Skint Estate

Author: Cash Carraway

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1473565685

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 368

View: 6477

‘Brilliant, horrifying and really f***ing funny’ KATHY BURKE ‘Give[s] powerful voice to the often silent story that explains so much of Britain’s current fracturing’ OBSERVER I’m a scrounger, a liar, a hypocrite, a stain on society with no basic morals – or so they say. After all, what else do you call a working-class single mum in temporary accommodation? Skint Estate is the darkly funny debut memoir from Cash Carraway, a scream against austerity that rises full of rage in a landscape of sink estates, police cells, refuges and peepshows. A voice that must be heard. ‘Cash’s brutal honesty will leave you wanting to make a change, stand up and be heard. A must-read’ VICKY McCLURE ‘Extraordinary ... Bursts with energy, wit and anger’ KEN LOACH ‘The new voice of a generation’ THE TIMES ‘Astonishingly brilliant ... Raw, gut-wrenching and immensely moving’ RUTH JONES ‘A fascinating, shocking look at poverty and motherhood’ BILLIE PIPER ‘A howl of rage ... I loved it’ THE IRISH TIMES ‘The definition of edgy’ LIONEL SHRIVER

The Shame Game

Author: O'Hara, Mary

Publisher: Policy Press

ISBN: 144734927X

Category: Social Science

Page: 232

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What does it mean to be poor in Britain and America? For decades the primary narrative about poverty in both countries is that it has been caused by personal flaws or ‘bad life decisions’ rather than policy choices or economic inequality. This misleading account has become deeply embedded in the public consciousness with serious ramifications for how financially vulnerable people are seen, spoken about and treated. Drawing on a two-year multi-platform initiative, this book by award-winning journalist and author Mary O’Hara, asks how we can overturn this portrayal once and for all. Crucially, she turns to the real experts to try to find answers – the people who live it.

Fascist Painting

Author: Phil Beadle

Publisher: John Catt Educational

ISBN: 191380836X

Category: Electronic books

Page: 284

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The Fascist Painting is a serious, rich and deeply intelligent piece of work that will radically alter the way we view culture in schools and will be a key text for anyone designing a curriculum. The Ofsted Inspection Framework states that cultural capital is 'The essential knowledge that pupils need to be educated citizens' and that schools 'should be introducing [students] to the best that has been thought and said and helping to engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement'. They are now considering, 'the extent to which schools are equipping pupils with the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life.' But what does this term mean? And how are schools to respond to this? In this densely argued and wide-ranging text, Phil Beadle answers those questions and many more by using the work of Pierre Bourdieu to prompt a discussion of how we improve the provision of cultural capital in our schools. Where does the best that has been thought and said come from? Why is the government importing the unexamined language of the private school into the state sector? What is the real purpose behind character education? Does sport, as is reputed, teach resilience, and why would anyone think it was appropriate to teach children a quality they already have? Is cultural capital just ruling class culture? Chiefly, does using a term originated by a French intellectual and radical sociologist to instate the culture of the rich as being superior prove anything other more than a complete absence of thought, or have they accidentally given us a radical tool to change education for the better?

Mathematical Tasks

Author: Chris McGrane

Publisher: John Catt Educational

ISBN: 1913808351

Category: Electronic books

Page: 306

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If we want our pupils to develop fluency, understanding and the ability to solve complex problems, then it is vital that teachers develop the ability to select, adapt and design appropriate mathematical tasks. In 'Mathematical Tasks: The Bridge Between Teaching and Learning', Chris McGrane and Mark McCourt a range of practical approaches, strategies and principles behind the design and effective use of tasks in the mathematics classroom that lead to all pupils becoming successful learners. First-hand interviews with world class mathematics education experts and practicing teachers bring to life the ideas behind how tasks can act as a bridge between what the teacher wants the pupil to make sense of and what the pupil actually does makes sense of; tasks are how we enable pupils to enact mathematics - it is only by being mathematical that pupils can truly make connections across mathematical ideas and understand the bigger picture. This is a book for classroom teachers. Chris McGrane offers a range of practical examples for nurturing deep learning in mathematics that can be adapted and embedded in one's own classroom practice. This is also a book for those who are interested in the theory behind tasks. Chris and his interviewees examine the key role tasks play in shaping learning, teaching, curriculum and assessment. Suitable for teachers at all stages in their careers and teachers are encouraged to return to the book from time to time over the years to notice how their use of tasks in the classroom changes as they themselves develop.

