Quand la folie parle

Author: Gillian Ni Cheallaigh,Laura Jackson,Siobhan McIlvanney

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1443863025

Category: Medical

Page: 235

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Quand la folie parle presents a timely reinvigoration of the complex subject of madness and its literary manifestations. This stimulating study, authored by a range of young and talented international scholars, is of key importance in defining and refining our ongoing endeavours to theorise and analyse the literary representations of the problematics of mental health. By including discussions of texts that speak of madness as well as those that speak from madness, this volume demonstrates that, in fact, the non-sense of madness achieves a force of expression often more powerful than the usual order of logic. Embracing the scientific, the religious, the medical, the psychoanalytic, the historical, the erotic, and, of course, the properly literary, this wide-ranging, historically-informed collection is particularly significant in its exploration of both the “madwoman” and the “madman,” and exhibits an inclusiveness which extends to the genres and modes of the texts examined. The authors discussed, from Nerval and Houellebecq to NDiaye and Lê, provide a refreshingly “balanced” picture of mental illness, presenting madness or depression as a contestatory, creative stance against often mind-numbing social, racial or consumerist conventions, while refusing to play down the inevitable difficulties accompanying this isolating condition. The “dialectic effect” referenced in the title of the collection extends not only to the dynamics at work within the volume itself, as the different contributions implicitly dialogue with one another, but equally to the reader of these essays, who is engaged throughout in the debates put forward.


Author: Ruth Cruickshank

Publisher: Contemporary French and Franco

ISBN: 1789620678

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 240

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The intrinsic ambivalence of eating and drinking often goes unrecognised. In Leftovers, Cruickshank's new theoretical approach reveals how representations of food, drink and their consumption proliferate with overlooked figurative, psychological, ideological and historical interpretative potential. Case studies of novels by Robbe-Grillet, Ernaux, Darrieussecq and Houellebecq demonstrate the transferrable potential of re-thinking eating and drinking.

Women’s Lives in Contemporary French and Francophone Literature

Author: Florence Ramond Jurney,Karen McPherson

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 331940850X

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 169

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The essays in this volume provide an overview and critical account of prevalent trends and theoretical arguments informing current investigations into literary treatments of motherhood and aging. They explore how two key stages in women’s lives—maternity and old age—are narrated and defined in fictions and autobiographical writings by contemporary French and francophone women. Through close readings of Maryse Condé, Hélène Cixous, Zahia Rahmani, Linda Lê, Pierrette Fleutieux, and Michèle Sarde, among others, these essays examine related topics such as dispossession, female friendship, and women’s relationships with their mothers. By adopting a broad, synthetic approach to these two distinct and defining stages in women’s lives, this volume elucidates how these significant transitional moments set the stage for women’s evolving definitions (and interrogations) of their identities and roles.

Exiles, Travellers and Vagabonds

Author: N.A

Publisher: University of Wales Press

ISBN: 178316929X

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 320

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Travel writing, migrant writing, exile writing, expatriate writing, and even the fictional travelling protagonists that emerge in literary works from around the globe, have historically tended to depict mobility as a masculine phenomenon. The presence of such genres in women’s writing, however, poses a rich and unique body of work. This volume examines the texts of Francophone women who have experienced or reflected upon the experience of transnational movement. Due to the particularity of their relationship to home, and the consequent impact of this on their experience of displacement, the study of women's mobility opens up new questions in our understanding of the movement from place to place, and in our broader understanding of colonial and postcolonial worlds. Addressing the proximities and overlaps that exist between the experiences of women exiles, migrants, expatriates and travellers, the collected essays in this book seek to challenge the usefulness, relevance or validity of such terms for conceptualising today’s complex patterns of transnational mobility and the gendered identities produced therein.

Women and the City in French Literature and Culture

Author: Siobhán McIlvanney,Gillian Ni Cheallaigh

Publisher: University of Wales Press

ISBN: 1786834332

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 336

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The city has traditionally been configured as a fundamentally masculine space. This collection of essays seeks to question many of the idées reçues surrounding women’s ongoing association with the private, the domestic and the rural. Covering a selection of films, journals and novels from the French medieval period to the Franco-Algerian present, it challenges the traditionally gendered dichotomisation of the masculine public and feminine private upon which so much of French and European literature and culture is predicated. Is the urban flâneur a quintessentially male phenomenon, or can there exist a true flâneuse as active agent, expressing the confidence and pleasure of a woman moving freely in the urban environment? Women and the City in French Literature and Culture seeks to locate exactly where women are heading – both individually and collectively – in their relationships to the urban environment; by so doing, it nuances the conventional binaristic perception of women and the city in an endeavour to redirect future research in women’s studies towards more interesting and representative urban destinations.

Solitaires, Solidaires

Author: Elise Hugueny-Léger,Caroline Verdier

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1443881929

Category: Social Science

Page: 265

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Solitaires, Solidaires stems from the 2013 Women in French conference, which celebrated twenty-five years since the creation of the network of the same name, and brought together the Women in French UK and Women in French in Scotland meetings, which had, until then, been running en solitaire on each side of the border. It therefore seemed opportune to reflect on the theme of female solidarity, its various shapes and constructions, and its meaning. Studies included in this bilingual volume focus on the representation of female solidarity and solitude in French and Francophone society, literature, journalism and history, covering texts ranging from the 17th to the 21st centuries. The various contributions explore how the construction of female solidarities and identities has depended not only on networks, dialogues and correspondences, but also (and often simultaneously) on isolation, confrontations and rivalry between women, and on unconventional representations of femininity and motherhood.

La Demeure du chaos

Author: Thierry Ehrmann

Publisher: Editions Musée L'organe

ISBN: 9782914674102


Page: 499

View: 2188

Présentation commentée par l'artiste d'une partie des oeuvres et performances réalisées in situ entre 1999 et 2013 à la Demeure du chaos, grande demeure bourgeoise des collines lyonnaises transformée en "lieu de résonance de l'actualité où les images médiatisées et fulgurantes viennent trouver, en une curieuse alchimie, un sens peu commun" (H. Béthemont)