On Dreams

Author: William Archer

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1315312409

Category: Psychology

Page: 232

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Originally published in 1935, William Archer’s interest in dreams had persisted for over quarter of a century, for ten years of which he kept a careful record of his own dreams. These records alone form a valuable collection of material, of which Archer made good use in the writing of the book on dreams on which he was engaged at the time of his death; large parts of these dream-records are reproduced in this book. He left this book partly finished, partly in draft, and partly in the form of notes. In putting together this material the editor, Theodore Besterman, tries to carry out Archer’s intentions as closely as possible, and believed that he represented the book as he would have wished it to appear. It was unquestionably an important contribution to a difficult subject at the time, the result of many years’ study and reflection.

On Dreams and Dreaming

Author: Sudhir Kakkar

Publisher: Penguin Books India

ISBN: 0670084662

Category: Dreams

Page: 220

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Essential Papers on Dreams

Author: Melvin Lansky

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 0814750613

Category: Psychology

Page: 523

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This book provides a comprehensive exposition and appraisal of Marx's political economy, beginning with the philosophical and sociological foundations of his work and indication how his economic theory emerged from a critique of classical political economy. The authors proceed to examine in detail the theory of exploitation, capitalist development and imperialism, and pay special attention to the analysis of Marx by later social and economic theorists, including an assessment of the modern relevance of his work. The authors' position is one of critical sympathy. They share Marx's hostility to capitalism and his view of economics as a historical social science but, at the same time, they see his work as susceptible to error and in need of refinement. Serious flaws as well as important insights are revealed; nevertheless, it is argued that Marc's overall perspective provides a rational alternative to orthodox economic analysis. No prior knowledge of Marxism or of advanced economic theory is assumed, the book proceeds logically from first principles and mathematical analysis has been kept to a minimum. The Political Economy of Marx will be a valuable book for anyone concerned with understanding Marxism as a political force, particularly students, teachers and researchers in political economy. the history of economic thought, political theory and sociology.

ECK Wisdom on Dreams

Author: Harold Klemp

Publisher: ECKANKAR

ISBN: 1570434182

Category: Self-Help

Page: 90

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ECK Wisdom on Dreams can help you discover everything you need to know to get along in this life! Learn how to —remember and interpret your dreams; —reunite with departed loved ones; —get practical help in everyday life; —grow spiritually with the Light and Sound; —meet spiritual guides and Masters; —research past lives; —and much more. Try the techniques and spiritual exercises in this book to begin to understand your hidden life and experience an ancient promise renewed.

Coleridge on Dreaming

Author: Jennifer Ford

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521583160

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 256

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Explores Coleridge's writings on dreams and contemporary poetic, philosophical and scientific debates on the subject.

Working with Dreams

Author: Montague Ullman,Nan Zimmerman

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351601644

Category: Psychology

Page: 350

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Originally published in 1979, this is a dream book with an outstanding difference: it takes the interpretation of dreams out of the realm of the professionals and gives it to the ultimate expert – the dreamer. Working with Dreams stresses the uniqueness of every dream and dreamer. With anecdotes and examples from their own dream groups, the authors show how to deal with the intimacy and honesty of a dream; how to explore its meanings without distorting them; how to let a dream tell us about ourselves and add to our understanding. Dr Ullman and Mrs Zimmerman start with the question of what is in a dream – what is real and what is symbolic? – and then go on to explain what happens during sleep and the way a dream develops. They cover remembering and recording dreams and dealing with the imagery of dreams. They illustrate the many predicaments that dreams depict, the self-deceptions we practice in relation to our dreams, and then show how dream groups – whether a family or a group of strangers – can work together to uncover the meaning of dreams. And they enrich their book by discussing everything from the history of dreams to the possibilities of dreams across space and time. The result is a storehouse of information about the world of dreams.

Meditation For Dreams

Author: Stefan Zugor

Publisher: Stefan Z


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 66

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*From The Creator Of HowToLucid.com And The YouTube Channel 'Lucid Dreaming Experience' With 141K Subscribers - Revised Version 2021-2022* MEDITATION FOR BEGINNERS: Some simple techniques to get started, and a clear cut explanation for how meditation works, for dummies! It can be very confusing when you first try and meditate, so this should help you! LUCID DREAMING MEDITATION: How you can use meditation SPECIFICALLY to have more lucid dreams and more control over your dream life (and waking life). Specific meditation techniques for inducing more lucid dreams LIFE CHANGING: Meditation can literally change your life, and can help you attract more wealth, feel better and perform better physically and mentally. In fact meditation is a profound way of improving your mental health and getting your life on the right track This book was written by a lucid dreamer, to help people learn how to get started with meditation in simple, easy to follow steps. It’s meditation for beginners, and you’ll find it very easy to follow along with this. Meditation for dreams is a complete guide to using meditation techniques to feel better, sleep better, and have more lucid dreams. It’s tailored specifically for lucid dreamers, but you will still enjoy this and learn from it if you're not a lucid dreamer. Scroll up to download/order your copy now, before the price rises! Be one of the smart people using meditation to feel better and lucid dream more.

Therapy with Dreams and Nightmares

Author: Delia Cushway,Robyn Sewell

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1446247104

Category: Psychology

Page: 168

View: 1911

In this new edition of Therapy with Dreams and Nightmares, Delia Cushway continues in her pursuit to show how dreamwork is not the prerogative of expert psychoanalysts, but a fruitful therapeutic tool that can be explored by all counselors and other practitioners in the helping professions. Emphasizing the idea that dreams are the creation and belonging of the dreamer, this book is steeped in practical hints and tips, vivid case examples and methods of interpreting dream language.

New Light on Dreams

Author: Max Serog

Publisher: N.A


Category: Dreams

Page: 159

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