The Private Lives of Pippa Lee

Author: Rebecca Miller

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 1429941618

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

View: 1227

At fifty, Pippa Lee seems just fine. The devoted wife of a brilliant publisher thirty years her senior, the proud mother of successful twins, and a lovely and adored friend and neighbor, she seems to glow with feminine serenity. But when her husband spontaneously decides they should cast off Gramercy Park for Marigold Village retirement home as a "preemptive strike against his decrepitude," Pippa finds her beatific persona unraveling in alarming ways: the truth is that the gracious woman of the present day has seen more than her fair share of the wild side. By seventeen, Pippa had lived with a Dexedrine-addicted mother, felt the first stirrings of sexuality with a school girlfriend, had an affair with a teacher, and run away from home, set adrift on a course littered with broken hearts—until she seemingly found love and security in a family of her own. And now that established world, too, is in danger. In Pippa Lee we have an unforgettable heroine, and a quirky and acutely intelligent portrait of the many lives behind a single name. Even after we've read it, The Private Lives of Pippa Lee is a story that is still unfurling.


Author: Annie Seaton

Publisher: ASA


Category: Fiction

Page: 168

View: 9835

From best selling author, Annie Seaton, a beautiful series about female friendship, and the unbreakable bond that sees friends stay together through the ups and downs of life. Pentecost Island... where romance entices and secrets unfold. Spend a month on Pentecost Island and experience an amazing adventure between six friends, the challenges they face, the past threatening to come between them, and their enduring friendship as they start up a new resort. When Pippa Carmichael inherits a house on a deserted tropical island, it couldn’t have come at a better time for her. Life’s been tough lately; she’s lost her job, given her boyfriend the flick, and now it’s time for her to make a new start. With her two best friends, Pippa heads off to Pentecost Island to investigate her inheritance and is surprised to find there is another resident on the island. Reclusive author, Rafe Rendell, is not impressed when a boatload of women turns up on his island, interrupting his peaceful existence. He is less impressed when he meets Pippa, the sassy new owner of Ma Carmichael’s sprawling house. ​​​​​​​Can these two live in harmony on the same small island, or is Pippa's dream destined to fail?


Author: Pippa O'Connor

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0241977495

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 288

View: 2094

Pippa O'Connor's easy style and approachability have won her a huge and loyal following. Now Pippa shares her top tips and insights for how to live well, look good and feel great. 'The older I've become, the more confident I am in my own skin. I don't follow trends that I know won't suit me and I've learned to make the best of what I have. 'This book is about sharing everything I've learned along the way. It's full of useful information - such as how to put on a face in ten minutes, the essential items every woman needs in her wardrobe, what to wear to a wedding, how to travel in style (and with kids!), easy ways to create a beautiful home and how to be the perfect hostess. 'To me, anybody can be stylish, regardless of money, age or body shape. You don't need to spend a fortune to look and feel fabulous - far from it. Style is about using your imagination and feeling confident.' Pippa - Simple Tips to Live Beautifully is stuffed with practical tips and inspirational advice and is the book for everyone, aged 16 or 60, who wants to discover their own personal style and to build the confidence to celebrate it.

The Pippa Guide

Author: Pippa O'Connor Ormond

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 1844884740

Category: Self-Help

Page: 272

View: 1737

"I think anyone can do anything they want to do. I really believe that." Style icon and savvy businesswoman Pippa O'Connor Ormond believes that anything is achievable if you put your mind to it. In this honest and revealing guide to modern life, Pippa shares some of her personal moments, experiences and life lessons that have shaped her into the person she is today. From excelling at work, to making your house a home, styling your wardrobe and perfecting your beauty routine, nurturing family and friendships while promoting self-care, Pippa will reveal her most valuable tips for bringing positivity and happiness into your life. "I'm always practising gratitude. No matter what you have in life, once you are grateful for it, it manifests more. 100%."

Positively Pippa

Author: Sarah Hegger

Publisher: Zebra Books

ISBN: 1420142445

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 6299

“Sarah Hegger's voice is rich and witty and in a word, addictive.” --Terri Osburn From author Sarah Hegger comes an exciting new series set in small-town Utah, where secrets don’t keep for long—and love turns up in the most unexpected places. For Pippa Turner there’s only one place to go when her life self-destructs on national TV—home to Ghost Falls, and her heavily perfumed, overly dramatic, but supremely loving grandmother, Philomene. If anyone will understand how Pippa’s hit makeover show was sabotaged by her vengeful ex, it’s Phi. But she’s not the only one who’s happy to see her—and Pippa can’t help but wonder if Matt Evans, her gorgeous high-school crush turned Phi’s contractor, is game for a steamy close-up... Matt owes his whole career to Phi and her constant demands to embellish the gothically ridiculous house he built for her. Getting to see red-headed, red-hot Pippa is a bonus, especially now that she’s no longer the troublesome teenager he remembers. He’s willing to stay behind the scenes while she gives her own life a much-needed makeover, but not forever. As far as he’s concerned, their connection is too electric to ignore. And the chance to build something lasting between them—before she can high-tail it back to Hollywood—is going to the top of his to-do list... Praise for Sarah Hegger and her Willow Park Romance series “Hegger offers a breath of fresh air in the romance genre.” --RT Book Reviews “Hegger’s characters have real chemistry, especially in the bedroom.” --Publishers Weekly

