Saint Francis of Assisi

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The story of a rich merchant's son who was raised to become a knight in medieval Italy. Instead he abandoned his privileged life upon receiving a vision from God, preaching to humans, animals, and nature itself.

Francis of Assisi - The Saint: Early Documents, vol. 1

Author: Regis J. Armstrong,J. A. Wayne Hellmann,William J. Short

Publisher: New City Press

ISBN: 1565481100

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Book one of this monumental series presents new translations of texts about Francis in the early Franciscan tradition, some available in English for the first time.

Saint Francis of Assisi

Author: Jacques Le Goff

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Known for speaking with the birds, for professing poverty, receiving the stigmata and for initiating the Franciscan order, Francis of Assisi is one of the most radical and inspiring figures in church history. In this celebrated biography, now available in English for the first time, the distinguished medievalist Jacques Le Goff paints a detailed picture of the life of Francis of Assisi. Locating Francis in the feudal world of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries and exploring the social and political changes taking place at the time, Le Goff assess the dramatic influence of the saint on the medieval church and celebrates his role in the spiritual revival of the Catholic Church.

Saint Francis of Assisi

Author: G.K. Chesterton,Wyatt North

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Saint Francis of Assisi Francis is one of the most venerated religious figures in history. On March 13, 2013, upon his election as Pope, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina chose Francis as his papal name in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi, becoming Pope Francis. G.K. Chesterton is well known for his reasoned apologetics, and even some of those who disagree with him have recognized the universal appeal of such works as his biography on Saint Francis. Chesterton has been called the “prince of paradox.” Time magazine, in a review of a biography of Chesterton, observed of his writing style: “Whenever possible Chesterton made his points with popular sayings, proverbs, allegories—first carefully turning them inside out.”

The Writings of Saint Francis of Assisi

Author: St. Francis of Assisi

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Saint Francis is considered the first Italian poet by some literary critics. He believed commoners should be able to pray to God in their own language, and he often wrote in the dialect of Umbria instead of Latin. Francis' writing fully reflects his personality and spirituality, making them at once formidably mystic and exquisitely human. They combine great elevation of thought with much picturesqueness of expression. Through his prayers, correspondence and regulas readers will connect and unite with one of the most beloved saints of the Catholic Church.

Studying the Life of Saint Francis of Assisi

Author: William R. Hugo,William Hugo

Publisher: New City Press

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William Hugo has ministered in initial formation since 1980 and taught the life of Francis of Assisi for over twenty-six years to Capuchins at various levels of formation and to Secular Franciscans. He was editor of "The New Round Table, " a journal of Capuchin spirituality and history, for seven years and is currently the Provincial Director of Initial Formation and Director of Postulants for the Midwest Capuchins.

The Little Flowers of Saint Francis of Assisi

Author: St. Francis of Assisi,Wyatt North

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The Little Flowers of St. Francis (Italian Fioretti di San Francesco) is a body of work divided into 53 short chapters, on the life of Saint Francis of Assisi which was composed at the end of the 14th century. The book has been the most popular account of Saint Francis' life and relates many colorful anecdotes, miracles and pious examples from the lives of Francis and his followers (such as Saint Juniper). The text was the inspiration for the Roberto Rossellini’s 1950 film Francesco, giullare di Dio (“Francis, God’s Jester”) which was co-written by Federico Fellini.

Writings of Saint Francis of Assisi

Author: Saint Francis of Assisi,Aeterna Press

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The writings of St. Francis may, as is obvious, be considered from more than one point of view. Premising this, we are afforded a clue to the difficulty which has led students of Franciscan sources to divide themselves into two camps as to the objective value of these writings. Indeed, one writer goes so far as to compare the attitude of modern scholars toward them to that of the “Spiritual” and Conventual Friars respectively in the first century of Franciscan history. Aeterna Press