Children of the Wind

Author: Ed Sundt

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1479741965

Category: Fiction

Page: 212

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On a scorching, dusty road in south-central Illinois in the late 1930's, Doc finds Cully, eleven, running from his father's death in the fields. He takes Cully in, as he had taken in other stray creatures, and teaches him the life of a rural veterinarian. Thus the boy gains an understanding that death, a commonplace in nature's cycle, reaches animals and people, young and old, by accident or intent. One day a letter from Connecticut, three-months delayed, arrives for the boy Cully from the mother who had abandoned him two years earlier. The letter, an old out-of-tune piano, a curling photograph, and some names buried deep in his vanished youth draw Doc with Cully eastward on the National Road, Cully toward his future and Doc toward his forgotten youth. With quiet, poetic force, the journal-told story emerges like the gradual focusing of an old stereopticon, the two pictures blending to reveal an unsuspected three-dimensional depth as the lost boy searches for his mother and Doc tries to piece together a repressed and catastrophic past. Cully and Doc's odyssey of discovery is steeped in knowledge of and love for the land across which they journey. It is a true American myth, yet it reverberates with echoes of the Arthurian legend, of Henry Hudson, of the orphan trains, of traumatic conflagrations, and of the dying rooms where waifs' bodies are sold for cash. The dramatic and surprising ending is at once a tearful defeat and a smile-producing victory.

The 4th Michigan Infantry in the Civil War

Author: Martin N. Bertera,Kim Crawford

Publisher: MSU Press

ISBN: 1628951397

Category: History

Page: 434

View: 3775

This fascinating narrative tells the story of a remarkable regiment at the center of Civil War history. The real-life adventure emerges from accounts of scores of soldiers who served in the 4th Michigan Infantry, gleaned from their diaries, letters, and memoirs; the reports of their officers and commanders; the stories by journalists who covered them; and the recollections of the Confederates who fought against them. The book includes tales of life in camp, portraying the Michigan soldiers as everyday people—recounting their practical jokes, illnesses, political views, personality conflicts, comradeship, and courage. The book also tells the true story of what happened to Colonel Harrison Jeffords and the 4th Michigan when the regiment marched into John Rose's wheat field on a sweltering early July evening at Gettysburg. Beyond the myths and romanticized newspaper stories, this account presents the historical evidence of Jeffords's heroic, yet tragic, hand-to-hand struggle for his regiment's U.S. flag.

The 3Rd Rise

Author: Frank E. Mabry

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1477274413

Category: Fiction

Page: 930

View: 9439

The demon Saul has broken the seal that had held his army trapped inside. The God of War has returned to lead the heroes of the past and the men of the future against the Army that threatens to sweep across the world. But before they can do anything else they must fight the dead.

Tales From the Afterlife

Author: Fiona Bowie

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 1846947596

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 83

View: 8089

Tales From the Afterlife takes the reader on an imaginative journey through death to the life that awaits us all on the other side. Our beliefs thoughts and expectations have a powerful influence on the ease with which we make that transition although help and guidance is always on hand. The ten scenarios presented here present a coherent and remarkably consistent picture of the non physical world. The result is a powerful affirmation that consciousness survives the death of the physical body and that the meaning and purpose of live is to grow in love.