The Moon and Other Failures

Author: Franklin D. Reeve

Publisher: MSU Press


Category: Poetry

Page: 65

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The Moon and Other Failures presents two dozen new lyrics and a long dramatic narrative by F. D. Reeve, winner of the Golden Rose for lifelong poetic achievement. Reeve is a thinking-person's poet-meditative, weaving memories, mythic figures, personal reflections, and natural observances to arrive at larger truths. The short poems range from the elegiac "Village Graveyard" and philosophical "Coasting," a poem of almost perfect proportions, to such love poems as "Voices," and the witty "Telephone." Some of the poems express the sadness of irrecoverable loss; some the inevitability; and some rejoice in consequent rebirth and renewal. Repeatedly, throughout the book, the past is brought up against the present, this world against the next, the particular against the general.

Temple Bar

Author: George Augustus Sala,Edmund Yates

Publisher: N.A


Category: Periodicals

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Paris and Other Disappointments

Author: Adam Rozenbachs

Publisher: Random House Australia

ISBN: 014379339X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

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Sick of going overseas and enjoying himself, comedian Adam Rozenbachs decided he should take his father on the trip of a lifetime to Europe. For his dad, it was a chance to return to the place he hasn't seen fleeing post-war Germany as an immigrant. For Adam, it was a chance to repay his dad for everything he'd given him in life. As it turned out, after three weeks of travel, Adam decided not killing his dad was more than enough repayment. The trip took frustration to a whole new level as Adam discovered his dad doesn't like museums, galleries, landmarks, travelling, or Paris. God, he hated Paris. But amid the irritation of travelling with an adult toddler (an adoddler), Adam learned - through gritted teeth - more about his dad, his family and himself. If you've ever travelled with family, are considering it, or would never even dream of it, you will identify with the pain, pressure and triumph of Adam making it out alive (and with a hint of sanity left). Paris and Other Disappointments is a hilarious memoir about fathers and sons, and the joys and challenges of travel, from one of Australia's most talented comedians.

Music and Ceremony at Notre Dame of Paris, 500-1550

Author: Craig Wright

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521088343

Category: Music

Page: 400

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This book is a history of the early musical life of the Parisian cathedral of Notre Dame. All aspects of the musical establishment of Notre Dame are covered, from Merovingian times to the period of the wars of religion in France. Nine discrete essays discuss the history of Parisian chant and liturgy and the pattern and structure of the cathedral services in the late Middle Ages; Notre Dame polyphony and the composers most closely associated with the cathedral, among them Leoninus, Perotinus and Philippe de Vitry; the organ and its repertoire; the choir, the musical education and performing traditions; and the relationship of the cathedral to the court.

Greek Vase-Painting and the Origins of Visual Humour

Author: Alexandre G. Mitchell

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107728894

Category: Art

Page: 398

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This book is a comprehensive study of visual humour in ancient Greece, with special emphasis on works created in Athens and Boeotia. Alexandre G. Mitchell brings an interdisciplinary approach to this topic, combining theories and methods of art history, archaeology and classics with the anthropology of humour, and thereby establishing new ways of looking at art and visual humour in particular. Understanding what visual humour was to the ancients and how it functioned as a tool of social cohesion is only one facet of this study. Mitchell also focuses on the social truths that his study of humour unveils: democracy and freedom of expression; politics and religion; Greek vases and trends in fashion; market-driven production; proper and improper behaviour; popular versus elite culture; carnival in situ; and the place of women, foreigners, workers and labourers within the Greek city. Richly illustrated with more than 140 drawings and photographs, this study amply documents the comic representations that formed an important part of ancient Greek visual language from the sixth to the fourth centuries BC.