Sorry Bro!

Author: Ben Phillips

Publisher: Bonnier Publishing Ltd.

ISBN: 1911274058

Category: Humor

Page: 224

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So recently my bro Elliot's been learning to read, and it gave me the idea that I should write up our story... also, that way, he can relive everything I've put him through. This is my book! It's a journey filled with laughter (mine), tears (Elliot's) and even romance (hello, Georgina!), and goes from a childhood in sunny Bridgend to ten million followers across the world. There's also exclusive pranks, spitball targets (of Elliot's face, obviously), comic strips, guides to creating your own videos and much more. Now, if you're sitting comfortably, follow me into my wonderful world and Elliot's journey... Sorry Bro!

Sorry, Bro

Author: Genevieve Bergeron

Publisher: Totally Entwined Group (USA+CAD)

ISBN: 1781843406

Category: Fiction

Page: 43

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Still aching from the mistakes and denials of his past, this ER nurse could heal anyone but himself...until now. Handsome, athletic and intelligent, twenty-six-year-old Bryce should be living the high life. But he's far from it. After shunning his best baseball buddy in high school, dropping out of medical school and fleeing New York to put down roots—if only shallow ones—in New Orleans, Bryce is uncertain about both his past and his future. Working long hours as a low-level nurse and confined by a sexless relationship with a questionably devoted girlfriend, Bryce can't shake the feeling that things should be somehow better now he's escaped the confusion and indecision of his former life. Yet when the ghost of Bryce's high school past, the handsome and charismatic Tim, shows up injured in the ER, Bryce's already turbulent emotions engulf him in a vortex of confusion and regret. Haunted by his own insensitivity towards Tim eight years before, Bryce first finds comfort in the powerful arms of a resident surgeon he barely knows, then gives Tim the explosive, cataclysmic relief he had denied him in high school. As Bryce comes to terms with his sexuality and recognises his undeniable attraction to both men, he must decide, once and for all, where his fidelity—and his desires—lie.

Mafia Kingpin Complete Series Boxset: A Dark Organized Crime Thriller

Author: A. G. Khaliq

Publisher: A. G. Khaliq


Category: Fiction

Page: 720

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A cold and ruthless Mafia Kingpin, "kill or be killed" is what Louis lives by... Until he meets Sarina: a sexy, mysterious woman who turns his life upside down. Follow Louis's journey as he transitions from a young, teenage boy into a mob boss, as he is influenced by his crime lord stepfather Steve Sawyers. Watch Louis as he is thrown into a dark and dangerous world of drug smuggling, gun trafficking, money laundering, fraud, sex, psychopaths and murderers... There aren't any friends on these streets. "A darkly disturbing, edgy, hard-hitting and compelling read from the start." - Book Viral Reviews

4 Life

Author: Shelly LeAnne Sharp

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469162377

Category: Fiction

Page: 139

View: 7140

Life behind bars isnt a picnic for David Taylor. David had always been a good kid who helped his mother take care of his brothers because of the accident that had left her a widow. He was fabulous at sports and had a very good chance of going pro in football or basketball. David had a wonderful girlfriend who would do anything in the world for him and had actually found true love in high school. Sometimes even the best of kids end up getting mixed up with the wrong crowd. David meets Luke Hardy, Alan Roberts, and the other 4 Life members. Now all David can do is think of the mistake that he made that brought him to prison. Will David ever be able to forgive himself for what he did or will one mistake haunt him forever?

No Standees

Author: Joshua C. Mitchell


ISBN: 1329352351

Category: Fiction

Page: 86

View: 6416

A man wakes up on a train without any recollection of his past. The train arrives at its destination, which is an island where the man travels seven cities hoping to recover information from his past. When he finally discovers his true identity, the man is left with a decision to hold onto his new reality or accept the implications of the truth.

