Sophie Scholl and the White Rose

Author: Annette Dumbach,Jud Newborn

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1786074214

Category: History

Page: 256

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This is the gripping story of the five Munich university students who set up an underground resistance movement in World War II, featured in the award-winning Oscar-nominated film, Sophie Scholl - The Final Days. This 75th anniversary edition commemorates the 75 years since their arrest & execution in 1943. This updated edition includes a new preface and more photos.

Hans and Sophie Scholl

Author: Lara Sahgal,Toby Axelrod

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

ISBN: 1499462441

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 112

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At great personal risk, siblings Hans and Sophie Scholl, along with a group of young, like-minded idealists, formed the White Rose resistance to circulate anti-Nazi leaflets during World War II. This compelling primary-source account chronicles the history and legacy of these courageous activists who stood up for their beliefs—and ultimately became martyrs to their cause—at a time when few dared to openly condemn Nazi atrocities. A timeline provides historical context, and leaflet excerpts are interspersed throughout the text, reminding us that even in the most seemingly hopeless of times, young people can make a difference.

At the Heart of the White Rose

Author: Hans Scholl,Sophie Scholl

Publisher: Harpercollins


Category: History

Page: 331

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Presents the journal of a young German brother and sister who were at the heart of the student movement against Hitler, and were martyred for their convictions

The White Rose

Author: Inge Scholl

Publisher: Wesleyan University Press

ISBN: 0819572721

Category: History

Page: 236

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A powerful account of the resistance group made up of German students who opposed Nazism, written by the sister of two members who were killed. The White Rose tells the story of Hans Scholl and Sophie Scholl, who in 1942 led a small underground organization of German students and professors to oppose the atrocities committed by Hitler and the Nazi Party. They named their group the White Rose, and they distributed leaflets denouncing the Nazi regime. Sophie, Hans, and a third student were caught and executed. Written by Inge Scholl (Han’s and Sophie’s sister), The White Rose features letters, diary excerpts, photographs of Hans and Sophie, transcriptions of the leaflets, and accounts of the trial and execution. This is a gripping account of courage and morality. “A sad and beautiful book; timely and timeless.” —The Wall Street Journal “The existence of an organized resistance in Germany during the Third Reich has often been glossed over or ignored . . . Now for the first time this fascinating story, told by the surviving sister of two of the students, is available in accurate and readable English.” —Library Journal

A Noble Treason

Author: Richard Hanser

Publisher: Ignatius Press

ISBN: 1586175572

Category: Religion

Page: 312

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Sophie Scholl and her brother Hans were handsome, bright university students in 1942 Germany. As members of the Hitler Youth, they had once been enthusiastic supporters of the German renewal promised by National Socialism. But as their realization of Nazi barbarism grew, so did their moral outrage. Hans and Sophie formed a small group of like-minded friends, which initially included two medical students, a student of philosophy, and a fifty-year-old professor. They self-identified as Christians from various traditionsProtestant, Catholic, and Orthodoxand they called themselves the White Rose. In a darkened studio lent them by an artist, they printed eloquent anti-Nazi leaflets, which they ingeniously spread throughout Germany. A Noble Treason tells the true story of this underground group at the University of Munich that instigated, organized, and carried out the first overt resistance to Hitlers regime. What gives A Noble Treason its unforgettable and inspiring quality is the personality, character, and courage of the White Rose members, as they resisted the pull of wartime patriotism and overcame their fear of the terrible price they would pay for their dissidence. The story of the White Rose is one of faith-inspired idealism in deadly conflict with ideological tyranny. Its theme is the ultimate victory of that idealism despite its bloodyand seemingly finaldestruction by the state.

Hans and Sophie Scholl

Author: Toby Axelrod

Publisher: Saddleback Pub

ISBN: 9781562544515

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 112

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Profiles the brother and sister who founded White Rose, a student group at Munich's Ludwig-Maximilians University which attempted to build resistance against Hitler through anti-Nazi leaflets and grafitti.

With You There Is Light

Author: Alexandra Lehmann

Publisher: L&L Media

ISBN: 0997826118

Category: History

Page: 310

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As a founding member of the White Rose student resistance in Munich during World War II, Sophie Scholl helped write, produce and distribute thousands of anti-Nazi leaflets all over Southern Germany and in Austria. Her boyfriend, Captain Fritz Hartnagel, served on both the Western and Eastern fronts in Hitler's Army. For the first time ever, this story reveals the inner thoughts and feelings behind a six-year relationship that helped mold Sophie into one of the best-known political activists against the Third Reich.