Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus Study Guide

Author: Nabeel Qureshi

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 031052668X

Category: Religion

Page: 176

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Building on the powerful story and arguments he shared in Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, Nabeel Qureshi and co-author Kevin Harney take viewers deeper into apologetics and evangelism among Muslims with this complete study course. In eight lessons coordinated to be used alongside the Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus Video Study, Qureshi and Harney explore Muslim culture, the most common Muslim objections to Christianity, and the core doctrines upon which Islam stands or falls. Compassionate and clear, the Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus Study Guide will be a useful training tool for pastors, outreach leaders, and any believers wanting to winsomely engage Muslims in spiritual conversations. The Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus Study Guide develops in further detail the objections to Islam and case for Christianity that Qureshi introduced in Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus. When studied with the accompanying Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus Video Study, this complete course is perfect for adult classes, small groups, segments in college or seminary courses, and motivated independent learners alike.

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

Author: Nabeel Qureshi

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310092655

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 384

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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • 2015 Christian Book Award winner • Nabeel Qureshi describes his dramatic journey from Islam to Christianity in this expanded edition with new bonus content and reflections. "My friend Nabeel Qureshi was courageous enough to chase down the truth with intellectual integrity, no matter the personal cost," --Lee Strobel, bestselling author of The Case for Christ. Providing an intimate view into a loving Muslim home, Qureshi shares how he developed a passion for Islam before discovering, almost against his will, evidence that Jesus rose from the dead and claimed to be God. Unable to deny the arguments but not wanting to deny his family, Qureshi struggled with an inner turmoil that will challenge Christians, Muslims, and all those who are interested in two of the world's greatest religions and the quest for truth. Qureshi--with great courage and intimacy--wrote this book with three major purposes in mind: To tear down walls between two of the world's major religions by giving non-Muslim readers an insider's perspective into a Muslim's heart and mind. To equip the reader with facts and knowledge, showing the strength of the case for the gospel contrasted with the case for Islam. To portray the immense inner struggle of Muslims grappling with the gospel, including all the sacrifices and doubts that rise up along the way. Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus is more than the memoir of a man's pursuit of answers to the most important issues of life and faith. Ultimately, it's the story about the transformative grace and mercy of the one true God. This edition has been expanded to include: A revised foreword and introduction A new afterword by apologist Mark Mittelberg and a reflection by Nabeel's wife A substantially extended epilogue that shares how Nabeel told his friend David of his decision to follow Christ, how his parents found out, and more Expert contributions from scholars and ministry leaders on each section of the book, contributions previously included only in the ebook edition An appendix with a topical table of contents (for teaching from Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus) An appendix tackling the objection that Ahmadi Muslims--the Islamic movement that Qureshi was raised in--are not true Muslims And a sneak peek prologue from Nabeel's book, No God but One: Allah or Jesus?

Answering Jihad and Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus Collection

Author: Nabeel Qureshi

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310531691

Category: Religion

Page: 480

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This collection includes 2 bestselling ebooks from award-winning author Nabeel Qureshi. Answering Jihad From New York Times bestselling author and former Muslim Nabeel Qureshi comes this personal, challenging, and respectful answer to the many questions surrounding jihad, the rise of ISIS, and Islamic terrorism. Setting aside speculations and competing voices, what really is jihad? How are we to understand jihad in relation to our Muslim neighbors and friends? Why is there such a surge of Islamist terrorism in the world today, and how are we to respond? Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus In Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, Nabeel Qureshi describes his dramatic journey from Islam to Christianity, complete with friendships, investigations, and supernatural dreams along the way. Providing an intimate window into a loving Muslim home, Qureshi shares how he developed a passion for Islam before discovering, almost against his will, evidence that Jesus rose from the dead and claimed to be God. Unable to deny the arguments but not wanting to deny his family, Qureshi’s inner turmoil will challenge Christians and Muslims alike.

Searching for God Study Guide

Author: Holly Lazzaro

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310107806

Category: Religion

Page: 176

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The average person today may hold to a wide variety of beliefs about religion and Christianity, including: Good people go to heaven; bad people end up in hell. All religions are basically the same. It's about rules. It's about controlling people. No religion can be the only way to God or spirituality. In short, religion is an area of much confusion. The Searching for God Study Guide by Holly Lazzaro, a companion to the Searching for God Video Study featuring a number of top Christian thinkers and apologists, leads participants into exploring questions such as: What is Christianity? What are some of the ideas that have influenced the way people think about it? Is there any evidence for God? Most significantly, the Searching for God Study Guide examines the central event in the Christian story, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The resurrection is a historical claim, testable by evidence. So how credible is it? Lazzaro leads participants into reflecting more deeply on the insights provided in the video study by scholars such as Lee Strobel, William Lane Craig, Gary Habermas, J. Warner Wallace, Nabeel Qureshi, Paul Copan, and many more.