Love or Game - A Toxic Relationship

Author: Shubham Garg

Publisher: Ukiyoto Publishing

ISBN: 9356455600

Category: Fiction

Page: 153

View: 5429

Their relationship oscillates between toxicity, regret and forgiveness. She relentlessly pursues him and yet she cheats on him. Will he forgive her ? Will their relationship stand the test of time ? A boy who is trying to achieve all his goals , somehow stuck into a relationship which becomes toxic each day passing. He is not able to give his all for this relationship because of many factors and he is also not able to come out of this. They are not compatible for each other but she is not ready to even accept this and move on from him. All this, now starts causing them mental stress which is damaging their life. Will they able to come out of this? Or they are still fighting with this situation?

Z-Burbia: The Complete Series Boxset

Author: Jake Bible

Publisher: Jake Bible Fiction LLC


Category: Fiction

Page: 949

View: 5504

Z-Burbia: A Post Apocalyptic Zombie Adventure Novel Description- When the zombie apocalypse hits the quiet Asheville, NC subdivision of Whispering Pines, the residents don't turn to the police or the military. Nope. They rely on their iron-fisted Home Owners Association! Which Jace Stanford and his family aren’t too keen on. Undead hordes are hard enough to deal with in a post-apocalyptic hellscape, who needs HOA fines too? Filled with blood, gore, plenty of bad jokes, cannibals, dreaded HOA covenants, and a whole lot of snark, Z-Burbia is guaranteed to thrill and entertain! Welcome to life in Z-Burbia! Reviews- “The first novel in Jake Bible’s series Z-Burbia hooked me. What appeared to be a jokey take on zombie fiction quickly develops some great characters and story.” “For those still not convinced about the zombie genre, Z-Burbia is worth a read if only for its female characters: Jake Bible doesn’t have time for vapid whimpering damsels in distress. Oh no. Bible’s characters are thinking, acting, feisty sorts.” -Lee Murray, Bram Stoker Award-winning novelist Z-Burbia 2: Parkway To Hell: Description- With Whispering Pines refusing to give up and die, Jace “Long Pork” Stanford has nothing better to do than find out who the heavily-armed newcomers in town are. Well, while he’s not busy dealing with the ever present Z hordes. Or running for his life from paramilitary mercenaries. Or possibly blowing up more of the zombie-infested city because he can’t help pressing buttons. Buttons are meant to be pressed, even in the apocalypse, right? Looks like it’s just another day in Z-Burbia! Z-Burbia 3: Estate of the Dead: Description- Jace Stanford has lost family, friends, and his arm to the zombie apocalypse that hit his subdivision of Whispering Pines. But he’s also gained something he never in a million years would have thought would be a plus: the cannibal savant known as Elsbeth. Now Jace needs Elsbeth’s help more than ever. But is she up to the task when her past is revealed? A past that is possibly more shocking than the zombie apocalypse itself? Jace is gonna find out the hard way. And, as everyone knows, in Z-Burbia the hard way usually means a whole lot of people are going to die! Welcome back to Z-Burbia, y’all! Z-Burbia 4: Cannibal Road: Description- Forced out of Asheville, Jace Stanford’s family, along with a convoy of suburbanites, misfits, criminals, and soldiers, must battle their way through the I-40 corridor of Eastern Tennessee. When they are separated from their friends and allies in Knoxville, the Stanfords have to rely on their skills as post-apocalyptic survivors to fight off the Zs, insane Vols fans, homicidal sorority girls, and the most deadly of the post-apocalyptic threats- cannibal gangs! No longer are the Stanfords trying to survive day by day, but hour by hour and minute by minute, as they flee Z-Burbia and race through the hellscape of Cannibal Road! Reviews- “Once again Mr. Bible has cracked me up in the zombie