Sky Burial

Author: Xinran

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1409059766

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 176

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As a young girl in China Xinran heard a rumour about a soldier in Tibet who had been brutally fed to the vultures in a ritual known as a sky burial: the tale frightened and fascinated her. Several decades later Xinran met Shu Wan, a Chinese woman who had spent years searching for her missing husband who had been serving as a doctor in Tibet; her extraordinary life story would unravel the legend of the sky burial. For thirty years she was lost in the wild and alien landscape of Tibet, in the vast and silent plateaus and the magisterial mountain ranges, living with communities of nomads moving with the seasons and struggling to survive. In this haunting book, Xinran recreates Shu Wen's remarkable journey in an epic story of love, loss, loyalty and survival. Moving, shocking and, ultimately, uplifting Sky Burial paints a unique portrait of a woman and a land, both at the mercy of fate and politics.

Sky Burial

Author: Graham Mort

Publisher: N.A



Page: 90

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Author: Michael Buckley

Publisher: Bradt Travel Guides

ISBN: 1784770655


Page: 392

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This new, thoroughly updated edition of Bradt's Tibet encompasses the wider region of ethnic Tibet with more detailed coverage of the Amdo and Kham regions than is found in other guides. It also includes essential information on new border openings and is particularly strong on map data, which is extremely difficult to find in Tibet itself, including new theme maps covering a range of topics, from Tibetan regions to the Three Parallel Rivers UN World Heritage Sites, sacred landscapes, permafrost and major river sources. Bradt's Tibet benefits from years of consistent research. Michael Buckley has been visiting and researching Tibet for more than 30 years and has a raft of books to his name. Thanks to his knowledge and expertise, Bradt's Tibet offers a more extensive language appendix than is found in other guidebooks, plus essential guidelines on cultural etiquette (including a special section on hand gestures to use), local customs and travelling with minimum impact on Tibet's culture and environment. There is also an appendix on fauna and an extensive list of recommended further resources, including books, music, films and even virtual reality Exploring ethnic Tibet independently is a challenge. The 'land of snows' possesses the world's highest peaks (including Everest) and its deepest gorges as well as some of the wildest and roughest road routes in high Asia. Bradt's Tibet provides all the practical information you need to explore ethnic Tibet independently, whether motoring, mountain-biking or trekking. Tibet has always fascinated travellers and armchair travellers because it is so difficult to access due to its remoteness and extreme altitude. Now, under Chinese rule, Tibet is a sensitive destination for Westerners. Visitors needs all the information that they can lay their hands on-and this guidebook provides plenty. With flight routes and rail access to Tibet expanding, and new border crossings opening, Michael Buckley and Bradt's Tibet provide all of the information you need to make the most of a trip.

Dead But Not Lost

Author: Robert Goss,Dennis Klass

Publisher: Rowman Altamira

ISBN: 9780759107892

Category: Religion

Page: 316

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The dead are still with us. Contemporary therapists and counselors are coming to understand what's been known for millennia in most religions and in most cultures outside the Western milieu: it's important to continue bonds between the living and the dead. Taking these connections seriously, Goss and Klass explore how bonds with the dead are created and maintained. In doing so, they unearth a fascinating new way to look at the origins and processes of religion itself. Examining ties to dead family members, teachers, religious and political leaders across religious and secular traditions, the authors offer novel ways of understanding grief and its role in creating meaning. Whether for classes in comparative religion and death and dying, or for bereavement counselors and other trying to make sense of grief, this book helps us understand what it means to feel connected to those dead but not lost.

Buddhism Beyond the Monastery

Author: International Association for Tibetan Studies. Seminar

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004176004

Category: Social Science

Page: 202

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Monasteries have been the locus classicus of the academic investigation of Tibetan religions. This volume seeks to balance this emphasis with an exploration of the diverse religious specialists who operate outside of the monastery in Tibet and along the Himalayan belt. The articles collected here depict Tantric professionals, visionaries, village lamas, spirit mediums, and female religious leaders whose loyalties reside in the noncelibate sphere but whose activities have had a significant impact on Tibetan religion. Using methodologies drawn from anthropological and textual scholarship, these seven essays bolster our understanding of religious practices and their performers beyond the monasteries of Central and Eastern Tibet, Bhutan, and India from historical times to the present day.

Rgyalrong Conservation and Change: Social Change On the Margins of Tibet

Author: David Burnett


ISBN: 1483419525


Page: 232

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The explosive growth of China's economy since the late 1970s has impacted the whole world including the minority peoples in the west of China - people like the Qiang, Tibetans and Yi. Based on fieldwork in the high valleys of the eastern margins of the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau, David Burnett has produced a unique study of a people known as the Rgyalrong (officially classed as Tibetans). The Rgyalrong have been impacted by secular education, tourism, and migration to the cities that have resulted from economic reform. Amidst these changes, they endeavour to retain something of their traditional customs, songs, festivals, arts and crafts. They are a people who realize that if they lose their unique culture they will lose their very identity. The issues raised in this book relate not only to the Rgyalrong but to minority peoples everywhere as they experience the forces of globalization.

The New Tibetan-English Dictionary of Modern Tibetan

Author: Melvyn C. Goldstein

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520204379

Category: Reference

Page: 1214

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This most current Tibetan-English dictionary surpasses existing dictionaries in both scope and comprehensiveness.

The Path to Mysterious Tibet

Author: Frank Wong

Publisher: Frank Y.W. Wong

ISBN: 9810725531


Page: 90

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It is a travel publication revealing the mysterious part of Tibet: Its sky burial, that a dead person is cut and chopped into pieces for the vultures' consumption. So that the dead will be flown up to the sky by the vultures to place that is nearer to their deities (god). The second part of the book is on the route that a dead person has to pass through after death. Finally end up in reincarnation. The reincarnation may not be a rebirth of the human being. There are 6 channels to go for rebirth. Any moment one can rebirth as the son of his son, one can also rebirth as a monkey, or an ape (animal).Believe it or not, this is the teaching of the esoteric religion of the Tibetans.Have you seen people walking on the water to cross a lake? Look at the interesting image of the Tibetan nuns doing that.


Author: Patricia Levy,Don Bosco

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish

ISBN: 9780761420767

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 152

View: 4831

This book provides comprehensive information on the geography, history, wildlife, governmental structure, economy, diversity, peoples, religion, and culture of Tibet. All books of the critically-acclaimed Cultures of the World(R) series ensure an immersive experience by offering vibrant photographs with descriptive nonfiction narratives, and interactive activities such as creating an authentic traditional dish from an easy-to-follow recipe. Copious maps and detailed timelines present the past and present of the country, while exploration of the art and architecture help your readers to understand why diversity is the spice of Life.

Chinese Environmental Humanities

Author: Chia-ju Chang

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3030186342

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 344

View: 8615

Chinese Environmental Humanities showcases contemporary ecocritical approaches to Chinese culture and aesthetic production as practiced in China itself and beyond. As the first collaborative environmental humanities project of this kind, this book brings together sixteen scholars from a diverse range of disciplines, including literary and cultural studies, philosophy, ecocinema and ecomedia studies, religious studies, minority studies, and animal or multispecies studies. The fourteen chapters are conceptually framed through the lens of the Chinese term huanjing (environment or “encircling the surroundings”), a critical device for imagining the aesthetics and politics of place-making, or “the practice of environing at the margin.” The discourse of environing at the margins facilitates consideration of the modes, aesthetics, ethics, and politics of environmental inclusion and exclusion, providing a lens into the environmental thinking and practices of the world’s most populous society.