Pipe Dreams

Author: Raviraj Mishra

Publisher: Notion Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 198

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Pipe Dreams is narrative poetry about the story of a boy who, amid his anxious and overthinking phase of life, gives love yet another chance, wishing for a happy ending. Love on the other hand needs more than one chance and still can’t guarantee peace. The story revolves around the conversations of the boy with his talking mind and heart – literally; the girl he meets, who claims to have fallen in love with him, only to leave him on the first day of the relationship. But, as already pointed out, love is all about second chances, and it still can’t guarantee peace. For him, love doesn’t play partially either. The story entails the reasons for his depressive states and the decision of moving on and finally, finding his name.

Pipe Dreams

Author: Chelsea Wald

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1982116226

Category: Science

Page: 304

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From an award-winning science journalist, a “deeply researched, entertaining, and impassioned exploration of sanitation” (Nature) and the future of the toilet—for fans of popular science bestsellers by Mary Roach. Most of us do not give much thought to the centerpiece of our bathrooms, but the toilet is an unexpected paradox. On the one hand, it is a modern miracle: a ubiquitous fixture in a vast sanitation system that has helped add decades to the human life span by reducing disease. On the other hand, the toilet is also a tragic failure: less than half of the world’s population can access a toilet that safely manages body waste, including many right here in the United States. And it is inefficient, squandering clean water as well as the nutrients, energy, and information contained in the stuff we flush away. While we see radical technological change in almost every other aspect of our lives, we remain stuck in a sanitation status quo—in part because the topic of toilets is taboo. Fortunately, there’s hope—and Pipe Dreams daringly profiles the growing army of sewage-savvy scientists, engineers, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and activists worldwide who are overcoming their aversions and focusing their formidable skills on making toilets accessible and healthier for all. This potential revolution in sanitation has many benefits, including reducing inequalities, mitigating climate change and water scarcity, improving agriculture, and optimizing health. Author Chelsea Wald takes us on a wild world tour from a compost toilet project in Haiti, to a plant in the Netherlands that salvages used toilet paper from sewage, and shows us a toilet seat that can watch users’ poop for signs of illness, among many other fascinating developments. “Toilet humor is one thing, but toilet fact, as digested by skilled science writer Wald, is quite another…[Pipe Dreams is] a highly informative, well-reasoned call to rethink the throne” (Kirkus Reviews).

Pipe Dreams

Author: Ashantay Peters

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Inc

ISBN: 1628308370

Category: Fiction

Page: 244

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Abigail Stephens left her past behind or did she? When she moved to Blue Peak, she expected to find sanctuary and a new start. Instead, her new home includes a hippie, a ghost with a mission, and a sexy coffee house owner who undermines her plans. Carlos Young quit teaching when his fiancée left him for another professor. He’s avoided dating, but his mother’s demand for grandchildren is unceasing and more attractive once he meets Abby. She resists his overtures...for now. Can an intrusive mother, a reticent ghost, and a run-down house bring Abby and Carlos together or will they continue to live pipe dreams?

Pipe Dreams

Author: Sarina Bowen

Publisher: Rennie Road Books

ISBN: 1942444249

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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Pipe Dreams

Author: Anna McGrath,John Fones McGrath

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595204597

Category: Fiction

Page: 707

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Professor Bill Thayer's solution to world energy problems takes him from underground caves to exotic places through Baptism by Fire into the world of BIG Business and International Manipulations.

Pipe Dreams

Author: Maya K. Peterson

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1108475477

Category: History

Page: 399

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A long environmental history of the Aral Sea region, focusing on colonization and development in Russian and Soviet Central Asia.

Pipe Dreams

Author: Keith Westmacott

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1847535593

Category: Fiction

Page: 524

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Philip Westmann's entire life has been predictable and uneventful up until now. Suddenly, aged forty-nine and single, he finds himself without a job, lots of money and nowhere to go. He returns to Brazil and at the invitation of Cesar Santos, a former colleague, he agrees to become a consultant for him and persuade the Presidents of Brazil and Argentina to join forces with the President of Venezuela to construct oil and gas pipelines from Caracas to Tierra del Fuego.Unknown to Philip, one of Cesar's partners, a Ukrainian billionaire, Sergei Petrov, is wanted by the FBI for fraudulent share dealing on the New York Stock Exchange. Philip unwittingly becomes a mole for the CIA and matters are further complicated when he and Cesar's wife, the beautiful Gabriella fall in love and have an affair...

Pipe Dreams

Author: Teresa D. Patterson

Publisher: Teresa D Patterson

ISBN: 1499133944

Category: Fiction

Page: 318

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Sometimes, life doesn’t deliver a happily ever after… In Pipe Dreams two urban youth get pulled into the drug game. One leaves it alone forever, but the other is lured back because of the fast money and material possessions that seem to come so easily. In this story, you will witness how the greed for money will sever a friendship and see how fast pipe dreams quickly turn into nightmares.

Pipe Dreams

Author: Jean D. Minton

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 059531192X

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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A modern depiction of the Faust legend set in New York City in the 60s, Pipe Dreams concerns a young singer's obsession with a Broadway career. His dreams of success, however, lead him to stray into a series of compromises that prove disastrous and precipitate his 'pact with the Devil' and his sacrifice of the gifted young ballet dancer whom he loves. In the startling climax, he is forced to reexamine his values and those of the society that shaped him, as well as his understanding of what constitutes success.

Memories in a Pipe Dream

Author: Robert Riddlebarger

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 0359294065


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