So Greek

Author: Niki Savva

Publisher: Scribe Publications

ISBN: 9781921753565

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 352

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From one of the most senior correspondents in the Canberra Press Gallery comes a rare account of life as a political insider. Born in a small village in Cyprus, Niki Savva spent her childhood in Melbourne’s working-class suburbs — frontiers where locals were suspicious of olive oil, and Greek kids spoke Gringlish to their parents. Only a few decades later, despite all the challenges of being a migrant woman in Australia, Savva had risen through the ranks of political journalism at The Australian, and had gone on to head the Canberra bureaus of both the Melbourne Herald Sun and The Age. Then in 1997, family tragedy struck, and she was forced to reassess her career. In spite of her own Labor convictions, she became Liberal treasurer Peter Costello’s press secretary, a role that she kept for six years before moving on to join John Howard’s staff. This is one of the few books about Australian political life written by an insider with decades of exposure to its major players. Hilarious, moving, and endlessly fascinating, Savva’s is a story that moves between countries, cultures, careers and, ultimately, political convictions.

Remarkable Times

Author: Laurie Oakes

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0733632122

Category: Political Science

Page: 352

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A record of the most turbulent political times – told by Australia's most trusted political commentator. From June 2010 to the September 2013 federal election, Australia went through its most remarkable, tumultuous, toxic and confrontational political era in modern history. They say history is written by the victors – and this collection reminds us of what it takes to become one. From the very first days of the Gillard government to the carbon tax issue; and from the return of the ever-present Kevin Rudd to the machinations of the 2013 election campaign and its results, Remarkable Times is both a record of, and a guide to, a unique time in Australian politics. See what makes Tony Abbott tick, read about life inside the Rudd bunker and understand the realities of Labor’s crippling loss of competence, purpose and direction – they are all detailed here. Laurie Oakes is respected across the political spectrum as the most trusted and independent commentator in the country. This collection of his columns, all written with his unbeatable combination of perspective and access, gives an unbiased and authoritative account of the turbulent times since June 2010, and looks at what the results of the 2013 federal election mean for the victor and the vanquished.

Trials and Transformations, 2001-2004

Author: Tom Frame

Publisher: UNSW Press

ISBN: 1742244122

Category: Political Science

Page: 464

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Few periods in Australian political history have generated more controversy than 2001–2004. Trials and Transformations examines the Howard Government’s electoral revival in 2001, the collapse of HIH Insurance and Ansett Airlines, and the MV Tampa and ‘children overboard’ affairs as well as the military invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Frank Bongiorno, Simon Crean, Philip Ruddock, John Howard and others also consider the escalation of the history wars, policy announcements in health and the environment, and the continuing strong performance of the Australian economy. This third volume in the Howard Government series draws on official documents, private papers and personal items donated to UNSW Canberra, now held in the Howard Library at Old Parliament House.


Author: Juliet Pietsch,Haydn Aarons

Publisher: ANU E Press

ISBN: 192214407X

Category: History

Page: 191

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The latter years of the first decade of the twenty-first century were characterised by an enormous amount of challenge and change to Australia and Australians. Australia's part in these challenges and changes is borne of our domestic and global ties, our orientation towards ourselves and others, and an ever increasing awareness of the interdependency of our world. Challenges and changes such as terrorism, climate change, human rights, community breakdown, work and livelihood, and crime are not new but they take on new variations and impact on us in different ways in times such as these.

How Australia Decides

Author: Sally Young

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139493906

Category: Social Science

Page: 346

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In recent years, the Australian media have come under fire for their reporting of politics and election campaigns. Political reporting is said to be too influenced by commercial concerns, too obsessed with gossip and scandal, and too focused on trivia and 'sound bites' at the expense of serious issues. There are accusations of bias, sensationalism, 'lazy' journalism and 'horse-race' reporting that is obsessed with opinion polls. How Australia Decides is the first book to put these allegations to the test. Based on a four-year empirical study, Sally Young reports the results of the only systematic, historical and in-depth analysis of Australian election reporting. This groundbreaking book shows how election reporting has changed over time, and how political news audiences, news production and shifts in political campaigning are influencing media content – with profound implications for Australian democracy.

