FCC Record

Author: United States. Federal Communications Commission

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Category: Telecommunication

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Jewish Choices, Jewish Voices

Author: Elliot N. Dorff,Danya Ruttenberg

Publisher: Jewish Publication Society

ISBN: 0827609558

Category: Religion

Page: 160

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In the newest addition to the Jewish Choices, Jewish Voices series, co-editors Elliot Dorff and Danya Ruttenberg have brought together a diverse group of Jews to comment on how Judaism affects their views and actions regarding sex. Contributors range from adult movie actor Ron Jeremy, to renowned feminist scholar Martha Ackelsberg, to noted writer and blogger Esther Kustanowitz, as well as rabbis, doctors, social workers, and activists. They discuss issues of monogamy, honesty, and communication in dating and marriage; testing for and disclosure of STDs; abortion, sex education, sex work, and sexuality. Each volume in this series presents hypothetical cases on specific topics, followed by traditional and contemporary sources. Supplementing these are brief essays, written by contributors of various ages, backgrounds, and viewpoints to provoke lively thought and discussion. These voices from Jewish tradition and today’s Jewish community present us with new questions and perspectives, encouraging us to consider our own moral choices in a new light.

Juggalo Country

Author: Craven Rock

Publisher: Microcosm Publishing

ISBN: 1621060993

Category: Music

Page: 224

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WHOOP! WHOOP! The Insane Clown Posse calls itself "the most hated band in the world," but with 11 million albums sold, the horrorcore hip hop duo from Detroit is a widespread music phenomenon with a cult following. This book is the story of Craven Rock's journey to their annual festival, the Gathering of the Juggalos, where legions of fans in clown makeup come together every year to attend this family-reunion-like event and enjoy musical celebrities, feats of wrestling, debauchery, and most of all, a supportive, tight-knit community.Juggalos gained the political spotlight in 2017, when thousands of fans marched on Washington, DC to protest their classification by the FBI as a violent gang. Dwarfing the pro-Trump rally at the same time and place, Juggalos proved themselves to be a growing voice of dissent for some of the most neglected parts of the United States. Rock's reporting casts a light on many contradictions and perils of Juggalodom, sensitively handling questions of gender, health, religion, and what it means to be part of something. Part festival-goer's journal, part music history, part investigative report, part social commentary, Juggalo Country takes us into the heart of a much-derided and controversial movement and shows us the redemptive power of family and community.

The Curse of Eve and Other Stories

Author: Liliana V. Blum

Publisher: Host Publications, Inc.

ISBN: 9780924047541

Category: Fiction

Page: 159

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Welcome to the enchanting and uncanny world of The Curse of Eve, where the Avon Lady is your best friend and your worst enemy, polar bears plot revenge on irksome children, and resurrection is a bitch. In this extraordinary collection, acclaimed Mexican writer Liliana Blum presents us with a startling, tender and often hilarious take on modern life. The wry, intimate stories in The Curse of Eve pulse with the ache of abandoned dreams and debauched desires. In the affecting title story, the very ordinary fate of a young mother is laid bare as the stuff of tragedy. In Kisses on the Forehead, a personal ad leads to a desperate tryst between a virgin and a vagabond, while A Model Kit invites us to observe an unorthodox artist and his odious methods of creation. A young womans adventures with a porn star inspire an unlikely new vocation in God Bless Ron Jeremy, and in To Adorn the Saints the appearance of a naked virgin in the bell-tower wreaks havoc on the village of San Cordelio de Cocoytl.With lush, elegant prose, Blum performs an unflinching psychological autopsy on her twisted cast of characters, and offers a surreal yet plausible vision of life in the villages and port towns of her homeland. Appearing in English for the first time, The Curse of Eve illuminates the vagaries of marriage, motherhood and morality, and perfectly encapsulates the many small ways in which we make sense of our daily lives.

Dracula in Visual Media

Author: John Edgar Browning,Caroline Joan (Kay) Picart

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786462019

Category: Social Science

Page: 312

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This is a comprehensive sourcebook on the world’s most famous vampire, with more than 700 citations of domestic and international Dracula films, television programs, documentaries, adult features, animated works, and video games, as well as nearly a thousand comic books and stage adaptations. While they vary in length, significance, quality, genre, moral character, country, and format, each of the cited works adopts some form of Bram Stoker’s original creation, and Dracula himself, or a recognizable vampiric semblance of Dracula, appears in each. The book includes contributions from Dacre Stoker, David J. Skal, Laura Helen Marks, Dodd Alley, Mitch Frye, Ian Holt, Robert Eighteen-Bisang, and J. Gordon Melton.

