Searching for God Knows What

Author: Donald Miller

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1418529958

Category: Religion

Page: 272

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In Searching for God Knows What, best-selling author Donald Miller invites you to reconnect with a faith worth believing. With humor, intelligence, and his trademark writing style, he shows that relationship is God’s way of leading us to redemption. And our need for redemption drives us to relationship with God. “Being a Christian,” Miller writes, “is more like falling in love than understanding a series of ideas.” Maybe you are a Christian wondering what faith you signed up for. Or maybe you don’t believe anything and are daring someone—anyone—to show you a genuine example of authentic faith. Somewhere beyond the self-help formulas, fancy marketing, and easy promises there is a life-changing experience with God waiting. Searching for God Knows What weaves together beautiful stories and fresh perspectives on the Bible to show one man’s journey to find it. “Like a shaken snow globe, Donald Miller’s newest collection of essays creates a swirl of ideas about the Christian life that eventually crystallize into a lovely landscape . . . [He] is one of the evangelical book market’s most creative writers.” —Christianity Today “If you have felt that Jesus is someone you respect and admire—but Christianity is something that repels you—Searching for God Knows What will give you hope that you still can follow Jesus and be part of a church without the trappings of organized religion.” —Dan Kimball Author of The Emerging Church and Pastor of Vintage Faith Church, Santa Cruz, CA “For fans of Blue Like Jazz, I doubt you will be disappointed. Donald Miller writes with the wit and vulnerability that you expect. He perfectly illustrates important themes in a genuine and humorous manner . . . For those who would be reading Miller for the first time, this would be a great start.” —Relevant

The Real Me

Author: Natalie Grant

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1418553522

Category: Religion

Page: 176

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Teenage girls and soccer moms. Housewives and corporate executives. Young professionals and those who are retired. No matter their professions or responsibilities, women of all ages and all walks of life often struggle with an all-consuming issue-self-image. We as Americans are continually obsessed with the grass-is-greener, anything-else-is-better-than-what -we-have philosophy. And that is never truer for women than when it comes to our bodies and our self-images. The media and the world around us tell us that we should be perfect in every way. But this kind of scrutiny and obsession with perfection leaves women feeling unloved, unattractive, frustrated, and even depressed. In The Real Me, contemporary Christian singer and songwriter Natalie Grant is on a mission to especially help young women deal with this struggle and to find acceptance in how God created them. And this struggle is something that Natalie understands fully-she gives the reader an inside look at her own struggle with image issues that led her on the path to bulimia. In acknowledging her pain and sharing her struggle, she offers practical help and hope to women of all ages.

Searching For God And Finding Allah

Author: Gene Netto

Publisher: Yayasan Bambu Biru (Blue Bamboo Foundation)


Category: Religion

Page: 359

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What does Islam say about Christianity, Jesus, the Trinity, the Holy Bible, and Almighty God? What does Islam say about the Absolute Truth of Islam, the Prophet Muhammad, and the Holy Qur’an (also spelled Koran)? If there is only One Almighty God, then Christians and Muslims must be praying to the same God. So, what are the differences between the two religions, and why do Muslims reject Christianity, the Bible, and Jesus as the Son of God, but still accept Jesus as a prophet of God? For non-devout and ex-Christians, this book will explain the problems with Christianity from an Islamic perspective. It will also explain that the Prophet Muhammad was sent to replace Jesus as the next person in a succession of prophets that started with the Prophet Adam and finished with the Prophet Muhammad. For Muslims who grew up without a strong religious education, this book will explain that all religions are not the same, that Christianity is no longer valid or accepted by God, and that we should use the logical brains that God gave us to understand Islam. In this book, you will discover that Islam is simply the continuation of Judaism and Christianity, that Islam is the One True Religion of Almighty God and always has been since the time of Adam and Eve, and that the Prophet Muhammad is the next messenger and also the Final Messenger from God, that Jesus promised to his followers. -Gene Netto