Julia 2010

Author: Marian Simms,John Wanna

Publisher: ANU E Press

ISBN: 1921862645

Category: Political Science

Page: 370

View: 8682

This book provides a comprehensive coverage of one of Australia's most historic elections, which produced a hung parliament and a carefully crafted minority government that remains a heartbeat away from collapse, as well as Australia's first elected woman Prime Minister and the Australian Greens' first lower house Member of Parliament. The volume considers the key contextual and possibly determining factors, such as: the role of leadership and ideology in the campaign; the importance of state and regional factors (was there evidence of the two or three speed economy at work?); and the role of policy areas and issues, including the environment, immigration, religion, gender and industrial relations. Contributors utilise a wide range of sources and approaches to provide comprehensive insights into the campaign. This volume notably includes the perspectives of the major political groupings, the ALP, the Coalition and the Greens; and the data from the Australian Election Survey. Finally we conclude with a detailed analysis of those 17 days that it took to construct a minority party government.

The Road to Ruin

Author: Niki Savva

Publisher: Scribe Us

ISBN: 9781947534285


Page: 384

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'There will be no wrecking, no undermining, and no sniping.' -Tony Abbott, 15 September 2015 Abbott's performances in the party-room debates on education and climate change had ranged between woeful and pathetic. He sounded desperate, he was inconsistent, and -- his colleagues thought -- slightly ridiculous. They knew he would never stop going after cheap headlines during soft interviews where he sucked up the oxygen, with revision and division as his calling cards. All they could hope was that people would soon grow tired of listening to him. Normal people might have, but the media grew more and more hysterical, as if a challenge were imminent. In the original edition of The Road to Ruin, prominent political commentator, author, and columnist for The Australian Niki Savva revealed the ruinous behaviour of former prime minister Tony Abbott and his chief of staff, Peta Credlin. Based on her unrivalled access to their colleagues, and devastating first-person accounts of what went on behind the scenes, Savva painted an unforgettable picture of a unique duo who wielded power ruthlessly but not well. That edition became a major bestseller, and went on to win an Australian book industry award for the best general non-fiction book of the year. Now Savva continues where she left off. This updated edition contains a new, 13,500-word final chapter, in which Savva reveals the inner state of the Turnbull government -- and the behind-the-scenes jockeying of friends and foes alike. From Christopher Pyne's career-stalling own goal, to Peter Dutton's post-Turnbull leadership ambitions, to Tony Abbott's ramped-up destabilisation campaign, it is, as usual, an unputdownable and impeccably sourced account.

Plots and Prayers

Author: Niki Savva

Publisher: Scribe Us

ISBN: 9781925849189

Category: Australia

Page: 408

View: 4335

In an enthralling sequel to her bestselling The Road to Ruin, Niki Savva reveals the inside story of a bungled coup that overthrew the Liberal prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, and installed a surprise successor, Scott Morrison, who went on to take the party to a miraculous electoral victory. On 21 August 2018, 35 Liberal MPs cast their vote against Malcolm Turnbull, effectively signalling the end of his leadership. Three days later, the deed was done, and Scott Morrison was anointed prime minister. Tony Abbott's relentless campaign of destabilization, helped along by his acolytes in the parliament and by his powerful media mates, the betrayals of colleagues, and the rise of the religious right--climaxing in Peter Dutton's challenge--all played a part in Turnbull's downfall. But so did Turnbull's own poor political judgement. He was a good prime minister and a terrible politician. The good bits of Malcolm were not enough to make up for the bad Malcolm. Nevertheless, the sheer brutality of his removal left many Liberals aghast. MPs were traumatized or humiliated by eight days of madness. Men and women cried from sheer anguish. They went through hell, and feared when it was over that they would not make it back--and nor would the Liberal Party. As it turned out, redemption came with Morrison's unexpected single-handed 2019 election victory. Turnbull's road ended in ruins, as it was always bound to and as he always knew it would, as he predicted to Niki Savva less than three years before it happened. But when his end was imminent, he could not bear to let go. And when it was over, he was defiant, fragile--and, yes--vengeful. This is the inside story of what happened--and what happened next.