Speeches that Changed the World

Author: Simon Sebag Montefiore

Publisher: Quercus

ISBN: 9781623654528

Category: History

Page: 224

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Comprehensively updated with many new speeches including Earl Spencer's lament to "The extraordinary and irreplaceable Diana", Nikita Khrushchev's secret speech of 1956 signalling the beginning of the end of Stalinist Russia, Patrick Pearse's rousing funeral oration that fanned the flames of the Easter Rising, Kevin Rudd's historic apology to Australia's mistreated Aborigines and Barack Obama's momentous US election night victory speech. Alongside these are the finest war cries of Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King's prophetic "I have a dream" and "I've seen the promised land" speeches, the inspiring words of JFK and impassioned pleas from Nelson Mandela-the first at his trial in 1964 and the second on his election as president of South Africa in 1994. In addition are historic speeches from Elizabeth I, Charles I, Oliver Cromwell, George Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte, Abraham Lincoln, Emmeline Pankhurst, Mahatma Gandhi, Vladimir Lenin, Neville Chamberlain, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Charles de Gaulle, General George S. Patton, J Robert Oppenheimer, Mao Zedong, Malcolm X, Richard M. Nixon, Pope John Paul II, Vaclav Havel, Elie Wiesel, Mikhail Gorbachev and many other great historical figures. Speeches that Changed the World presents over 50 momentous and thought-provoking speeches from throughout history. Complete with a potted biography of each speaker, and telling the story of why each oration was significant and what happened as a result, this is a gripping history of the world told through its greatest and most impassioned speeches.

Speeches That Changed the World

Author: Simon Sebag Montefiore

Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolson

ISBN: 9781474609920

Category: History

Page: 288

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VOICES OF HISTORY celebrates the great speeches of world history and cultural life. In this exuberant collection, acclaimed historian Simon Sebag Montefiore takes us on a journey from ancient times to the twenty-first century: some speeches are heroic and inspiring; some diabolical and atrocious; some are exquisite and poignant; others cruel and chilling. The speakers themselves vary from empresses and conquerors to novelists, sportsmen, dreamers and killers, from Churchill and Elizabeth I to Stalin and Genghis Khan, and from Michelle Obama and Cleopatra to Nehru and Muhammad Ali. All human drama is here: from the carnage of battlefields to the theatre of courtrooms, from table-talk to audiences of millions, from desperate last stands to orations of triumph, from noble calls for liberation to genocidal rants, from foolish delusions and strange confessions to defiant resistance and heartbreaking farewells, VOICES OF HISTORY spans centuries, continents and cultures. In the accessible and gripping style of a master storyteller, Montefiore shows why these seventy speeches are essential reading, and how they enlighten our past, enrich our present and inspire - and hold warnings for - our future.

Speeches that Changed the World

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Essays

Page: 480

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Packed with historical figures, this text is as readable summary of 3000 years. From Moses's delivery of the Ten Commandments to Nelson Mandela's Let Freedom Reign, the world has been transformed by memorable speeches.

Speeches that Changed the World

Author: Smith Davies

Publisher: Smith-Davies Pub

ISBN: 9781905204021

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 224

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Presents a collection of more than fifty important speeches from all periods of history along with an explanation detailing why each speech was significant and its impact on world events.

100 Speeches That Changed the World

Author: Colin Salter

Publisher: Rizzoli Publications

ISBN: 0789339978

Category: History

Page: 0

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The history of the world as witnessed through the most inspiring, rousing, and memorable speeches ever given. Throughout history, passionate orators have rallied nations, challenged accepted beliefs, and changed the course of history. Colin Salter has identified one-hundred of history's most inspirational, momentous, and thought-provoking speeches from ancient Rome and Athens to the 21st century and puts them into context, telling the stories behind the words that made history. A celebration of the power of spoken rhetoric at its finest, this book profiles the words of the world's greatest public speakers. The speeches covered span the spectrum from stirring calls to arms to impassioned pleas for peace, along with speeches that marked major historical events such as the abolition of slavery, women achieving the right to vote, and the expansion of civil rights. Each speech features a concise introduction along with detailed analysis accompanied by key illustrations and photographs. Highlighted speeches include: Elizabeth I's speech in preparation of the Spanish Armada (1588), Sojourner Truth's "Ain't I a Woman" (1851), Lincoln's Gettysburg Address (1863), Franklin D. Roosevelt, "Only thing we have to fear is fear itself" (1933), Winston Churchill, "Blood, Sweat and Tears" (1940), Martin Luther King, "I Have a Dream" (1963), Harvey Milk's "Hope Speech" (1978), Margaret Thatcher's "The Lady's not for Turning" (1980), Nelson Mandela on his release from prison (1990), among many more.

Speeches that Changed the World

Author: Cambridge Editorial Partnership

Publisher: ESENSI

ISBN: 9789790332683

Category: English fiction

Page: 252

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Contains over 50 momentous speeches from a wide range of historical eras and nations. This book includes biographies of each speaker, the history of why each speech was significant and what happened as a result. Black and white photography illustrates these key figures and moments in history.

Speeches that Changed the World

Author: Owen Collins

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

ISBN: 9780664221492

Category: History

Page: 464

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From Moses' delivery of the Ten Commandments to Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" address in Washington, Speeches That Changed the World contains the inspiring words of the world's greatest orators. The defining moments of three thousand years of history are brought alive through the spoken words of the great leaders, religious and literary figures, politicians, and pioneering men and women who have shaped our world. Ideal as a reference tool, study companion for public speakers and students, or simply as a fascinating journey into the past, this memorable book captures the drama of history in the making.

Five Speeches that Changed the World

Author: Ben F. Meyer

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1625646089

Category: Religion

Page: 140

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Scratch the surface of Western culture and you will find signs of its Christian foundation. In laying these foundations, argues Ben F. Meyer, no ancient texts contributed more than the Gospel of Matthew, thanks to its primacy in the liturgy. The hallmark of his Gospel is its discourses: the Sermon on the Mount, the Missionary Discourse, the Parable Discourse, the Ecclesial Discourse, and the Eschatological Discourse--five speeches that changed the world.

Speeches That Changed the World

Author: N.A

Publisher: Bounty Books

ISBN: 9780753727713

Category: History

Page: 192

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For many thousands of years, people have used oratory to influence others, but what exactly makes a speech great? Is it the choice of words, the feelings they express, the passion with which the speaker delivers them, the circumstances or the lasting effect that the speech has on what other people think or do, or even on the course of history? Open up this book to find out... The speeches in Speeches that Changed the World are divided into the following chapters: Ancient history, Love, Religion, Science, Patriotism, Philosophy, Humanity and liberty, Sport, Politics and War. Many of them have inspired people to act, some have changed the way people think or look at the world. Others have changed the course of events across the globe - sometimes for the better, at other times with devastating results. All have chronicled our history.