Dueling with Kings

Author: Daniel Barbarisi

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1501146173

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 368

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“Hilarious behind-the-scenes look at the characters, compulsions, and chaos inside the fantasy sports gold rush.” –Jason Gay, author of Little Victories As Bringing Down the House did for card counters and Positively Fifth Street did for poker players, Daniel Barbarisi does for Daily Fantasy Sports fans in this leap down the rabbit hole of America’s latest obsession. Daniel Barbarisi quits his job as the New York Yankees beat writer for The Wall Street Journal and begins a quest: to join the top one percent of Daily Fantasy Sports (“DFS”) players, the so-called “sharks,” and figure out whether DFS is on the level—while maybe cashing in along the way. DFS is fantasy sports on steroids. It’s the domain of bitter rivals FanDuel and DraftKings, online juggernauts who turned a legal loophole into a billion-dollar industry by allowing sports fans bet piles of cash constructing fantasy teams. Yet as Barbarisi quickly realized, what should have been a fun companion to casual sports viewing was instead a ferocious environment infested with sharks, a top tier of pros wielding complex algorithms, drafting hundreds of lineups, and wagering six figures daily as they bludgeon unsuspecting amateur “fish.” Barbarisi embeds himself inside the world of DFS, befriending and joining its rogue’s gallery as he tries to beat them at their own game. In a work equal parts adventure and rigorously reported investigation, Barbarisi wades into this chaotic industry at the very moment its existence is threatened by lawmakers sick of its Wild West atmosphere and pushy advertising. All their money made FanDuel and DraftKings seem invincible; but, as Barbarisi reports, they made plenty of dubious—perhaps even scandalous—moves as they vied for market supremacy. In Dueling with Kings, Barbarisi uncovers the tumultuous inside story of DFS, all while capturing its peculiar cast of characters, from wide-eyed newly minted millionaires, to sun-starved math geeks, to bros living an endless frat party of keggers and Playboy Bunnies. Can he outwit them all and make it to the top?

Watching Porn

Author: Lynsey G

Publisher: Abrams

ISBN: 1468315323

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

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Lynsey G. never imagined that she would ever work in porn, but at 24 years old, with a degree in English literature and an empty bank account, she found herself reviewing the film East Coast ASSault for an adult magazine in New York City. One interview later and it was official: she was a porn journalist. The job was supposed to be temporary—just a paycheck until she could spark her legitimate writing career—but she loved it and spent nearly a decade describing the nuances of money shots and the effectiveness of sex toys. As both a porn consumer and a porn critic, she was not quite an insider, not quite an outsider, but came to know the industry intimately.She found it so fascinating that she co-founded WHACK! Magazine. Finally, she had a platform to voice her thoughts and observations of the adult film world, as well as educate the rest of us about what really goes on behind the scenes. Eventually, Lynsey was thrust back into the “real†? world, but not before realizing that one of the most diverse and nebulous—and profitable—industries on the planet isn’t so quite as different from the rest of the world as she thought. Tantalizing, eye-opening, and witty, Watching Porn is a provocative book about an average girl’s foray into the porn industry and the people who make it what it is, both in front of and behind the camera.

Direct Your Own Damn Movie!

Author: Lloyd Kaufman

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1136059334

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 240

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Film is a visual medium, the work of Eric Rohmer and Kevin Smith notwithstanding. It is important for a director and cinemtographer to use their VISUAL EYES in order to VISUALIZE how to make their movie most effective. Also, there is the messy business of actors. Generally, movies have them, and directors have to deal with them. This guide will illuminate these two main jobs of the director: directing the camera and directing the actor, while showing how these two jobs manifest themselves during practical filmmaking -- whether it be, 'Which shots can I lose and still tell my story since we're running out of time', or 'How do I get two actors who hate each other to perform a passionate sex scene',' all will be revealed.

The 100 Best Movies You've Never Seen

Author: Richard Crouse

Publisher: ECW Press

ISBN: 1554905400

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 275

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Offbeat movie buffs, discerning video renters, and critical viewers will benefit from this roll call of the best overlooked films of the last 70 years. Richard Crouse, film critic and host of televisions award-winning Reel to Real, details his favorite films, from the sublime Monsoon Wedding to the ridiculous Eegah! The Name Written in Blood. Each movie is featured with a detailed description of plot, notable trivia tidbits, critical reviews, and interviews with actors and filmmakers. Featured interviews include Bill Wyman on a little-known Rolling Stones documentary, schlockmeister Lloyd Kaufman on the history of the Toxic Avenger, reclusive writer and director Hampton Fancher on his film The Minus Man, and B-movie hero Bruce Campbell on playing Elvis Presley in Bubba Ho-Tep. Sidebars feature quirky details, including legal disclaimers and memorable quotes.

Jesus Loves You. . . This I Know

Author: Craig Gross,Jason Harper

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 0801072522

Category: Religion

Page: 208

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Innovative teachers show how God loves "the least of these" by sharing the stories of real people on the outskirts of the church. Now in paper.