On the Front Line of Life

Author: Stephen Leacock

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 155002521X

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 264

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In the last years of his life, Leacock wrote informal essays blending humour with a conversational style about topics like education, literature, economics, Canada's place in the world, and the joys and sorrows of his life. These passionate, personal essays convey the message that only the human spirit can bring social justice, peace, and progress.-These essays reveal a personal Leacock, conveying the message that only the human spirit can bring social justice, peace, and progress.

Professionals on the Front Line

Author: J. Eric Fredland,Roger D. Little,Curtis L. Gilroy,W. S. Sellman

Publisher: Potomac Books Incorporated


Category: Military service, Voluntary

Page: 352

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Papers from a conference held at the U.S. Naval Academy, Sep. 15-17, 1993, which was sponsored by the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Force Management and Personnel and the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness.

Alan Bowker's Canadian Heritage 2-Book Bundle

Author: Alan Bowker

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 1459735617

Category: History

Page: 704

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In this two-book bundle, Alan Bowker sheds new light on two subjects with a surprising connection: the great Canadian writer Stephen Leacock and the rise of Canada on the world stage, which Leacock profiled with keen wit and observational skill. With Bowker as your guide, explore what it was really like to live through the great upheaval that pushed Canada to come into its own on the world stage. A Time Such as There Never Was Before Ottawa Book Award 2015 — Shortlisted The years after World War I were among the most tumultuous in Canadian history: a period of unremitting change, drama, and conflict. They were, in the words of Stephen Leacock, “a time such as there never was before.” The war had been a great crusade, and its end was supposed to bring a world made new. But the conflict had cost sixty thousand Canadian lives, with many more wounded, and had stirred up divisions in the young, diverse country. With Canada struggling to define itself, labour, farmers, business, the church, social reformers, and minorities all held extravagant hopes, irrational fears, and contradictory demands. Whose hopes would be realized, and whose dreams would end in disillusionment? Which changes would prove permanent and which would be transitory? A Time Such As There Never Was Before describes how this exciting period laid the foundation of the Canada we know today. On the Front Line of Life In the last decade of his life, Stephen Leacock turned to writing informal essays that blended humour with a conversational style and ripened wisdom to address issues he cared about most — education, literature, economics, Canada and its place in the world — and to confront the joys and sorrows of his own life. With an introduction that sets them in the context of his life, thoughts and times, these essays reveal a passionate, intelligent, personal Leacock, against a backdrop of Depression and war, finding hope and conveying the timeless message that only the human spirit can bring social justice, peace, and progress.

The Joy of Living

Author: Franklin Henry Martin

Publisher: N.A


Category: Physicians

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