One Up on Wall Street

Author: Peter S. Lynch,John Rothchild

Publisher: Penguin Group USA

ISBN: 9780140127928

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 326

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Describes the investment philosophy and investment criteria of the former manager of Fidelity Magellan Fund, which produced stellar investment results for many years.

One Up On Wall Street

Author: Peter Lynch

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1439126151

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 304

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More than one million copies have been sold of this seminal book on investing in which legendary mutual-fund manager Peter Lynch explains the advantages that average investors have over professionals and how they can use these advantages to achieve financial success. America’s most successful money manager tells how average investors can beat the pros by using what they know. According to Lynch, investment opportunities are everywhere. From the supermarket to the workplace, we encounter products and services all day long. By paying attention to the best ones, we can find companies in which to invest before the professional analysts discover them. When investors get in early, they can find the “tenbaggers,” the stocks that appreciate tenfold from the initial investment. A few tenbaggers will turn an average stock portfolio into a star performer. Lynch offers easy-to-follow advice for sorting out the long shots from the no-shots by reviewing a company’s financial statements and knowing which numbers really count. He offers guidelines for investing in cyclical, turnaround, and fast-growing companies. As long as you invest for the long term, Lynch says, your portfolio can reward you. This timeless advice has made One Up on Wall Street a #1 bestseller and a classic book of investment know-how.

Capital Compounders

Author: Robin Speziale

Publisher: Robin R. Speziale

ISBN: 1720210802

Category: Finance, Personal

Page: 289

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FROM NATIONAL BESTSELLING AUTHOR ROBIN R. SPEZIALE – LEARN HOW TO MAKE MONEY INVESTING IN GROWTH STOCKS In Capital Compounders, DIY Investor & National Bestselling Author Robin R. Speziale makes it easy for anyone to beat the market and make money investing in growth stocks! Robin R. Speziale shares his journey building a $300,000+ stock portfolio before 30 (and how you can too!) by investing in growth stocks or “Capital Compounders” – stocks that double, and then double again, and again on the market. Capital Compounder stocks have achieved the “tenbagger” ($1 turns into $10), and some even the “100-bagger” ($1 turns into $100) status. Mr. Speziale discusses the commonalities of today’s market-beating growth stocks so that you can find the next ones in the future. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN THE BOOK: How you can turn $0 into $300,000 (and more) by saving, and then investing in growth stocksWhy growth investing is better than value investingWhat top growth stocks (“Capital Compounders”) have in common72 Rules for investing stocks; winning in the market, and managing a portfolioActual examples of tenbagger (10x return) and 100-bagger (100x return) stocks75+ events, and corporate developments that move stocksHow a hedge fund manager achieved a 24% compound annual return (since 1998!)50+ predictions for the futureExclusive interviews with a small-cap technology analyst, and a growth hedge fund managerHow to decode market psychology, and control your own behavioural biasesGrowth investing strategies from the world's top growth investorsDaily routine – how to stay on top of the stock market, and find new growth ideas100+ Free DIY investor resources (all of my favourites!)PLUS – FREE Investment Newsletter Subscription (inside the book) Capital Compounders is for both budding and seasoned investors. It’s entertaining (because finance can be dry), and includes lots of easy-to-learn tips and strategies on growth investing that you can apply in the stock market. Robin R. Speziale is a DIY Investor and Globe and Mail National Bestselling Author; Market Masters (2016). He's been investing in the stock market since 2005, and built a $300,000+ portfolio before 30. Mr. Speziale lives in Toronto, Ontario. Visit and email Robin – [email protected]

Investing in One Lesson

Author: Mark Skousen

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1596985445

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 194

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Why are the smartest, most successful professionals so often failures when it comes to investing? Can stock prices really be so illogical that even doctors and lawyers can't figure them out? Ultimately, is it possible for anyone to decipher the financial markets? Fortunately, the answer is yes. In Investing In One Lesson, investment guru Mark Skousen clearly and convincingly reveals the reasons for the seemingly perverse, unpredictable nature of the stock market. Drawing upon his decades of experience as an investment advisor, writer, and professor, Dr. Skousen explains in one spirited, easy-to-follow lesson why stock prices fluctuate with such apparent irrationality.

