Prime Obsession

Author: John Derbyshire

Publisher: Joseph Henry Press

ISBN: 0309085497

Category: Science

Page: 447

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In August 1859 Bernhard Riemann, a little-known 32-year old mathematician, presented a paper to the Berlin Academy titled: "On the Number of Prime Numbers Less Than a Given Quantity." In the middle of that paper, Riemann made an incidental remark â€" a guess, a hypothesis. What he tossed out to the assembled mathematicians that day has proven to be almost cruelly compelling to countless scholars in the ensuing years. Today, after 150 years of careful research and exhaustive study, the question remains. Is the hypothesis true or false? Riemann's basic inquiry, the primary topic of his paper, concerned a straightforward but nevertheless important matter of arithmetic â€" defining a precise formula to track and identify the occurrence of prime numbers. But it is that incidental remark â€" the Riemann Hypothesis â€" that is the truly astonishing legacy of his 1859 paper. Because Riemann was able to see beyond the pattern of the primes to discern traces of something mysterious and mathematically elegant shrouded in the shadows â€" subtle variations in the distribution of those prime numbers. Brilliant for its clarity, astounding for its potential consequences, the Hypothesis took on enormous importance in mathematics. Indeed, the successful solution to this puzzle would herald a revolution in prime number theory. Proving or disproving it became the greatest challenge of the age. It has become clear that the Riemann Hypothesis, whose resolution seems to hang tantalizingly just beyond our grasp, holds the key to a variety of scientific and mathematical investigations. The making and breaking of modern codes, which depend on the properties of the prime numbers, have roots in the Hypothesis. In a series of extraordinary developments during the 1970s, it emerged that even the physics of the atomic nucleus is connected in ways not yet fully understood to this strange conundrum. Hunting down the solution to the Riemann Hypothesis has become an obsession for many â€" the veritable "great white whale" of mathematical research. Yet despite determined efforts by generations of mathematicians, the Riemann Hypothesis defies resolution. Alternating passages of extraordinarily lucid mathematical exposition with chapters of elegantly composed biography and history, Prime Obsession is a fascinating and fluent account of an epic mathematical mystery that continues to challenge and excite the world. Posited a century and a half ago, the Riemann Hypothesis is an intellectual feast for the cognoscenti and the curious alike. Not just a story of numbers and calculations, Prime Obsession is the engrossing tale of a relentless hunt for an elusive proof â€" and those who have been consumed by it.

Who Gave You the Epsilon?

Author: Marlow Anderson,Victor Katz,Robin Wilson

Publisher: MAA

ISBN: 9780883855690

Category: Mathematics

Page: 448

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Follows on from Sherlock Holmes in Babylon to take the history of mathematics through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Isotopic Randomness and Self-Organization

Author: Alexander Berezin

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 3110606496

Category: Science

Page: 330

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The material world is made of atoms, and the majority of chemical elements has two or more stable isotopes. The existence of isotopes and their applications are well known. Yet, there is little appreciation of isotopic diversity as a singular phenomenon of nature. This book discusses aspects of isotopic diversity in terms of a singular principle: "isotopicity".

Art And Practice Of Mathematics, The: Interviews At The Institute For Mathematical Sciences, National University Of Singapore, 2010-2020

Author: Yu Kiang Leong

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9811219605

Category: Mathematics

Page: 444

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This book constitutes the second volume of interviews with prominent mathematicians and mathematical scientists who visited the Institute for Mathematical Sciences, National University of Singapore. First published in the Institute's newsletter Imprints during the period 2010-2020, they offer glimpses of an esoteric universe as viewed and experienced by some of the leading and creative practitioners of the craft of mathematics.The topics covered in this volume are wide-ranging, running from pure mathematics (logic, number theory, algebraic geometry) to applied mathematics (mathematical modeling, fluid dynamics) through probability and statistics, mathematical physics, theoretical computer science and financial mathematics. This eclectic mix of the abstract and the concrete should interest those who are enthralled by the mystique and power of mathematics, whether they are students, researchers or the non-specialists.By briefly tracing the paths traveled by the pioneers of different national backgrounds, the interviews attempt to put a cultural face to an intellectual endeavor that is often perceived as dry and austere by the uninitiated. They should also interest those who are intrigued by the influence of the environment on the creative spirit, and, in particular, those who are interested in the psychology and history of ideas.

The Joy of X

Author: Steven Henry Strogatz

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 0547517653


Page: 334

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A comprehensive tour of leading mathematical ideas by an award-winning professor and columnist for the New York Times Opinionator series demonstrates how math intersects with philosophy, science and other aspects of everyday life. By the author of The Calculus of Friendship. 50,000 first printing.