Seeking Truth

Author: Clinton Bezan

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1664215247

Category: Religion

Page: 260

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Today people are searching for truth in a world embroiled by contradiction, misinformation and blatant lies that have created confusion, division and mistrust in society. The fear generated through terrorism and the handling of the global covid 19 pandemic have many questioning the future of mankind and turning to God for answers. For those genuinely seeking redemption through Jesus Christ, the tarnished reputation of the established Christian church offers little clarity in the path to salvation and serves as a living testimony to the fallen state of man. Where does one begin to sort through the soupy mess that religion has become and discover the true meaning of Christianity? In a revealing and illuminating examination of scripture, history and the authentic Christian message, Clinton Bezan dispels the fallacies and half truths propagated through Christian history by errant religious dogma and traditions. There is a distinct paradox that organized religion fails to recognize in its efforts to maintain growth and influence in a civilization that is increasingly devoid of moral legitimacy and is struggling to maintain its sense of purpose amid the volatile and fluid post truth culture. It is only by returning to the basic premise of faith in Christ that there is hope for peace and purpose in the Christian life.

Making Your Case for Christ Study Guide

Author: Lee Strobel,Mark Mittelberg

Publisher: HarperChristian Resources

ISBN: 031009514X

Category: Religion

Page: 144

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In his bestselling book The Case for Christ, Lee Strobel retraced his spiritual journey from atheism to faith by showing how the evidence he obtained from experts in the field of history, archaeology, and ancient manuscripts led him to the verdict that Jesus truly was the Son of God. Now, in this six-week training course, Lee and coauthor Mark Mittelberg will equip you with practical tools to equip you articulate this same message to your unsaved friends and present evidence that backs up Jesus' claims and credentials. As you go through the course, you will discover how to: Help your unsaved friends and family members open up to consider the case for Christ Describe your own personal journey with Christ and how it has impacted you Share with confidence about the biblical record of Christ—that Jesus was real Present the evidence for the resurrection of Christ—that Jesus died and was raised to life Explain the central message of Christ in an authentic and compelling way Help your unsaved friends and family members respond to the truth of Jesus Sessions include: Helping Friends Consider the Case for Christ Describing Your Own Journey with Christ Backing Up the Biblical Record of Christ Presenting Evidence for the Resurrection of Christ Explaining the Central Message of Christ Encouraging Friends to Follow Christ Designed for use with Making Your Case for Christ Video Study (9780310095156), sold separately.

Effective Intercultural Evangelism

Author: W. Jay Moon,W. Bud Simon

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 0830831738

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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We live in a multicultural society, but many Christians hesitate to engage those of other faiths about Christianity. Exploring evangelism from the perspective of four major worldviews, Jay Moon and Bud Simon unpack the intercultural dynamics at hand when sharing the gospel across cultures, offering contextual evangelism approaches that are relevant, biblical, and practical.

Introducing Christianity to Mormons

Author: Eric Johnson

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 0736985506

Category: Religion

Page: 278

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Share Jesus with Your LDS Friends and Family One of our greatest challenges as Christians is sharing the truth with those who believe they’ve already found it. When witnessing to current or former members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it’s essential that you can compassionately delineate biblical teachings from Mormon doctrine while tactfully advocating for Christ. For every believer who prays for loved ones in the LDS Church—or loved ones who gave up on religion after leaving Mormonism—Introducing Christianity to Mormons is the guidebook you need to witness to them. Inside, you’ll find real-life conversations that give you helpful ideas for what to say in your discussions contrast points between Mormonism and Christianity that illuminate God’s truth biblical apologetics that allow you to minister to former LDS members wounded by their experience with the Church Get ready to present the case for Christianity with confidence and grace. This book will empower you to share your faith and give you the language to do so effectively with people in the Mormon community.

The Popular Handbook of World Religions

Author: Daniel J McCoy

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 0736979107

Category: Religion

Page: 448

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A Christian’s Guide to the World’s Most Prominent Religions Meeting people from other religions is an incredible blessing and a unique challenge. As Christians, what do we need to know about their beliefs to effectively interact with them? And how can we share about Jesus with sensitivity for someone’s relationship to their current faith? A compilation from some of today’s top religion scholars, The Popular Handbook of World Religions is a clear and insightful guide to understanding and conversing with followers of the world’s major belief systems. You will… gain a balanced, nuanced comprehension of what followers of other religions believe, and see how those beliefs compare with those of Christianity develop deeper respect for different cultures and appreciate their unique traditions and ideas learn how to share about Christ with true compassion and a recognition of other people’s individuality and heritage Featuring the writings of Dr. Douglas Groothuis, Dr. Paul Copan, Dr. Winfried Corduan, and more, The Popular Handbook of World Religions is designed to help you gain the wisdom you need to interact with people of other faiths, from atheism to Judaism, Buddhism to Islam, Jainism to Sikhism, and more.

Why Ask Questions About Islam?: Answers Christians Need to Understand

Author: Gordon Kainer


ISBN: 1365244253

Category: Religion

Page: 302

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Across the world, Islam appears in eye-catching headlines. We may be aware of what is happening but often we don't understand why. Most Christians have unanswered questions about Islam, don't we? Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God? Does it matter whether one is a Muslim or a Christian? How does Islam view love, sin, salvation, and forgiveness? Is a Muslim's view of Jesus different than a Christian's? What does Bible prophecy say about Islam? How best should a Christian witness to a Muslim? This book answers over 100 questions Christians ask about Islam, and in so doing, reveals Islam's greatest need: a saving faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the author's hope that this book provides you with a highly informative perspective as Islam is thoughtfully studied and evaluated within the framework of a biblical worldview.