Running with the Firm

Author: James Bannon

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448175313

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 336

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'Of course I'm a f**king hooligan, you pr**k. I am a hooligan...there I've said it...I'm a hooligan. And, do you know why? Because that's my f**king job.' In 1995, a film called I.D., about an ambitious young copper who was sent undercover to track down the ‘generals’ of a football hooligan gang, achieved cult status for its sheer brutality and unsettling insight into the dark and often bloody side of the so-called beautiful game. The film was so shocking it was hard to believe the mindless events that took place could ever happen in the real world. Well, believe it now... Almost twenty years on, the man behind the film has explosively revealed that the script was largely a true story. That man, James Bannon, was the ambitious undercover cop. The football club was Millwall F.C. and the gang that he infiltrated was The Bushwackers, among the most brutal and fearless in English football. In Running with the Firm, Bannon shares his intense and dangerous journey into the underworld of football hooliganism where sickening levels of violence prevail over anything else. He introduces you to the hardest thugs from football’s most notorious gangs, tells all about the secret and almost comical police operations that were meant to bring them down, and, how once you’re on the inside, getting out from the mob proves to be the biggest mission of all. A disturbing but compelling read, this is the book that proves fact really is stranger than fiction.

Running with the Krays - The Final Truth About The Krays and the Underworld We Lived In

Author: Freddie Foreman

Publisher: Kings Road Publishing

ISBN: 1786068613

Category: True Crime

Page: 300

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For over fifty years, Freddie Foreman's name has commanded respect, and occasionally fear, from those who work to uphold the law - and those who operate just outside of it. With almost all of his compatriots - like the notorious Kray twins - now gone, Freddie is the last real gangster. A true entrepreneur and businessman, Freddie was one of the great personalities of the criminal underworld. A man of principle, protective of his family and unfailingly loyal to his friends, Freddie was someone who could be relied upon with complete confidence in all circumstances. Running with the Krays is the no-holds-barred account of life alongside the Kray twins - as well as dozens of other recognisable 'Faces' - and the exciting and glamorous world they lived

Running with the Krays

Author: Billy Webb

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1780574223

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 208

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Running with the Krays lifts the liid off London's underworld, from street gangs and race-course con games to protection rackets, beatings, maimings, intimidation and even murders. It reveals elements of police corruption and provides insights into the interdependence of both sides of the underworld scene - a compelling and gruesome account of how the other half of London lives. Born in wartime London's east end, Billy Webb grew up in the violence of air-raids and street warfare. His first weapon was a knuckleduster which he had made to measure for the price of five cigarettes when he was 11. When he first met the Krays they were scraping a living by doorknocking for old clothes to be sold in street markets. For three years he and the twins were on the run together as army deserters, and over the course of time, he was a friend, ally and foe of the Krays in their violent rise to fame.

Parliamentary Papers

Author: Victoria. Parliament. Legislative Assembly

Publisher: N.A


Category: Victoria

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The Indian Legal Profession in the Age of Globalization

Author: David B. Wilkins,Vikramaditya S. Khanna,David M. Trubek

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 110821102X

Category: Law

Page: N.A

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This book provides the first comprehensive analysis of the impact of globalization on the Indian legal profession. Employing a range of original data from twenty empirical studies, the book details the emergence of a new corporate legal sector in India including large and sophisticated law firms and in-house legal departments, as well as legal process outsourcing companies. As the book's authors document, this new corporate legal sector is reshaping other parts of the Indian legal profession, including legal education, the development of pro bono and corporate social responsibility, the regulation of legal services, and gender, communal, and professional hierarchies with the bar. Taken as a whole, the book will be of interest to academics, lawyers, and policymakers interested in the critical role that a rapidly globalizing legal profession is playing in the legal, political, and economic development of important emerging economies like India, and how these countries are integrating into the institutions of global governance and the overall global market for legal services.

