One of a Kind

Author: Nolan Dalla,Peter Alson,Mike Sexton

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 074347659X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 336

View: 4539

Traces the rise and fall of poker champion Stuey Ungar, offering insight into his meteoric career as one of the game's most feared tournament players, the factors behind his tragic change of circumstances, and his early death at the age of forty-five. Reprint. 35,000 first printing.

One-of-a-Kind Production

Author: Yiliu Tu,Paul Dean

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1849965315

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 302

View: 3158

Despite the numerous competitive advantages of one-of-a-kind production (OKP), the low efficiency and high costs associated with OKP companies threaten to push their business opportunities into the hands of cheaper overseas suppliers. One-of-a-Kind Production introduces a novel strategy and technology to help OKP companies to efficiently mass-produce customized products. In One-of-a-Kind Production, case studies from OKP companies are used to validate the feasibility and effectiveness of the OKP strategy and technology. These case studies include: a structural steel construction company, a manufacturer of specifically ordered compressors and refrigeration systems, a customized high pressure vessel manufacturing company, and a custom window and door manufacturer. To help readers understand OKP strategy and technology, the authors offer a year’s free access to the OKP Management and Control Software System. This system is based on a new integrated production control and management concept, namely product production structure. It is a useful tool – and One-of-a-Kind Production is a valuable guide – for production engineers and managerial staff in manufacturing companies, as well as for university researchers and graduate students.

One of a Kind

Author: Michelle Monkou

Publisher: Kimani Press

ISBN: 0373863446

Category: Fiction

Page: 217

View: 6574

She's like no woman he's ever met… Acting CEO Dana Meadows is being groomed to one day take over her family's multimillion-dollar empire. She doesn't need a perfectionist executive coach to take her through the paces…even if he's the sexiest hunk she's ever laid eyes on. But Kent Fraser isn't taking no for an answer—in business or in pleasure. Kent's orders were clear: transform Dana into an inspirational leader who sets an example for her employees. But is the fiercely independent heiress apparent tough enough to become a media mogul? And is Kent strong enough to resist the desire that's flowing between them? A tempting passion that could turn their collaboration into a partnership for life….

One of a Kind

Author: Ashley Mallett


ISBN: 1459603648

Category: Cricket

Page: 441

View: 9225

From the moment he first stepped onto a test pitch, cricket fans around the world were dazzled by Doug Walters' red-blooded strokes, his immaculate timing and his great enjoyment of the game. But they also loved him because he refused to be a star. He drank, he smoked, he loved a punt. The boy from Dungog was one of us. In One of a Kind, the man many regard to be one of Australia's greatest batsmen ever, talks frankly with Ashley Mallett about his years in cricket, his successes and his slumps. He doesn't hold back on his thoughts about the game's administration, the pampering of modern day players and selection decisions. And he makes some bold predictions about the future of the game. Doug Walters thrilled the nation with his batting. This is his story.

One of a Kind

Author: Adam Sparks

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1606083457

Category: Religion

Page: 352

View: 7309

A fundamental requirement in an inclusivist understanding of the relationship between Christianity and other religions is evidence of God's salvific activity outside any knowledge of Christ. This is commonly identified in the religion of Old Testament Israel. On this basis an analogy (the Israel analogy) is drawn between the religion of the old covenant and contemporary non-Christian religions. Closely related is the parallel argument that as Christ has fulfilled the Old covenant, he can also be seen as the fulfillment of other religious traditions and their scriptures. This study outlines the use of the Israel analogy and the fulfillment model, subjecting these concepts to a biblical and theological critique revealing that the exegetical and patristic data are misconstrued in support of these concepts. Furthermore, the Israel analogy and the fulfillment model undermine the sui generis relationship between the old and new covenants and fail to respect the organic, progressive nature of salvation history. They also misconstrue the old covenant and the nature of its fulfillment in the new covenant. The Israel analogy and fulfillment model rely on a correspondence between the chronologically premessianic (Israel) and the epistemologically premessianic (other religions), and therefore consider the BC condition to continue today. In so doing, they undermine the significance of the Christ-event by failing to appreciate the decisive effect of this event on history and the nature of existence. It marks a radical turn in salvation history, a crisis point, rendering the BC period complete and fulfilled. Therefore the concept of a continuing premessianic condition or state is seriously flawed, as are the Israel analogy and fulfillment model. Thus the inclusivist paradigm reliant in large part on these defective concepts is also problematic, and proponents of this paradigm need to reconsider its basis.

