Sons of Cain

Author: Peter Vronsky

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0698176146

Category: True Crime

Page: 432

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From the author of Serial Killers: The Method and Madness of Monsters comes an in-depth examination of sexual serial killers throughout human history, how they evolved, and why we are drawn to their horrifying crimes. Before the term was coined in 1981, there were no "serial killers." There were only "monsters"--killers society first understood as werewolves, vampires, ghouls and witches or, later, Hitchcockian psychos. In Sons of Cain--a book that fills the gap between dry academic studies and sensationalized true crime--investigative historian Peter Vronsky examines our understanding of serial killing from its prehistoric anthropological evolutionary dimensions in the pre-civilization era (c. 15,000 BC) to today. Delving further back into human history and deeper into the human psyche than Serial Killers--Vronsky's 2004 book, which has been called the definitive history of serial murder--he focuses strictly on sexual serial killers: thrill killers who engage in murder, rape, torture, cannibalism and necrophilia, as opposed to for-profit serial killers, including hit men, or "political" serial killers, like terrorists or genocidal murderers. These sexual serial killers differ from all other serial killers in their motives and their foundations. They are uniquely human and--as popular culture has demonstrated--uniquely fascinating.

Sons of Cain

Author: Val Bianco

Publisher: Tate Pub & Enterprises Llc

ISBN: 9781620242537

Category: Fiction

Page: 440

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What are the unseen forces that control our government, our Halls of Academia, our Media and soon our very lives? Is it possible that there is a plan, a diabolical plan, which is coming to fruition in a world that has grown too sophisticated to see the simple Truth? The Sons of Cain are relentless as they enter the final phase of their assault on the soul of America. They already own the Congress and the Presidency; all they lack is the Supreme Court! Ex-Seal Nick Rieper and his Knights of Longinus may be the only force on Earth with the skill, the knowledge and the Faith to prevent a crime that will change the United States of America...forever.

Sons of Cain

Author: Christy Kenneally

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1444726374

Category: Fiction

Page: 432

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The year is 1953. As the Cold War divides the world, two childhood friends - now foes - carve out an existence. Karl, haunted by the past, teaches history in his home town of Hallstatt, while Max, driven by power and wealth, leads the Fratres, an extreme branch of the Catholic Church -with control of the Vatican his ultimate goal. When Karl is called to Rome to expose the corruption that has infiltrated the Church, the two men are destined to meet again. The past must be put to rest. But at what cost? From Moscow to CIA Headquarters to a Budapest prison, Sons of Cain is an epic tale of lust, power and corruption where deception is a way of life.

The Iron Sons of Cain

Author: Lester MC

Publisher: United P.C. Verlag

ISBN: 9783710333750


Page: 222

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When Artificial Intelligence takes over the world, can a few off-world stragglers regain the earth for humanity against all odds. Can they defeat the Gods of men, can they defeat... The Iron Sons of Cain.

Sons of Cain

Author: David Williamson

Publisher: N.A


Category: Australian drama

Page: 75

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The story of a fighting newspaper editor who with three investigative journalists takes on the 'Mr Bigs' of the drug trade (2 acts, 6 men, 3 women).

Word in Season

Author: Philip R. Davies,James D. Martin

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781850750475

Category: Religion

Page: 225

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This volume assembles essays and article written by scholars who have a close connection with William McKane, a dedicated scholar of the Hebrew Bible. McKane's scholarship has focused on Wisdom literature, prophecy, and other themes from the Hebrew Bible, and he is best known for his commentaries on Proverbs and Jeremiah. The contributions include essays from Philip R. Davies, James C. Vanderkam and R. B. Salters on topics including Lamentations, 1&2 Chronicles, and the Septuagint.