Six Months in Sudan

Author: Dr. James Maskalyk

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 0385529643

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 336

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An inspiring story of one doctor’s struggle in a war-torn village in the heart of Sudan In 2007, James Maskalyk, newly recruited by Doctors Without Borders, set out for the contested border town of Abyei, Sudan. An emergency physician drawn to the ravaged parts of the world, Maskalyk spent six months treating malnourished children, coping with a measles epidemic, watching for war, and struggling to meet overwhelming needs with few resources. Six Months in Sudan began as a blog that Maskalyk wrote from his hut in Sudan in an attempt to bring his family and friends closer to his experiences on the medical front line of one of the poorest and most fragile places on earth. It is the story of the doctors, nurses, and countless volunteers who leave their homes behind to ease the suffering of others, and it is the story of the people of Abyei, who endure its hardship because it is the only home they have. A memoir of volunteerism that recalls Three Cups of Tea, Six Months in Sudan is written with humanity, conviction, great hope, and piercing insight. It introduces us to a world beyond our own imagining and demonstrates how we all can make a difference.

Six Months in Sudan

Author: James Maskalyk

Publisher: Canongate Books

ISBN: 1847676073

Category: Travel

Page: 352

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An outstanding account of saving lives in one of the most dangerous and desperate places on Earth. James Maskalyk set out for the contested border town of Abyei, Sudan in 2007 as Médicins Sans Frontières' newest medical doctor in the field. Equipped with his experience as an emergency physician in a Western hospital and his desire to understand the hardest parts of the world, Maskalyk's days were spent treating malnourished children, fending off a measles epidemic and staying out of the soldiers' way. Worn raw in the struggle to meet overwhelming needs with inadequate resource, he returned hom six months later more affected by the experience, the people and the place than he had anticipated. Six Months in Sudan began as a blog that he wrote from his hut in Sudan in an attempt to bring his family and friends closer to his hot, hot days. It is a story about humans: the people of Abyei who suffer its hardship because it is their home, and the doctors, nurses and countless volunteers who leave their homes with the tools to make another's easier to endure. With great hope and insight, Maskalyk illuminates a distant place - its heat, its people, its poverty, its war - to inspire possibilities for action.

Africa Yearbook Volume 7

Author: Andreas Mehler,Henning Melber,Klaas Walraven

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 900420556X

Category: Social Science

Page: 552

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The Africa Yearbook is a reliable source of reference covering major domestic political developments, the foreign policy and socio-economic trends of all sub-Saharan states – all related to developments in one calendar year.


Author: Sophie Ibbotson,Max Lovell-Hoare

Publisher: Bradt Travel Guides

ISBN: 1841624136

Category: Travel

Page: 232

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. The only guide dedicated solely to the new Republic of the Sudan. Explore entire pyramids and other ancient sites entirely free of tourist crowds. Drink in views over the Sudanese plains from the granite Taka Mountains. Dive the reef where Jacques Cousteau conducted his experiment in underwater living . Experience Sudan's cultural diversity among the 50 tribes of the Nuba Mountains. Read advice on where to stay/eat, travelling safely and cultural etiquetteAs a staple of bleak news headlines, Sudan has been slow to make its abundant attractions known to the outside world. Few foreigners have heard of the Kingdom of Kush, walked among the isolated pyramids of Meroë or witnessed the whirling dervishes of Omdurman. Yet those who do make it here are invariably enchanted by its easy-going nature, fascinating history and the warm welcome they receive from the Sudanese people.This, the only stand-alone guide to post-partition Sudan, leads you expertly from the labyrinthine souks of Khartoum to coral-bedecked wrecks off the Red Sea coast. Whether you're rushing through on the trans-Africa trail or whiling away weeks among rich archaeological sites, this fully revised third edition is your indispensible companion.

Multicultural America: An Encyclopedia of the Newest Americans [4 volumes]

Author: Ronald H. Bayor

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 0313357870

Category: Social Science

Page: 2334

View: 6462

This encyclopedia contains 50 thorough profiles of the most numerically significant immigrant groups now making their homes in the United States, telling the story of our newest immigrants and introducing them to their fellow Americans. • Comprises contributions from 50 sociologists, anthropologists, historians, social scientists, and political scientists, many of whom are from the countries they discuss • Offers appealing sidebars featuring young people who represent the newest generation of American immigrants throughout the book • Provides maps showing where each country is located and photographs that accompany each essay, depicting cultural events and a young immigrant from that nation • Includes a glossary of important terms, a bibliography of sources, and a "Further Reading" section with each essay • Contains appendices of census statistics on American immigration • Presents a chronology of major historical events in each of the sending country's history

A Year of Living Generously

Author: Lawrence Scanlan

Publisher: D & M Publishers

ISBN: 9781553656173

Category: Social Science

Page: 384

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A Year of Living Generously follows award-winning journalist Lawrence Scanlan as he volunteers with 12 different charities, among them well-known institutions Habitat for Humanity, the St. Vincent de Paul Society and Canadian Crossroads. Drawing from first-hand experiences - serving in a soup kitchen in Ontario, building houses in post-Katrina New Orleans and teaching at a women’s radio station in Senegal — Scanlan tests the ideas and theories on global aid and philanthropy and makes a compelling case for greater commitment and real connection from us all. The result is an engaging yet informative primer for today’s volunteers, young and old, who are looking to make a meaningful contribution.

Africa and the World

Author: Dawn Nagar,Charles Mutasa

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 331962590X

Category: Political Science

Page: 520

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This book probes key issues pertaining to Africa’s relations with global actors. It provides a comprehensive trajectory of Africa’s relations with key bilateral and major multilateral actors, assessing how the Cold War affected the African state systems’ political policies, its economies, and its security. Taken together, the essays in this volume provide a collective understanding of Africa’s drive to improve the capacity of its state of global affairs, and assess whether it is in fact able to do so.

An Oral and Documentary History of the Darfur Genocide [2 Volumes]

Author: Samuel Totten

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 0313352380

Category: History

Page: 556

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An unquestionably important, oral-history collection presents the first-person stories of survivors of the genocide in Darfur, a region in western Sudan where the Sudanese government is accused of abetting the murder of an estimated 400,000 persons. • 24 illustrations

Small Steps

Author: Pandu H. Van Dijk,Prakash C. Das

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 178306434X

Category: Social Science

Page: 160

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The projects described in this fascinating book are not just sticking plasters for an injured world. Small Steps is full of practical, realistic responses to the needs of others, and seeing how other people have tackled them will be of great assistance to those wishing to become involved in this area.


Author: Jock Pan

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1450086713

Category: Political Science

Page: 764

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FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES • This Book is Federal Government Book; it should not be under estimated by any Faculty or Individual. The book contains all roles of President, United States Congress, United States Judiciary, and United States Inner Executive Departments are: • United States Department of States; United States Department of Treasury, United States Department of Defense, United States Department of Justice, and United States Department of Homeland Security; and others Offices that have Rank of Cabinet-Level, and they are: Vice President of the United States Office; Executive Office of the President (White House); Office of Budget and Management; Office of the U.S. Trade Representative; Environmental Protection Agency; United States Mission to United Nations; United States Council of Economic Advisors; United States Department of Army Forces; United States Department of Air Forces; United States Department of Naval Operations; United States Marine Corps/Commands; and United States of America’s short history, and United States Constitution. However, the above mentioned Departments have more than one thousand Agencies. Author: Pan