Pippa Parvin and the Mystery of the Broken Friendship

Author: D.Z. Mah

Publisher: WorkHorse Productions, Inc.


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 59

View: 1218

Louisa and Sissy are the best of friends. Or… they were... Now Sissy won’t so much as look at Louisa and Louisa has no idea why. It’s another mystery for you and your cousin, Pippa, to solve. Will you interview Sissy’s brother or will you snoop around her back garden to spy on her? You decide what order to collect the clues, and once you have them all, see if you can solve the mystery before Pippa does!

Pippa Parvin and the Mystery of the Malfunctioning Video Game

Author: D.Z. Mah

Publisher: WorkHorse Productions


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 56

View: 5453

It took your cousin, Pippa, months to save up enough money to buy a video game, and now it won’t load. You’ve convinced her to see it as a mystery, not a disaster, but it wasn’t easy, and the internet and the game company offer no help. Did the game break on its own, or did someone break it on purpose? Who among your friends might have wanted to hurt Pippa this way? Pippa will need you to decide which clues to examine and in what order. See if you can solve the mystery before Pippa does!

Pippa Park Raises Her Game

Author: Erin Yun

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1944020276

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 264

View: 6204

“Pippa is a magnetic heroine, funny and good-hearted.”—Booklist Readers will cheer on Pippa Park in this wonderful middle school book about friendships, bullying, crushes, and family. In this relatable story, Pippa reinvents herself and discovers who she really is on and off the basketball court. Life is full of great expectations for Korean American Pippa Park. It seems like everyone, from her family to the other kids at school, has a plan for how her life should look. When Pippa gets a mysterious basketball scholarship to Lakeview Private, she jumps at the chance to reinvent herself. At school, Pippa juggles old and new friends, a crush, and the pressure to get As and score points while keeping her past and family’s laundromat a secret from her elite new classmates. But when Pippa begins to receive a string of hateful, anonymous messages via social media, her carefully built persona is threatened. As things spiral out of control, Pippa wonders if she can keep her old and new lives separate, or if she should even try. NEW! Get the companion book, My Journal About Life, to extend the story with awesome quizzes, listicles, and writing activities! (Sold separately) GREAT FOR READERS AGES 9–12 Now an AR Quiz! Bonus Content in the Book includes: Discussion Questions, Author Q&A, and Korean Language Glossary with Pronunciation Guide Perfect for the School Classroom or Library! A Contemporary Reimagining of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens Use as an AAPI Pick in May Complimentary Common Core Language Arts Guide for Teachers on our website Tween Book Club with printable activities on our website. Includes word games, make-your-own-book playlist, fortune teller, and discussion questions.

Pippa's Rescue

Author: JJ Keller

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Inc

ISBN: 1628300639

Category: Fiction

Page: 136

View: 8460

Skogul, Valkyrie leader of the first squad in Valhalla, is supposed to offer immortality to former Marine Basil Vanguard. Too bad watching science fiction on the big screen is more fun. But if her assignment slips through the cracks, will Odin himself take a hand? Basil wants justice. Determined to find the man who turned on his own unit and caused the deaths of many brave men, Basil tracks him to a Horse Rescue Ranch. But the ranch owner is the traitor's sister, and she's not talking. Caught off guard by her beauty--not to mention the bizarre arrival of a leather-clad Valkyrie--Basil has a hard time keeping his mind on his mission. Animal rights activist Pippa Wilson must find her brother before the bank forecloses on their rescue ranch. When a gorgeous Marine arrives looking for him too, she tries to resist the attraction--but will her heart listen?

Pippa Parvin and the Mystery of the Stolen Family Jewels

Author: D.Z. Mah

Publisher: WorkHorse Productions


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 56

View: 6782

When your classmate, Louisa, arrives at school in tears, you hope there’s a way to make her smile again. Someone stole a pendant worn by her great-grandmother, and the clues are utterly baffling: a damaged chain, an out of place sock, and no sign of the pendant anywhere. But with you and Pippa on the case, Louisa has high hopes. Do you think you can find her family’s missing jewel? See if you can solve the mystery before Pippa does!