Searching for God

Author: Joan Burstyn,Gershon Vincow

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1462012191

Category: Religion

Page: 252

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The authors of Searching for God: Study Partners Explore Contemporary Jewish Texts introduce self-directed hevruta, a novel twist on the traditional Jewish path of in-depth learning with a study partner. Together, they choose the most challenging topic of all, searching for God, and explore five contemporary Jewish texts that present several approaches: mysticism, rationalism, nontraditional Judaism, metaphors from science, and character development. These spiritual seekers are lay-people. Joan Burstyn is an historian and poet; Gershon Vincow is a scientist and community leader. They study, discuss, teach each other, and draw conclusions. The result of this study partnership is a transformative learning experience about Judaism and the search for God. This touching and inspiring account of the commitment of two friends to study texts and share their insights with each other on behalf of their own, and each other's connection to holiness could well be titled Thinking as a Spiritual Path. Celebrating intellect as an instrument of prayer, this book will serve as a template for seekers across religious traditions who long for a spiritual practice that satisfies their minds as it gladdens their hearts. Sylvia Boorstein, author of Happiness Is an Inside Job: Practicing for a Joyful Life. This book successfully probes the most basic questions anyone should ask: What do I mean when I use the word God'? And how does the answer affect the way I live? Edward D. Zinbarg, board member, Jewish Theological Seminary Rabbinical School; author of Faith, Morals and Money: What the World's Religions Tell Us about Ethics in the Marketplace.

Strugglebook: A Logical Search for the Truth of God

Author: Robert Thornborough

Publisher: Robert Thornborough

ISBN: 1439202451

Category: Religion

Page: 274

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"Strugglebook: A Logical Search for the Truth of GOD" explores the probability for the existence of God based primarily on the logic derived from science. While it addresses issues applicable to theology, it is not a theological work. There are literally hundreds of books on this subject, most detailing a standard set of arguments. This book follows that pattern for the first part but then extends itself into a series of coalescing arguments built on the latest science, all of which results in a unique presentation on the subject. Forming a conclusion respecting the reality of God on something as cold as logic is contrary to approaches generally considered acceptable to religious organizations that favor perhaps more ephemeral means based on redemption and faith. Those approaches based on other than logic have proven very successful for many individuals. That notwithstanding, the author is representative of that very large group of people who live in environments replete with corporate missions, budget building and spreadsheets, strength, weakness, opportunity and threat exercises, performance yields, compensation management, management by objective, measuring outcomes, and mini-MBA courses. The resulting objectivity built through vocation, results for many individuals, including the author, in a need to question the rationale behind faith and God. This book is the record of a search for the reality of God consistent with satisfying the needs dictated by the logic often demanded by the modern mind. Do world and personal events result in a questioning of your faith? Do you wonder about a God that could allow 9/11 or the deaths of tens of thousands in a cyclone? Have you watched as someone you love suffers, and as a result, questioned the very existence of God? Have the truths of modern science served to displace your belief in God? Does your working life consumed with spreadsheets, schedules, logical analysis, objectives, investment returns, getting the job done on time, and all the other appendages of working life impose an atmosphere that works against belief in God? Do you feel unsure about sharing your beliefs with others because you may be ridiculed? Have you been exposed to the views of Richard Dawkins through his book The God Delusion, or other well known atheists who attempt seemingly with some success to use science to prove God doesn't exist and in so doing, relegate your beliefs as unworthy? These questions and situations imposed themselves on the author of this book, an educator and computer application designer who decided to take a year out of his life and find the answers. This book chronicles his search for the truth of God. Calling on history and using the very latest scientific knowledge, coupled with related philosophy, and sometimes delivered somewhat irreverently, the book delves into the issues, presenting positive and dissenting views respecting the existence of God and then argues the case from the data presented. The reader shares the full rationale for decisions made.

