Statistical Physics of Spin Glasses and Information Processing

Author: Hidetoshi Nishimori

Publisher: Clarendon Press

ISBN: 9780198509417

Category: Computers

Page: 243

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A number of new analytical techniques have been developed to establish a theory of spin glasses. This book provides a broad overview of the interdisciplinary field between statistical physics and information sciences/engineering.

Handbook of Spin Transport and Magnetism

Author: Evgeny Y. Tsymbal,Igor Zutic

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1439803781

Category: Science

Page: 808

View: 7096

In the past several decades, the research on spin transport and magnetism has led to remarkable scientific and technological breakthroughs, including Albert Fert and Peter Grunberg's Nobel Prize-winning discovery of giant magnetoresistance (GMR) in magnetic metallic multilayers. Handbook of Spin Transport and Magnetism provides a comprehensive, bal

Spin Ice

Author: Masafumi Udagawa,Ludovic Jaubert

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 3030708608

Category: Science

Page: 484

View: 1075

This book deals with a new class of magnetic materials, spin ice. Spin ice has become the canonical example of modern frustrated magnetism where competing interactions between spins set the rules for an emergent magnetostatic gauge field theory. Excitations take the form of magnetic monopoles or can condense via a Higgs mechanism. Beyond classical spin ice, the book describes the new physics emerging when quantum coherence (spin liquids, photon-like excitations) and itinerant electrons (anomalous Hall effect) are included in artificial systems. This first book dedicated to spin ice is a review of the current understanding of the field, both on the theoretical and experimental levels, written by leading experts. The book is written in a linear way with very few prerequisites. It also contains textbook-like descriptions of theoretical methods to help advanced students and researchers to enter the field.

Principles of Condensed Matter Physics

Author: P. M. Chaikin,T. C. Lubensky

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521794503

Category: Science

Page: 699

View: 6019

This successful and widely-reviewed book covering the physics of condensed matter systems is now available in paperback.

Quantum Theory: A Two-Time Success Story

Author: Daniele C. Struppa,Jeffrey M. Tollaksen

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 8847052173

Category: Science

Page: 406

View: 4105

Yakir Aharonov is one of the leading figures in the foundations of quantum physics. His contributions range from the celebrated Aharonov-Bohm effect (1959), to the more recent theory of weak measurements (whose experimental confirmations were recently ranked as the two most important results of physics in 2011). This volume will contain 27 original articles, contributed by the most important names in quantum physics, in honor of Aharonov's 80-th birthday. Sections include "Quantum mechanics and reality," with contributions from Nobel Laureates David Gross and Sir Anthony Leggett and Yakir Aharonov, S. Popescu and J. Tollaksen; "Building blocks of Nature" with contributions from Francois Englert (co-proposer of the scalar boson along with Peter Higgs); "Time and Cosmology" with contributions from Leonard Susskind, P.C.W. Davies and James Hartle; "Universe as a Wavefunction," with contributions from Phil Pearle, Sean Carroll and David Albert; "Nonlocality," with contributions from Nicolas Gisin, Daniel Rohrlich, Ray Chiao and Lev Vaidman; and finishing with multiple sections on weak values with contributions from A. Jordan, A. Botero, A.D. Parks, L. Johansen, F. Colombo, I. Sabadini, D.C. Struppa, M.V. Berry, B. Reznik, N. Turok, G.A.D. Briggs, Y. Gefen, P. Kwiat, and A. Pines, among others.

Field Theory, The Renormalization Group, And Critical Phenomena: Graphs To Computers (3rd Edition)

Author: Daniel J Amit,Victor Martin-mayor

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company

ISBN: 9813102071

Category: Science

Page: 568

View: 4430

This volume links field theory methods and concepts from particle physics with those in critical phenomena and statistical mechanics, the development starting from the latter point of view. Rigor and lengthy proofs are trimmed by using the phenomenological framework of graphs, power counting, etc., and field theoretic methods with emphasis on renormalization group techniques. Non-perturbative methods and numerical simulations are introduced in this new edition. Abundant references to research literature complement this matter-of-fact approach. The book introduces quantum field theory to those already grounded in the concepts of statistical mechanics and advanced quantum theory, with sufficient exercises in each chapter for use as a textbook in a one-semester graduate course.The following new chapters are included:I. Real Space MethodsII. Finite Size ScalingIII. Monte Carlo Methods. Numerical Field Theory

Fractal Concepts in Condensed Matter Physics

Author: Tsuneyoshi Nakayama,Kousuke Yakubo

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3662051931

Category: Science

Page: 210

View: 1673

Concisely and clearly written by two foremost scientists, this book provides a self-contained introduction to the basic concepts of fractals and demonstrates their use in a range of topics. The authors’ unified description of different dynamic problems makes the book extremely accessible.

Spin Physics in Semiconductors

Author: Mikhail I. Dyakonov

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3540788204

Category: Science

Page: 442

View: 4936

The purpose of this collective book is to present a non-exhaustive survey of sp- related phenomena in semiconductors with a focus on recent research. In some sense it may be regarded as an updated version of theOpticalOrientation book, which was entirely devoted to spin physics in bulk semiconductors. During the 24 years that have elapsed, we have witnessed, on the one hand, an extraordinary development in the wonderful semiconductor physics in two dim- sions with the accompanying revolutionary applications. On the other hand, during the last maybe 15 years there was a strong revival in the interest in spin phen- ena, in particular in low-dimensional semiconductor structures. While in the 1970s and 1980s the entire world population of researchers in the ?eld never exceeded 20 persons, now it can be counted by the hundreds and the number of publications by the thousands. This explosive growth is stimulated, to a large extent, by the hopes that the electron and/or nuclear spins in a semiconductor will help to accomplish the dream of factorizing large numbers by quantum computing and eventually to develop a new spin-based electronics, or “spintronics”. Whether any of this will happen or not, still remains to be seen. Anyway, these ideas have resulted in a large body of interesting and exciting research, which is a good thing by itself. The ?eld of spin physics in semiconductors is extremely rich and interesting with many spectacular effects in optics and transport.

Spintronics Handbook, Second Edition: Spin Transport and Magnetism

Author: Evgeny Y. Tsymbal,Igor Žutić

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 0429784376

Category: Science

Page: 614

View: 7846

The second edition offers an update on the single most comprehensive survey of the two intertwined fields of spintronics and magnetism, covering the diverse array of materials and structures, including silicon, organic semiconductors, carbon nanotubes, graphene, and engineered nanostructures. It focuses on seminal pioneering work, together with the latest in cutting-edge advances, notably extended discussion of two-dimensional materials beyond graphene, topological insulators, skyrmions, and molecular spintronics. The main sections cover physical phenomena, spin-dependent tunneling, control of spin and magnetism in semiconductors, and spin-based applications.