Business Economics according to Minimum Uniform Syllabus Prescribed by National Education Policy [NEP 2020] for Semester - II

Author: Dr. Anupam Agarwal, ,Dr. Anju Agarwal

Publisher: SBPD Publications


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 247

View: 1863

1.Famous Economist of India, 2 .Business Economics : Meaning, Nature and Scope, 3. Demand and Law of Demand , 4. Elasticity of Demand and its Measurement, 5. Theory of Cost (Short Run and Long Run Cost Curve), 6.Production Function , 7. Law of Return : Law of Variable Proportion, 8. Production Decision : Optimum Cost Combination, 9.Returns to Scale and Economics and Diseconomies of Scale, 10.Perfect Competition (Price Determination & Equilibrium of Firm in Perfect Competition), 11. Monopoly and Price Discrimination , 12.Monopolistic Competition, 13.Business Cycle , 14. Theories of Distribution , 15. Wages , 16. Rent , 17. Interest , 18. Profit .

Global Corporate Governance

Author: Donald H. Chew,Stuart L. Gillan

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231519974

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 392

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Effective corporate governance, or the set of controls and incentives that drive top management, originates both outside and inside the firm and assures investors who hope to commit their capital. Essential when buying stocks in one's own country, effective corporate governance is even more important abroad, where information can be less reliable and investor influence (or protection) more limited. In this collection of articles from the Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, more than thirty leading scholars and practitioners discuss the possibilities and limitations of global corporate finance and governance systems, whether in Europe and North America or in the emerging markets of Israel, India, Korea, and South Africa. Essays discuss the political roots of American corporate finance; the structural and financial variations between international corporations; control premiums and the effectiveness of corporate governance systems; debt, folklore, and cross-country differences in financial structures; the driving forces behind the East Asian Financial Crisis of 1997; corporate ownership and control in India, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom; financial and economic lessons of Italy's privatization program; changes in Korean corporate governance; sovereign wealth funds; and the new organization of Canadian business trusts. A special roundtable discussion addresses shareholder activism in the U.K.

Embodied Research Methods

Author: Torkild Thanem,David Knights

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 152646392X

Category: Reference

Page: 184

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Disembodied research erects false dichotomies between flesh and reason, and between the corporeal and the social. By contrast, Torkild Thanem and David Knights engage with approaches and practices that exploit the body’s capacity to generate knowledge, craft lively accounts, and create fleshy concepts. These approaches enrich our understanding of how people live, work, and interact with their bodies within the social world. Thanem and Knights discuss methods, practices, and personal experiences which involve bodies in the research process – in generating and analysing empirical material, reflecting on the work they do as researchers, and turning research into written text. Embodied Research Methods is an important and practical resource for undergraduate and postgraduate students across the social sciences, and a thought-provoking read for researchers in these areas.

Technology Entrepreneurship

Author: Natasha Evers,James Cunningham,Thomas Hoholm

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1350304867

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 417

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This second edition of the critically acclaimed core textbook provides students from technology and science based backgrounds with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to transform innovative ideas into commercially viable businesses for profit or social ends. Blending theory, policy and practice in a manner that is accessible to readers with little prior knowledge of business commercialisation, it offers a framework for understanding the entrepreneurial process for technological ideas. The book provides students with comprehensive guidance on the specialized field of 'technopreneurship'. It provides the tools and frameworks required for managing, commercialising and marketing technological innovation. With real life examples and case studies from a range of countries and industries, it will equip students with the understanding required to successfully launch their product. This text caters for undergraduate and postgraduate students studying technology entrepreneurship modules on engineering, science and computing technology programmes. New to this edition: -All chapters updated to reflect the evolution of theory and practice in the field -New cases on digital entrepreneurship, growth and scaling -Extended geographical coverage of case studies -Entrepreneurial practices updated to include recent research -Strategic context of business models, business growth and scaling, digital entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial marketing, organization design and crowdfunding developed and updated.