Prison: A Survival Guide

Author: Carl Cattermole

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 147356588X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 128

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The cult guide to UK prisons by Carl Cattermole – now fully updated and featuring contributions from female and LGBTQI prisoners, as well as from family on the outside. Contains: Blood – but not as much as you might imagine Sweat – and the prisons no longer provide soap Tears – because prison has created a mental health crisis Humanity – and how to stop the institution destroying it Featuring contributors Sarah Jake Baker, Jon Gulliver, Darcey Hartley, Julia Howard, Elliot Murawski and Lisa Selby. ‘Essential reading’ Will Self ‘We’re in the justice dark ages and Cattermole’s great book switches on the lights’ Dr Theo Kindynis, Lecturer in Criminology Goldsmiths, University of London ‘It has the potential to change a lot of people’s lives for the better’ Daniel Godden, Partner at Berkeley Square Solicitors’

Asperger’s Syndrome and Jail

Author: Will Attwood

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 178450713X

Category: Psychology

Page: 208

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Will Attwood was finishing a three-year sentence in prison when he was formally diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome for the first time. After his diagnosis he recognised just how much it had been affecting his life behind bars. This book is a practical advice guide for people with autism who have been sentenced to time in prison. Will shares his first-hand knowledge of what to expect and how to behave within the penal system. He sheds light on topics that are important for people with autism, answering questions such as: How should you act with inmates and guards? How do you avoid trouble? What about a prison's environmental stimuli may cause you anxiety? His thoughtful, measured writing debunks rumours about daily life in prison, and the useful tips and observations he offers will help anyone with autism prepare for the realities of spending time incarcerated, and be enormously helpful to those working with offenders on the autism spectrum.

Prison Survival Guide

Author: John Billiard

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 9781793970312


Page: 56

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DescriptionThis book is for informational purposes only. I wrote this book because I went to prison. I had a good friend at the time who I lost contact with who did about a five-year stretch, who gave me the ins and outs of the basic prison. So I wasn't really walking in blindly which helped to make the transition from civilian to prison life a lot easier for me. This will give the reader an overall overview of what to expect in prison. Mind you, the state I was in, Connecticut, might be different from your state. It very hard to write a tell-all prison guide as I've only been in prison in the state I'm currently living in. The book talks about what to do in the beginning, some prep work before you go into prison, which may help your stay to be better. It also mentions briefly how to look for work with a criminal record.About the authorHard-working individual. Top in his field. Living the American dream. All that changed for him in one day when he was charged with a crime, and spent one year in prison, losing everything. But now, he is doing everything right. Working full-time, running a business and has found love again. Most of his friends abandon him, but a few friends are still around. He wanted to write this book with the hope that it might help someone who find themselves in a similar situation, or someone who is just going into prison for the first time.


Author: Saadiqul Aqwal

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781546754206


Page: 190

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Battleground is a brutally honest literary work that looks inside America's desolate prisons from the perspective of those who have lived inside them as practicing Muslims. An essential tool in aiding the imprisoned Muslim in navigating the challenging issues of gang-affiliation, black nationalist groups, racism, and other practices outside the Fold of Islam. The vital knowledge it imparts is a product of decades spent behind prison walls by sincere Muslims. Included are crucial insights into prison life and how to hold onto spirituality, dignity, and observance amidst the chaos and deprivation of imprisonment. Contains a valuable resource list for Islamic books and study materials, allowed religious articles, and sources for civil rights, legal aid, and re-entry assistance.

Prison Guide

Author: A. Pisano

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781475040128

Category: Social Science

Page: 112

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Prison Guide: Prison Survival Secrets Revealed finally delivers the unwritten prison survival secrets of true hardened veterans. The survival guide explains current methods, philosophies and critical information. Have you ever wondered how shocking it is to transition into a prison environment? Ever imagine the true survival strategies that lie behind prison walls? What would be the best way to handle a problem in this foreign setting? How do you avoid trouble? Are the stories about jail true? Discover the techniques, the true survival practices within prisons to safely go home to your family as soon as possible. This is no story. The author delivers information that gives physical safety and mental well-being tactics, strategies, and tips for the new inmate.