Prince Albert and the University

Author: Owen Chadwick

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521637565

Category: History

Page: 44

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The text of Owen Chadwick's lecture commemorating Prince Albert, given in Cambridge on 7 July 1997.

Prince Albert

Author: Robert Rhodes James

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 1509858938

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 304

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The devastating effect of Prince Albert's death on Queen Victoria is the stuff of legend, and in this fascinating biography Robert Rhodes James reveals the extraordinary man who inspired her devotion. An incredibly human portrait, this vivid account traces Albert's life from beginning to end, starting with the shy child of a broken home in the tiny German principality of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and ending with a man of great feeling, intellect and complexity, supporting his wife at the helm of a sprawling empire. Unrivalled in its scope, Prince Albert: A Biography explores every aspect of this fascinating man, from his leading part in the formation of British imperial foreign policy to his loving but complex relationships with his wife and children. "One of the finest biographies I have ever read." - A. J. P. Taylor, The Observer

Prince Albert

Author: A. N. Wilson

Publisher: Atlantic Books

ISBN: 1782398325

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Chosen as a Book of the Year in The Times and the Daily Mail 'Highly entertaining' Sunday Times 'Enthralling' Daily Telegraph For more than six decades, Queen Victoria ruled a great Empire at the height of its power. Beside her for more than twenty of those years was the love of her life, her trusted husband and father of their nine children, Prince Albert. But while Victoria is seen as the embodiment of her time, it was Prince Albert, A. N. Wilson expertly argues, who was at the vanguard of Victorian Britain's transformation as a vibrant and extraordinary centre of political, technological, scientific and intellectual advancement. Far more than just the product of his age, Albert was one of its influencers and architects. A composer, engineer, soldier, politician, linguist and bibliophile, Prince Albert, more than any other royal, was truly a 'genius'. Albert lived only forty-two years. Yet in that time, he fathered the royal dynasties of Germany, Russia, Spain and Bulgaria. Through Victoria, Albert and her German advisers pioneered the idea of the modern constitutional monarchy. In this sweeping biography, Wilson demonstrates that there was hardly any aspect of British national life which Albert did not touch. Drawn from the Royal archives, including Prince Albert's voluminous correspondence, this brilliant and ambitious book offers fascinating never-before-known details about the man and his time. A superb match of biographer and subject, Prince Albert, at last, gives this important historical figure the reverence and recognition that is long overdue.

Prince Albert's Ancestry

Author: Edward Tauerschmidt

Publisher: N.A



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Prince Albert, his country and kindred

Author: Albert (Prince Consort, consort of Victoria, Queen of Great Britain)

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The Great Little Book of Prince Albert Microadventures

Author: Stephanie Rohrbach

Publisher: Stephanie Rohrbach

ISBN: 0620904267

Category: Travel

Page: 168

View: 1553

Microadventures are for everyone – young and old, tall or small, fit or funky. Pull up your socks and get out of your comfort zone. Discover gorgeous views and endless vistas; feel the silence, listen to the wind and greet the sun. Meet the tortoise and the kudu. Connect with nature and your inner adventurer; open your eyes & meet the people – have loads of fun! Prince Albert has a lot to give: Swartberg Mountains, Karoo Space and lots of blue sky; gentle walks and exhilarating descents; dry waterfalls, trails of wonder and a colourful cast of local characters. Heaps of cultural history and a thriving, caring community.