apocalypse! Jace is still funny as hell, I love him. Elsbeth is still bad ass and she is my favorite. Stella and the kids brought out some cans of whoop ass as well!” -Melissa Martin, 5-star Goodreads review “I'm running out of things to say about how much I love this series. Each book is just as good as the last.” -Jennifer Wheeler, 5-star Goodreads review Z-Burbia 5: The Bleeding Heartland: Description- The American Midwest was a bucolic landscape that didn’t quite adjust to the zombie apocalypse. Instead of open arms and welcoming faces, there are now open mouths and ravenous Zs. The blue collar drive to work hard has become a red-mouthed hunger for flesh. Jace Stanford, his family, and the rag tag bunch of Whispering Pines survivors, private military contractors, laborers, and former (hopefully?) cannibals now must face the vast, exposed space of America’s Heartland in order to get to a possible sanctuary in the post-apocalyptic ruins of Boulder, Colorado. Just a simple convoy from point A to point B, right? Yeah, right. Nothing is ever simple in Z-Burbia! Z-Burbia 6: Rocky Mountain Die: Description- With the plains to their backs, Jace Stanford and crew are just steps from their destination: the Stronghold of Boulder, CO. All they have to do is battle the mega-powerful, corporate/political/military entity that is the Consortium, survive the brainwashed killing machines that call themselves the Sisters, and deal with a mad scientist hell bent on making life really, really hard for everyone because he’s just a f*ing jerk. Not a problem! If anyone can get his friends and family through a nightmare like this, it’s Jace Stanford! What’s that? There’s a horde of zombies that’s close to half a million strong coming for them all? Okay, everyone’s screwed… It is Z-Burbia after all! Other books by Jake Bible: By Series: The Apex Trilogy (Dead Mech, The Americans, Metal & Ash) The Kaiju Winter Series Roak: Galactic Bounty Hunter Series The Mega/Team Grendel Thrillers The Flipside Sagas Max Rage: Intergalactic Badass! Black Box Inc. Series Dead Mech/The Apex Trilogy The Salvage Merc One Series Fighting Iron Series Dead Team Alpha Series The AntiBio Series Reign of Four By Genre: Post-Apocalyptic- The Z-Burbia Series Dead Team Alpha Series Dead Mech/The Apex Trilogy EverRealm Fighting Iron Series The AntiBio Series The Kaiju Winter Series Zombies!- The Z-Burbia Series Dead Team Alpha Series Dead Mech/The Apex Trilogy EverRealm Science Fiction- Roak: Galactic Bounty Hunter Series Max Rage: Intergalactic Badass! The Flipside Sagas The Salvage Merc One Series Drop Team Zero Outpost Hell Galactic Vice Agent Prime Dead Mech/The Apex Trilogy Fighting Iron Series Mech Corps Reign of Four The AntiBio Series In Perpetuity Thriller/Action/Adventure- Max Rage: Intergalactic Badass! The Mega/Team Grendel Thrillers The Flipside Sagas Blood Cruise Agent Prime Galactic Vice Horror- The Z-Burbia Series Blood Cruise Stone Cold Bastards Fantasy/Urban Fantasy/Dark Fantasy- Black Box Inc. Series Stone Cold Bastards EverRealm YA/MG Novels- ScareScapes! (middle grade scifi adventure Intentional Haunting (2014 Bram Stoker Award Finalist- YA horror) Little Dead Man (YA zombie apocalypse) By Series: The Apex Trilogy (Dead Mech, The Americans, Metal & Ash) Roak: Galactic Bounty Hunter Series The Mega/Team Grendel Thrillers The Flipside Sagas Max Rage: Intergalactic Badass! Black Box Inc. Series Dead Mech/The Apex Trilogy The Salvage Merc One Series Fighting Iron Series Dead Team Alpha Series The AntiBio Series The Kaiju Winter Series Reign of Four Genres- zombie apocalypse, post-apocalyptic, dark humor, satire Keywords: zombies, post-apocalyptic, walking dead, George Romero, undead, post apocalyptic Key Phrases: apocalyptic fiction, apocalyptic books, post-apocalypse books, zombie apocalypse satire, post-apocalyptic books, post-apocalyptic fiction, post-apocalyptic collection, zombie apocalypse survival kit, zombie apocalypse books, George Romero books