Remember Me

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Please Remember Me

Author: Wendi Zwaduk

Publisher: Totally Entwined Group (USA+CAD)

ISBN: 0857155539

Category: Fiction

Page: 191

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Sometimes the hardest role in life is being true to yourself. Jade Weir did the social scene. She played the ditzy Hollywood socialite and ran with the requisite fast crowds. Until one night and a shooting changed everything. Now she's ready to go toe to toe with the handsome Sheriff's deputy, Marlon Cross. Toe to toe or kiss for kiss, whichever comes first. The real Jade isn't the celebutante from television, and she's ready to do whatever it takes to prove it. But is he ready for her? Marlon liked his quiet and simple existence. No ties means no one gets hurt. And then came Jade. She's a hurricane in high heels and totally trouble for him. She has the power to raise the ghosts in his past, but his heart won't let him walk away. Can they find a way to make the lust simmering between them work or will they simply part as the closest of friends?

Someone to Remember Me

Author: Brendan A. Mancilla

Publisher: Brendan Mancilla

ISBN: 0985001607

Category: Fiction

Page: 307

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“In our future is our past…” A young man named Seven awakens on a deserted street, stricken by an amnesia that he can’t explain. When he discovers other survivors that share his affliction, among them a woman who stirs his dormant memories, they embark on a deadly journey across a ruined landscape. Haunted by the mystery of their city’s apocalyptic demise and hunted by a malevolent beast, Seven and his companions discover the dark truth of their past. What awaits the survivors at the crux of myth and legacy is a story of love, loss, and triumph that defies even death itself.

Remember Me, and I Will Remember You

Author: Tallal Alie Turfe

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1532009054

Category: Religion

Page: 280

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When we think about something we need, we usually cannot overcome that thought until the perceived need is satisfied. For example, if we need food or water, our minds constantly think about how hungry or thirsty we are until we have something to eat or quench our thirst. Similarly, one who understands how much he or she is in need of God will constantly think about God. When we have faith and the desire to receive Gods grace and mercy, we will turn to the remembrance of Him. In Remember Me, and I Will Remember You, Dhikr: The Soul of Islam, author Tallal Alie Turfe, a champion for religious tolerance, underscores the importance of remembrance and how we can better use it to improve our health and lifestyle. He sheds light on the concept of remembrance and its importance as a reminder of our gratitude to the Creator. The Arabic term for remembrance is dhikr, which inspires us to do good, but it also heals, energizes, and transforms our lives. When engaging in dhikr, we feel more forgiving and enthusiastic. Dhikr is the adhesive that binds the mind and heart together. It serves as a key link in the dynamic between praising God and receiving blessings from Him. Remember Me, and I Will Remember You, Dhikr: The Soul of Islam will help you understand and use dhikr to achieve a better relationship with God and the world around us.

Remember Me When I'm Gone

Author: Larry King

Publisher: Nan A. Talese

ISBN: 0385512651

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 224

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“Show me Heaven! I have seen hell.” —Patricia Neal Larry King, world-famous radio and television personality, has asked the talented, the beautiful, the wise, and the rich a question all of us have pondered: How would you like to be remembered after your death? The result is REMEMBER ME WHEN I'M GONE, an entertaining and eloquent collection of “last words” from people in the arts, in politics, in sports, and in business, mostly still alive. In telling and moving reflections, often leavened by self-deprecating humor, these celebrities look back on their lives, their ambitions, their mistakes, and their accomplishments. The contributions range from pithy one-liners by Yogi Berra (“It’s over.”), Dave Barry, George Carlin, and Liz Smith (“Excuse my dust!”); to inspired sketches by Stephen King and Peter Falk; to candid reflections from Don Shula, Fred Rogers, and Chevy Chase; to hilarious rants from Margaret Cho and Tommy Lee; and a last request by Arthur Hailey. Often surprising and always memorable, REMEMBER ME WHEN I'M GONE is a timeless collection by stars who will live on forever.

This is My Introduction from Me to You. Remember Me?

Author: Sharon Mae King

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1468542311

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 92

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This is a true story about my life - my struggles, trials, and tribulations and how I overcame them. No matter what I have gone through with my ex-husband and that abuse, the family member who raped me, the homeless shelter that me and my three children were in- not only I am strong but I am also a prayer warrior.

And Do Remember Me

Author: Marita Golden

Publisher: Piatkus Books

ISBN: 9780749901448

Category: African American women

Page: 192

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Story of Jessie Foster, a young black woman who runs away from home, from oppression, and from sexual abuse, and straight into the Civil Rights movement in her home state of Mississippi. Author of L̀ong distance life'.

Remember Me

Author: Machell Hammond

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1796043737

Category: Fiction

Page: 422

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When arriving in Atlanta after a hurricane, Lisa notices a Help Wanted sign in a boutique. She applies for the job to help take care of Ida Stanford. Ida encourages Lisa to finish her degree in phycology. While on a doctor’s visit, Lisa meets Carolyn Young and Carla Coleman, and they become best friends. Lisa bumps into a man at her fashion show, and later, she sees the same man being wheeled into the hospital—a victim of a hit-and-run. He is identified as Chris Weber, a man Lisa is interested in. The same day Lisa meets Chris Weber, her life changes, and Chris notices the same thing and now has an interest in Lisa. Eddie Jones is a rich man with two sons, Devin and Jason. Eddie is a man with many secrets, and after he buries his son Devin, he finds that his home security somehow keeps showing him the home of Lisa Washington. He watches daily as a dark entity kills his wife years ago and tries to kill his sons. Not long after, Eddie realizes why the entity is stalking Lisa—it is because of Chris Weber, the man his son Devin crashed into on a dark road after seeing a dark presence. Chris tries to protect Lisa from the dark entity. Only Eddie has different plans for Chris, but when Chris gets his memory back, he forgets about Lisa. Lisa finds out that Ida and Ellen and Judy all harbor dark secrets, which have Lisa and her friends fighting for their lives.

Remember Me

Author: Christopher Pike

Publisher: Simon Pulse

ISBN: 9780671676544

Category: Horror tales

Page: 230

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Shari Cooper returns from her "supposed death" and searches for her own murderer.