Share Market - Be a beginner to expert


Publisher: Dev Choudhary


Category: Business & Economics

Page: N.A

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Compalsary for New trader's. All about share market The need to invest Stock market regulators Financial intermediaries The IPO Index Else. What is technical analysis ? The chart types. What is candle? Candlesticks pattern All about trading technicals. series 1 to 8- all in one. be a pre beginner to - beginner - intermediate - to expert. helping by one book.

QFINANCE: The Ultimate Resource, 4th edition

Author: Bloomsbury Publishing

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 184930064X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 2208

View: 5030

QFINANCE: The Ultimate Resource (4th edition) offers both practical and thought-provoking articles for the finance practitioner, written by leading experts from the markets and academia. The coverage is expansive and in-depth, with key themes which include balance sheets and cash flow, regulation, investment, governance, reputation management, and Islamic finance encompassed in over 250 best practice and thought leadership articles. This edition will also comprise key perspectives on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors -- essential for understanding the long-term sustainability of a company, whether you are an investor or a corporate strategist. Also included: Checklists: more than 250 practical guides and solutions to daily financial challenges; Finance Information Sources: 200+ pages spanning 65 finance areas; International Financial Information: up-to-date country and industry data; Management Library: over 130 summaries of the most popular finance titles; Finance Thinkers: 50 biographies covering their work and life; Quotations and Dictionary.

Value Investing in Growth Companies

Author: Rusmin Ang,Victor Chng

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118567986

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 200

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How to apply the value investing model to today's high-growth Asian companies This revised edition of Value Investing in Growth Companies serves as a step-by-step guide that lets investors combine the value investing and growth investing models to find excellent investment opportunities in emerging Asian companies. Though these two investing styles are very different, the authors' proprietary "jigsaw puzzle" model integrates them into a holistic investing approach that will help readers enjoy the kind of extraordinary results that investors like Warren Buffett or Peter Lynch built their fortunes on. This model focuses on four vital criteria that, when combined, pinpoint excellent companies in which to invest. Those criteria are: simple business models, quality management, healthy financial numbers, and accurate valuation. This book shows investors how to find growth companies in Asia that combine these four criteria for nearly surefire profits. Offers a sensible and stress-free investing strategy that is ideal for anyone looking for investment opportunities in fast-growing Asian countries This revised edition includes new case studies focused specifically on Asian companies and their unique characteristics Perfect for investors who want to focus on high-growth, small-cap companies that offer excellent potential returns

Take Stock

Author: Ellis Traub

Publisher: Dearborn Trade Publishing

ISBN: 9780793141494

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 268

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Most people would like to find a way to double their money every five years without risky investments, endless research, stock trading and taxes on the trades. Ellis Traub will show you how. Making investing fun and simple, he shows investors a proven system for acquiring wealth through the process of investing in companies. True investors view stocks as they were intended, as part ownership of the companies. Over the long term, they expect their stock to grow in value, year after year, as their companies increase their earnings. Beginning investors can invest in individual companies - profitably and wisely - using the interactive, step-by-step process outlined in Take Stock: A Roadmap to Profiting from Your First Walk Down Wall Street.

The Zulu Principle

Author: Jim Slater

Publisher: Harriman House Limited

ISBN: 085719092X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 322

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Jim Slater's classic text made available once more Jim Slater makes available to the investor - whether the owner of only a few shares or an experienced investment manager with a large portfolio - the secrets of his success. Central to his strategy is The Zulu Principle, the benefits of homing in on a relatively narrow area. Deftly blending anecdote and analysis, Jim Slater gives valuable selective criteria for buying dynamic growth shares, turnarounds, cyclicals, shells and leading shares. He also covers many other vitally relevant aspects of investment such as creative accounting, portfolio management, overseas markets and the investor's relationship with his or her broker. From The Zulu Principle you will learn exactly when to buy shares and, even more important, when to sell - in essence, how to to make 'extraordinary profits from ordinary shares'.