Beyond the Water Meadows

Author: Maggie Allder

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1800462468

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

View: 7882

Daisy lives happily in a care home with twelve other children, sheltered from a dangerous world of sickness and war. As everything finally returns to normal, she and her friends begin to explore the city beyond the Water Meadows where she has grown up. But while there are exciting new experiences, there are also people who are quick to take advantage of naive teenagers, to exploit them for their own financial gain. They are both cunning and ruthless, and it isn't long before Daisy and her friends find themselves threatened by them. Not only that, there is something mysterious about Daisy’s friend, Sophie, a comparatively recent arrival to the care home. Why will she never speak about her time before she arrived at Xunzi House? Why, when everyone else seems to be spreading their wings and enjoying their new freedoms, does Sophie seem to withdraw more and more? And why does she seem to be afraid of the world out beyond the Water Meadows? Is she, perhaps, right to be fearful - and if so, what does that mean for Daisy and her friends? For years the world has been a dangerous place, but at last the country is getting back to normal - or is it?

Lived Experiences and Social Transformations

Author: CL Wren Radford

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004513183

Category: Religion

Page: 272

View: 7812

This book argues for the productive and problematic nature of sharing lived experiences as a political and theological practice, drawing on a case study with anti-poverty activists in the UK to argue for a critical, creative, and collaborative approach to engaging with marginalised experiences in practical theology.


Author: Kristian Brodie,Adam Shakinovsky

Publisher: Unbound Publishing

ISBN: 1800181019

Category: Music

Page: N.A

View: 6605

Put your headphones on, close your eyes. Embrace the possibility of the life-changing power of music. And perhaps one of these songs will change your life too. Music can inspire our greatest creations, salve our deepest wounds, make us fall in – or out of – love. It can also be a window into another’s soul. Based on the popular live storytelling series, OneTrackMinds is a collection of twenty-five compelling answers to the question, ‘What was the song that changed your life?’ Featuring pieces from a stellar cast of contributors including Peter Tatchell, Inua Ellams, Cash Carraway, Rhik Samadder, Ingrid Oliver and Joe Dunthorne, alongside some of the UK’s most exciting new voices, the book compiles many of the standout stories from the live show so far. Just as rich and varied are the songs themselves, by artists ranging from Nina Simone and Joni Mitchell to Aphex Twin and the Replacements via Tupac, Prince and the Spice Girls. The result is an entertaining, enlightening musical guide to the best of what makes us human.


Author: Ruth Lister

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1509546332

Category: Political Science

Page: 256

View: 3311

Poverty remains one of the most urgent issues of our time. In this fully updated edition of her important and widely acclaimed intervention on the topic, Ruth Lister introduces readers to the meaning and experience of poverty in the contemporary world. The book opens with a lucid discussion of current debates around the definition and measurement of poverty in industrialized societies, before embarking on a multifaceted exploration of its varied interpretations. Drawing on thinking in the field of international development and real-life accounts, the book emphasizes key aspects of poverty such as powerlessness, lack of voice, insecurity, loss of dignity and respect. Ruth Lister embraces the relational, cultural, symbolic as well as material dimensions of poverty, and makes important links between poverty and other concepts such as capabilities, agency, human rights and citizenship. She concludes by making the case for reframing the politics of poverty as a claim for redistribution and recognition. The result is a rich and insightful analysis, which deepens and broadens our understanding of poverty today. It will be essential reading for all students in the social sciences, as well as researchers, activists and policymakers.

No Fixed Abode

Author: Maeve McClenaghan

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 1529023734

Category: Social Science

Page: N.A

View: 3721

‘A conscience-pricking look at the reality of life on Britain’s streets . . . Illuminating, timely and urgent’ – Sunday Times ‘A story that desperately needed to be told’ – Michael Sheen Tony froze to death in the garden of the house he used to own. Aisha dreams of becoming a nurse, but spends night after night seeking a place to sleep. Jon is an expert at squatting, using his skills to keep others off the street. Jim turned a bus he bought on eBay into a portable shelter. David was a homeless army veteran on the verge of taking his own life when he was saved by Gavin's kindness, now he's a successful artist and activist. Maeve McClenaghan has spent years investigating the crisis on Britain's streets. These are only some of the stories of struggle, loss, survival and courage she has heard. No Fixed Abode will change how you think about homelessness and show you that this crisis is not impossible to solve. This paperback edition includes a new preface covering the impact of Covid-19. ‘A much-needed antidote to the apathy that can often surround homelessness. It is movingly told, passionately argued and totally engrossing’ – i

Ghostly Puzzle Adventures

Author: Karen Dolby

Publisher: Edc Pub

ISBN: 9780746003367

Category: Adventure games

Page: 144

View: 3990

Three ghost stories present trails of clues for the reader to follow to solve puzzles that explain each of the stories.