leisure Books

ISBN: 9780843942231

Category: Historical romance

Page: 376

View: 2463

Grace Cavanaugh is no angel as far as Dillon Becket is concerned. From the moment he had laid eyes on her, Dillon had known she was trouble. Grace doesn't belong on Dillon's ranch, but as long as the orphan is his charge, that's where they're going to stay.

No Angels in Montmartre

Author: Al Stotts

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1491713410

Category: Fiction

Page: 179

View: 7582

Born to a French mother and an American father, Étienne Campbell is a skeptical American reporter who has made his way to Paris like so many others before him — seeking inspiration to write novels. Now freed from work and a disloyal lover, he hopes to restart his life and discover whether his seemingly irrational belief that guardian angels exist is true after all. It is not long before he meets the beautiful and progressive Emma Chastel, a museum curator and the former tenant of his Left Bank apartment. She is searching for a document she left under a rug before moving out, and as the two become acquainted they find themselves involved in an unexpected romance. Meanwhile, a captivating American neighbor moves into his building. Scarlett Kennedy, who has come to Paris for a new job, graciously offers to read Étienne’s manuscript and provide feedback. While his French girlfriend reignites his passionate side, his mysterious American neighbor seems to know more about him than she should. As he becomes unwittingly immersed in French political corruption, Étienne soon discovers that Scarlett has entered his life to offer more than just friendship and proof that another world really does exist. In this fantasy novel, an American novelist living in Paris is led in a completely new direction as he discovers passion, love, and his ultimate destiny in a surprising place.

The Image of God

Author: Eleonore Stump

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0192663666

Category: Philosophy

Page: 320

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The problem of evil has generated varying attempts at theodicy. To show that suffering is defeated for a sufferer, a theodicy argues that there is an outweighing benefit which could not have been gotten without the suffering. Typically, this condition has the tacit presupposition given that this is a post-Fall world. Consequently, there is a sense in which human suffering would not be shown to be defeated even if there were a successful theodicy because a theodicy typically implies that the benefit in question could have been gotten without the suffering if there had not been a Fall. There is a part of the problem of evil that would remain, then, even if there were a successful theodicy. This is the problem of mourning: even defeated suffering in the post-Fall world merits mourning. How is this warranted mourning compatible with the existence of an omniscient, omnipotent, perfectly good God? The traditional response to this problem is the felix culpa view, which maintains that the original sin was fortunate because there is an outweighing benefit to sufferers that could not be gotten in a world without suffering. The felix culpa view presupposes an object of evaluation, namely, the true self of a human being, and a standard of evaluation for human lives. This book explores these and a variety of other topics in philosophical theology in order to explain and evaluate the role of suffering in human lives.

Heaven the First Civil War Angel Vs. Angel

Author: Darrell L. Wright

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1684715482

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 5119

What do we know of Heaven, it’s supposed to be a place of love right? It is an area that fills your heart with happiness, joyfulness and peace, a site that mankind knows by name. It’s a location where dreams come from, a place where dreams come true and a spot where dreams die. In the center of the Universe there’s a dwelling like no other, a space of pure light the only one in existence at that time. In the beginning of time..., if there is such a thing. We have to look back and understand time, we have to know time, and we have to know what time is? But something is happening in Heaven, no one knew until it was too late...War...war of the angels! In history books many people talk about how the Universe was created. Do you want to know the truth...how it all began?

Angels Among Us

Author: Marie McCluskey

Publisher: Covenant Books, Inc.

ISBN: 164471003X

Category: Fiction

Page: 102

View: 736

Have you ever felt like angels were involved in a situation in your own life? Were they visible? Did you feel their touch? How did they impact your life? Angels Among Us not only describes the different levels and tasks of angels, but it also gives account of encounters with angels in daily life. There are also people who impact our lives and they seem to be like an angel to us. There are stories and poems written about several people who impacted Marie's life. This literary work incorporates the words to the song with the same title, and it also contains excerpts from a book by a well-known author.