Author: Monette Michaels

Publisher: Monette Draper

ISBN: 0997356537

Category: Fiction

Page: 480

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“The tough, protective heroes you’ve been waiting for. Fans of Maya Banks’ KGI, Susan Stoker, and Lexi Blake will love Monette Michaels’ Security Specialists International series.” —Cherise Sinclair, NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author. She's a survivor. Former Air Force pilot Tara Nightwalker survived wartime flying only to come home to a civilian life that was anything but safe. Two years after surviving a brutal kidnapping, it’s time to get on with her life. She finds a job in Idaho as a park ranger and wildland firefighting instructor. After what she’s been through, men aren’t appealing at all. Not until she meets SSI operative Price Teague. He’s strong. Honorable. A warrior. And she knows in her gut ... he’s the one. The only problem is—he doesn't seem interested. He's a patient warrior. Price Teague envies his fellow SSI operatives who’ve found women to love, because he sure hasn’t been as lucky. Not until the tough, beautiful firefighting instructor comes into his life. The day that some bastard in the woods shoots at them, Tara is cool, calm, and courageous in the face of danger. He recognizes instantly this is the woman he wants. He’s usually a direct-action sort of guy, but he can see Tara is wary about men. Maybe she’s been hurt in the past. He’ll take it slow ... even if it kills him. But when her kidnapper escapes prison, bent on revenge, Price throws out the slow-and-steady approach. Time is not on his side, and there's no way he'll let anyone hurt her. Danger is all around. Then fire season kicks into gear. “Ms. Michaels' writing is tight, the dialogue is witty and it deserves to be on your "MUST READ" list.” –John Matteson, Goodreads. Read all of Monette Michaels' series: Security Specialists International 1 - Eye of the Storm 1.5 - Stormy Weather Baby 2 - Cold Day in Hell 2.5 - Storm Front 3 - Weather the Storm 4 - Storm Warning 4.5 - Hot as Hell 5 - An Ill Wind The Prime Chronicles 1 - Prime Obsession 2 - Prime Selection 3 - Prime Imperative 3.5 - Prime Claiming 4 - Prime Target The Gooden and Knight Mysteries 1 - A Virtuous Vampire 2 - The Deadly Séance

Earth Awakened

Author: Monette Michaels

Publisher: Monette Draper

ISBN: 1733481761

Category: Fiction

Page: 310

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The Terran Realm—a world where the Terrans, a species as old as time, secretly coexist in harmony with humans. Their elemental abilities and collective memories are what keeps the world in balance. Or at least until greed for power enters the mix. On a dig in southwestern Indiana, Earth Keeper Lily Redfern, a dedicated scientist and unworldly young Terran woman, is the chosen Earth Talisman. Struggling to stop an earthquake that threatens to split North America in half, she gets help from Carr Madoc, the Protector-Consort destined to guard her and supply her with his strength. In New York State, Algernon Brody plots to create chaos in the world for his and his Destroyer friends’ financial gain. The earthquake in Indiana was only the beginning. His Air Keeper wife, and soon-to-be Air Talisman, Autumn hates him for killing her parents and abusing her. Trent Steed, Brody’s half-human/half-Terran aide, loves Autumn and will do anything to get her away from the vile Destroyer. What Brody does not know is his act of greed will unbalance Earth and trigger the beginning of end times. Can the two Talisman couples restore balance, or will Brody’s foul acts signal the end of all life on Earth? This is a re-release. The book has been gently edited; the plot and characters are basically the same as the earlier edition.

Weather the Storm

Author: Monette Michaels

Publisher: Monette Draper

ISBN: 099735657X

Category: Fiction

Page: 392

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"The third book in the Security Specialists International series, Weather the Storm, is a fast-paced suspense story that crosses international boundaries." – Amazon Nymph for Literary Nymphs Reviews Research librarian Elana Fabrizzio was in the wrong place at the wrong time. While working her late night shift at the library, she overhears a man hire a mercenary to kill Keely Walsh-Maddox and other Security Specialists International operatives. Things go from bad to worse when the man kills a student and a security guard on his way out of the library. SSI operative Vanko Petriv is in New York City on holiday and is redirected to Washington, D.C. to become Elana’s personal security. Turns out the man she overheard is the traitor SSI has been pursuing for quite a while. Her eyewitness testimony would eliminate the treacherous thorn in SSI’s side and rid the intelligence community of a traitor once and for all. Vanko is instantly attracted to the courageous Elana and vows to make her his. Elana is surprised when she’s attracted to Vanko. Bad past experiences have made her leery of dominant men. When another enemy from Elana’s past appears, Vanko does what is needed to keep her alive. From the streets of New York to the Bahamas, Vanko, the ultimate alpha male, struggles against all odds as assassins converge from all sides. Without support and distracted by feelings long buried, Vanko must weather the storm to find a love he never expected. ""Michaels is a masterful author and I highly recommend this book and this entire series to anyone who is looking for a romantic thriller..."" –Bookchick with a Kick Blog Content Notes: Spicy, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, Action, Adventure Read all of Monette Michaels' series: Security Specialists International 1 - Eye of the Storm 1.5 - Stormy Weather Baby 2 - Cold Day in Hell 2.5 - Storm Front 3 - Weather the Storm 4 - Storm Warning 4.5 - Hot as Hell 5 - An Ill Wind The Prime Chronicles 1 - Prime Obsession 2 - Prime Selection 3 - Prime Imperative 3.5 - Prime Claiming 4 - Prime Target The Gooden and Knight Mysteries 1 - A Virtuous Vampire 2 - The Deadly Séance

The Deadly Séance

Author: Monette Michaels

Publisher: Monette Draper

ISBN: 1733481753

Category: Fiction

Page: 273

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"This story is full of humour, action, and superlative storytelling." - LynnMarie, Happpily Ever After Reviews Smart, sexy, and full of magic, Gooden and Knight are back! Someone’s committed murder during a séance, and with plenty of suspects, it’s up to Abbie and Luc to find the answers before the killer strikes again. With a little help from their friends, they may just survive! Abigail Gooden's Uncle Vidal is in love. His soon-to-be bride, Ariana Huntingdon, has asked him to perform a séance. Its purpose is twofold: to obtain Ari’s deceased husband’s blessing for the nuptials and to get his advice about some much needed tough love for their three adult children. Before Vidal can perform the séance, Ari dies in his arms--and it's definitely murder. One of the five people in the room did it. Was it one of the spoiled children whose allowances were to be cut off? Was it Ari’s long-suffering, poor-relation secretary, Rose Connors? Or was it the butler, Simmons? Abbie and Luc barely begin to investigate Ari’s death before another murder occurs. With ties connecting the current deaths to two previous ones and danger from Abbie’s past stalking them, it will take all their smarts plus help from their friends and a whole lot of magic to figure out whodunit before the killer strikes again.