The Power of Ugly

Author: Jamie J. Stilson

Publisher: Harmon Press

ISBN: 1935959026

Category: Christian life

Page: 260

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Discovering The Power of Ugly will cost you your pride. You will learn to take off your religious masks and stand naked before God. Ugly will liberate you from a false spirituality which pretends that being spiritual means that you stop being a real, flawed human being. Ugly is a celebration of the beauty of God's grace reflected through our weaknesses, not our strengths.

The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand

Author: Larry Xavier Blumer

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 1606963341

Category: Religion

Page: 448

View: 7426

Have you ever noticed how the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke contain much of the same information? Because the Gospel of John stands apart from the rest of the Gospels, reading them may be confusing. New author Larry Blumer has provided an in-depth study of the Gospels in his new book, The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand. The Gospel events are placed in chronological order so the reader can see them unfold plainly. The commentary includes: Journey maps that depict Jesus' travels. Commentary notes which give informative background information, explaining customs of the day. 'Application Today' sections that help the reader apply the lesson from the event to their life. From the birth announcements of John the Baptist and Jesus to the Sermon on the Mount, The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand provides a concise study on the Gospels. Filled with practical insight, sound biblical doctrine, and much needed application, this is a must read for every serious student of the Bible. AUTHOR BIO Larry Blumer is an Electrical Engineer and active member of the Lutheran Church and has spent many years teaching adult bible classes. The idea for this book began while studying to become a Bethel Bible teacher. This book was developed while teaching an adult Bible class on the Gospels."

Searching for Cassiopeia

Author: Fabio Osaben

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1466952059

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 206

View: 526

This is a funny and poignant account of the life of a rogue of sorts. The crazy escapades and sad moments of a life lived on the brink and a character that never held back. It is ultimately the search for a love lost many years before and a search for the essence of unspoiled youth.

Pushing Gods Out

Author: Pushing Gods Out

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd

ISBN: 9354581447

Category: Fiction

Page: 473

View: 5120

Shanti is married into a clan of human gods. There is her husband Rampal (Keeper of Rama), his parents Ramdas (Servitor of Rama) and Rampyari (Beloved of Rama), as also his brother Ramprasad (Gift of Rama) and others. For the partial namesakes to fulfil the purpose of their being, they must have Rama, the lotus of their garden. They are all waiting for Shanti’s womb to bring him forth. Shanti too, is desperate to push him out so that he can liberate her from the invisible chains that fetter her body, mind, and soul. She sees him as her saviour-servitor-prince. She wants him to avenge her not just against her husband but all the men in the world. While the family is busy consulting priests in order to make the perfect vessel out of Shanti, who has thus far produced only three daughters of little merit, she is secretly learning chess manoeuvres to use in her turn. But Rama himself grows hesitant; he no longer wishes to be pushed out. Pushing Gods Out is a story of the trans-generational burden carried by men and women, husbands and wives, sons and daughters, in the god-decreed kingdom of patriarchs. Written in a sardonic tone with a dash of tragicomedy, this piercing satire reaches deep into the heart of a culture that imprisons in its rigid contours every one of its followers.

Finding Faith

Author: Richard Flory,Donald Miller

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 0813544262

Category: Religion

Page: 248

View: 8297

Despite the masses still lining up to enter mega-churches with warehouse-like architecture, casually dressed clergy, and pop Christian music, the “Post-Boomer” generation—those ranging in age from twenty to forty—is having second thoughts. In this perceptive look at the evolving face of Christianity in contemporary culture, sociologists Richard Flory and Donald E. Miller argue that we are on the verge of another potential revolution in how Christians worship and associate with one another. Just as the formative experiences of Baby Boomers were colored by such things as the war in Vietnam, the 1960s, and a dramatic increase in their opportunities for individual expression, so Post-Boomers have grown up in less structured households with working (often divorced) parents. These childhood experiences leave them craving authentic spiritual experience, rather than entertainment, and also cause them to question institutions. Flory and Miller develop a typology that captures four current approaches to the Christian faith and argue that this generation represents a new religious orientation of “expressive communalism,” in which they seek spiritual experience and fulfillment in community and through various expressive forms of spirituality, both private and public.