Supersonic Warrior: Shattered Love

Author: Josh Zimmer

Publisher: Josh Zimmer


Category: Fiction

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Spider Crusader has shattered Christina's love life by killing her boyfriend, James, during a heated battle on the bridge in Zoomopolis.

Postmodernism: Disciplinary texts : humanities and social sciences

Author: Victor E. Taylor,Charles E. Winquist

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9780415185691

Category: Criticism

Page: 805

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V.1 Foundational essays -- V.2 Critical Texts -- V.3 Disciplinary texts: Humanities and social sciences -- V.4 Legal studies, psychoanalytic studies, visual arts and architecture.

A Postmodern Theology of Ritual Action

Author: Jonathan L. Best

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 153264955X

Category: Religion

Page: 250

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A Postmodern Theology of Ritual Action is a unique work that seeks to explore where we find meaning within ritual and actions within the church. Bridging hermeneutics, philosophy, and postmodern thought, this work seeks to explore how to do theology with the community through conversation. Beginning with the mindset that meaning is already present within ritual action rather than outside it, Best engages the practice of foot washing among the Original Free Will Baptist denomination of eastern North Carolina. Foot washing suggests a new future for theology, a future that models love, service, and acceptance. Incorporating insights gained from conversing with philosophy, theology, and the Original Free Will Baptists, foot washing points toward a future relational practical theology. A Postmodern Theology of Ritual Action is a captivating work that draws from both philosophers and theologians to show that we can learn much by listening to the voices of religious practitioners.

The Inoperative Community

Author: Jean-Luc Nancy

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

ISBN: 9780816619245

Category: Social Science

Page: 176

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A collection of five essays of French philosopher Nancy, originally published in 1985-86: The Inoperative Community, Myth Interpreted, Literary Communism, Shattered Love, and Of Divine Places. A paper edition (1924-7) is available for $14.95. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

On Touching, Jean-Luc Nancy

Author: Jacques Derrida

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 9780804742443

Category: Philosophy

Page: 377

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This book, written out of Derrida's long-standing friendship with Jean-Luc Nancy, examines the central place accorded to the sense of touch in the Western philosophical tradition.

The Pulse of Sense

Author: Marie Chabbert,Nikolaas Deketelaere

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1000564800

Category: Philosophy

Page: 270

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This volume stages a series of encounters between the French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy and leading scholars of his work along four major themes of Nancy’s thought: sense, experience, existence, and Christianity. In doing so, the volume seeks to remind readers that Nancy’s sens has many meanings in French: aside from those that easily carry over into English, i.e., everything to do with "meaning" and "the senses"; it also includes the "way" they are "conducted," the "direction" they take, the "thrust" or "pulse" in which the circulation of sense exists. Faithful to this plural understanding of sens, the writings collected here aim to join Jean-Luc Nancy in the process of "making-sense" that animates his thinking, rather than to deliver a definitive summary of his position on any given issue. They are conceived of as notes "along the way," documenting "encounters" as moments of "(re)direction" and recording the "pulse" of sense that animates them. In that spirit, Nancy himself has provided each contribution with an "echo" in which he, in turn, responds to each author and thereby continues their mutual encounter. Aside from these echoes, this volume includes an original essay in which Nancy reflects upon the international trajectory of his thinking; a trajectory that is to be and undoubtedly will be continued, in many different directions, across and around the world. The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of Angelaki.

Philosophy and Love

Author: Linnell Secomb

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 0748637761

Category: Philosophy

Page: 184

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Philosophy and Love introduces historical and contemporary philosophical reflections on love. It brings together philosophy with cultural analysis to provide an accessible and engaging account of conventional theories of love as well as the controversial reformulations evident in same-sex desire, cross-cultural love and internet romance. Starting with Plato, but focusing especially on contemporary European philosophy, this book introduces figures such as Nietzsche, Beauvoir, Irigaray, Derrida and Fanon. Explaining these philosophical approaches in clear and accessible terms, Philosophy and Love also engages with cultural productions - ranging from Sappho to Frankenstein, and from Hiroshima Mon Amour to Desperate Housewives - enabling an exchange between philosophical and cultural theories. Love stories are also central to this interdisciplinary book, revealing the ethical and the political as well as the personal implications of lover's discourses. Embracing both the sentimental and the political this deconstructive reading discloses the paradoxes, conflicts and intensities of the love relation.

Love Dances

Author: SanSan Kwan

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0197514553

Category: Music

Page: 136

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Love Dances: Loss and Mourning in Intercultural Collaboration explores global relationality within the realm of intercultural collaboration in contemporary dance. Author SanSan Kwan looks specifically at duets, focusing on "East" "West" pairings, and how dance artists from different cultural and movement backgrounds -Asia, the Asian diaspora, Europe, and the United States; trained in contemporary dance, hip hop, flamenco, Thai classical dance, kabuki, and butoh - find ways to collaborate. Kwan acknowledges the forces of dissension, prejudice, and violence present in any contact zone, but ultimately asserts that choreographic invention across difference can be an act of love in the face of loss and serve as a model for difficult, imaginative, compassionate global affiliation. Love Dances contends that the practice and performance of dance serves as a revelatory site for working across culture. Body-to-body interaction on the stage carries the potential to model everyday encounters across difference in the world.

Wild Flower Freedom

Author: E. Marie Aldrich-Creasy

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1450008577

Category: Poetry

Page: 325

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DEEP IN THE SOUTH OF TEXAS About twenty years ago Here on this tiny lil’ island She called herself Marie Laveaux Ardella and Frank had the Poop Deck She came in to dry her hair With the bright sun and the gulf breeze Frank said “You’re the one” Come on aboard and we’ll have some fun! Everyone knows It was hard to leave And so the story goes Of the Poop Deck and this girl Marie I remember Marie The day I first came in She copped a bad attitude Cause she thought I was rude We really got under each other’s skin Now everybody knows The Poop Deck and Marie And everybody knows It wouldn’t be the same without Marie Yeah! Everybody knows It was hard to leave Everybody knows About the Poop Deck and Marie I’ll have another beer if you please!

Phenomenology and Perspectives on the Heart

Author: Anthony J. Steinbock

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 3030919285

Category: Philosophy

Page: 235

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This edited collection marks a new wave of international and philosophical scholarship on “the heart”- that rich dimension of our emotional being in the world. This text addresses the relation between feeling and knowing and investigates whether or not the heart has its own way of cognition and critique. This book takes up the emotional turn in philosophy in general, and phenomenology in particular, advancing this field through innovative and original perspectives. The contributions come from philosophers working in distinctive, yet overlapping areas of research.