One of a Kind

Author: Reptilian,

Publisher: Fondation Ipsen BookLab

ISBN: 2490660187

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 64

View: 5729

In the industrial group Le Plénier®, Ramona is struggling to find her place. In the hope of finally being recognized for her work as an engineer, she accepts a multi-month mission aboard an oil rig. Stuck in the middle of the sea, in the midst of unscrupulous colleagues, things are not going according to plan. Stereotypes, prejudices and insensitive comments come thick and fast... but they haven’t heard the last of her yet... ABOUT THE AUTHOR At the age of 20, Céline Gaudet decided to transform her passion for manga into a profession. She left Montreal to take courses under the direction of a Japanese manga teacher, at AAA-Ecole de Manga. She writes under the pseudonym REPTILIAN. One of a kind is her first published volume.

One Of A Kind

Author: Nicikia

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 1525582828

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 192

View: 6315

A love story spanning thirty years. A woman dedicated to her faith. A forbidden love with an uncertain destiny. Meeting as teenagers, Nicikia and C.J. had an instant connection. A precious and monumental friendship was established in the school hallways when the teenagers needed each other the most. Though their chemistry was undeniable, they went their separate ways, experiencing love and relationships with other people. But there was something that drew Nicikia and C.J. back together time and again. The road to one another was rocky and difficult to navigate. Nicikia had to wrestle with what God was guiding her to do against outside influences, which made her question her faith. She chose to believe in herself and trust that the messages from God were leading her in the right direction. One of a Kind is a memoir written with honesty and candor as the reader follows the ups and downs in this tumultuous relationship. It is also a story about faith and one woman’s quest to become the best version of herself.

One of a Kind

Author: Ariel S. Winter

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1442453087

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 7622

In this wry and witty picture book, an only child learns that in a classroom of multiples, individuality can be awesome. All the kids in Lysander Singleton’s class are either twins or triplets, which means Lysander Singleton is the only “only child” at Twin Oaks Elementary. He tries to do what he can to fit in—making photocopies of himself, or attempting to play games with the other kids—though his efforts are usually met with unfortunate results. But when it comes time for the schoolwide Twindividuation competition, a series of events meant to encourage individuality, Lysander quickly realizes that being the only “only child” does have its advantages—and that being unique isn’t such a bad thing after all.

One of a Kind Solos, Book 4

Author: Wynn-Anne Rossi

Publisher: Alfred Music

ISBN: 1470621983

Category: Music

Page: 24

View: 3480

One of a Kind Solos represent a very personal journey with music. Some pieces reveal a quirky, playful side. Others delve into the mysterious, exhilarating, or beautiful. Throughout the series, you will discover musical surprises, from humorous lyrics and unusual modes to odd meters and interpretative challenges. The adventure of self-discovery that allows you to be yourself is one of the best things about music. It is hoped that these pieces will guide you in your own voyage to being one of a kind! Titles: * Asymmetry * Featherweight Waltz * Variations on a Feeling * Warrior's Vow * Forget-Me-Not * Jazz Train * Ancient Ruins * Ups and Downs

One of a Kind Solos, Book 2

Author: Wynn-Anne Rossi

Publisher: Alfred Music

ISBN: 1470621967

Category: Music

Page: 24

View: 8073

One of a Kind Solos represent a very personal journey with music. Some pieces reveal a quirky, playful side. Others delve into the mysterious, exhilarating, or beautiful. Throughout the series, you will discover musical surprises, from humorous lyrics and unusual modes to odd meters and interpretative challenges. The adventure of self-discovery that allows you to be yourself is one of the best things about music. It is hoped that these pieces will guide you in your own voyage to being "one of a kind!" Titles: * Bold Attitude * In a Hurry! * Peace Sign * Perilous Journey * Labradoodle * Swirling Leaves * Brazilian Beach * Castle in the Air * A Wild Chase * Marathon!